The Next BIG Thing? Part 1: I See You Shiver With Antici…

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Alright lash lovers – shit’s about to get real.

Lash 02Tyra Beauty has been shaking up the direct selling world for just over a year (although there was a “hard launch” in September of 2015, the “Fierce 200” – a group of specially selected recruits that started the BeautyTainment experience – started selling in March of last year) and they have some great products.  If you’ve been paying attention to the Makeup Forum, you know that I myself signed up to be a Tyra Independent BeautyTainer after I had the opportunity to play with the products at a vendor show.

Smack My Fat Lash was one of the cornerstones of the Tyra line when I joined, and it’s still one of the big sellers, but now Tyra Beauty wants to take your lashes even further and make them B.I.G. – Beyond Insanely Ginormous!

Lash 03B.I.G. Lashes is a 2-step system that includes silk “lash extensions” and a coating mascara to hold them in place.  This is similar to the concept behind the YouNique 3D Fiber mascara system, and it sounds to me like the mascara included in this set works similar to the Blinc Mascara that not only coats your lashes but creates a sort of tube formation as the product dries to really extend and expand them.

The two pieces are available separately at a cost of $24 and $26 each (for the Extending Mascara and the Silk Extensions, respectively) but for the month of April you can get the set of both products for only $35!  If you’d like to check them out for yourself, here’s the product page.

What did In Style have to say about B.I.G. Lashes?  “Though the kit looks like your traditional mascara and primer duo, the silk extension system delivers results so dramatic, they almost look like a pair of falsies.”  That’s right – one of the biggest fashion and style magazines thinks that this product will give your false lashes some stiff competition!  Read the whole article HERE.

I tried the YouNique lashes a while back, and while they were good I had issues with the fibers falling out onto my cheeks.  It’s possible that it might have a little something to do with my lack of mascara skills (frankly, when you wear falsies you don’t develop really keen mascara skills – just slap on a coat or two, glue down the fakes, and you’re ready to go!) but I have read that criticism from other places.  Does Tyra’s B.I.G. Lashes suffer from the same fiber problem?

Lash 04Let’s find out, shall we?

I’ve got some B.I.G. Lashes on order that should be delivered in the next couple of days; once they arrive, I’ll bust them open and see exactly how they work!  I’ll take pictures of the results after one, two, and three coats and wear them for a few hours so that I can report on whether or not I had any fallout.

That’s where the shiver of antici-…comes in.  Can you wait to see the results?!  Or do you want to snatch them up while they’re being offered at this totally amazing price?  It’s up to you!

If you want to snatch them up, you can find them HERE…or if you’d rather get a sexy new pout while you’re waiting, I can help with that too!  Try the Smooch as Silk – I’m living for Hi, Felicia!

Remember, I’m an Independent BeautyTainer so I do make a commission on all the Tyra Beauty products I sell.  My promise to you is to always tell it to you like it is – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the fabulous!  I didn’t decide to love these products because I sell them – I sell them because I love them.  #RealTalk

If you think you might be interested in the Tyra Beauty opportunity, you can always reach out to me through Facebook or check out THIS LINK.

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!


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