Did Too Faced Just Create The Next Naked 3?

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Peach 03Remember the insanity that was Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette?  It was a huge for about two years and has really influenced a lot of the collections that have come out from competitors during that time, specifically the Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year for 2015, Marsala (remember when I called that out, HERE?).  The collection of rosy nudes was a huge success and for good reason – those pink-tinged colors are almost universally flattering and can warm up almost any complexion.

Naked 3 mania is finally slowing down, but Too Faced may have given us the replacement: their Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette.  I’ve been so wrapped up in my Tyraverse and trying to keep my Sephora addiction under control that I missed the announcement for this but I ran across a tutorial (that I’ll include below) by Jeffree Starr that I really liked.  After watching it, I saw a related video asking if the palette was “worth the hype.”  “What hype?” I asked myself, and then remembered that I’ll old and always out of the loop on what the kids are into these days.

When I watched the hype video (also included below), she mentions that it’s been restocked and sold out multiple times on Too Faced’s website, at Sephora and Sephora.com, and at Ulta and Ulta.com.  I decided to poke around and see if this was still the case.  Sephora.com and my local Sephora Inside JCP were both sold out, but when I checked Ulta.com, they had it in stock.  A quick browse through Ebay showed listings between $60.00 and $170.00 (the palette retails at $49.00) but nothing in the multiple hundreds as described in the hype video (maybe she was exaggerating?).  I decided to wait to pull the trigger on it for now, but I am loving it pretty hardcore and I love the smell of fake peachy things like candies and bath products so it may end up in my kit.  For now, I decided to just sit here being jealous while watching the videos I’ve included below.

Peach 02

I think this collection is getting the rave reception for a few reasons.  First of all, it might as well credit NARS’ Orgasm with its color selection.  That best-selling blush product is a gorgeous peachy coral and is another color that is almost universally flattering (I’ve never seen it look bad on anyone, including women with very dark skin).  Second, they stick pretty closely to the basic palette “formula” – there are 4 or 5 peachy shades to hit the theme, and the rest is made up of pretty basic neutrals (no big surprises here).  Ever notice that if you buy a lot of palettes, no matter if they are different brands and different themes, eventually you start getting dupes of the same nude/neutral colors?  Those are easy palette material; put in your “Wow” shades to draw the eye or explroe the palette’s theme, throw in a few neutral and then a few darks in coordinated shade (this palette uses plums/purples to coordinate with the peachy orange of the mid-range shades).

Since I wasn’t able to get my hands on it while I was out and about, I decided to compile some great videos for you to watch to introduce you to this new palette.  I’ll be watching them too, getting jealous of these bitches, and I’m sure eventually order my own!

The first one is from Bunny, better known to YouTube as Grav3yardgirl.  I thought she had a fun video with great swatches showing off the colors andgiving you a good overview of the palette:

Next up, the tutorial from Jeffree Starr that clued me in to this.  I love this simple, semi-smoky look and Starr’s mannerisms are like a watered down (and much less fucking annoying) LaGanja Estranja.  Speaking of, there is an odd moment in the middle of the tutorial where the bitch just randomly smokes a bowl.  Gotta love legalization…

Next up, here is the hype video I mentioned above.  I like this because it talks a lot about the palette itself and also shows the shadows on someone with a darker skintone:

I wasn’t super in love with this next video, but it’s fairly short, and I wanted you to see swatches on an even darker skintone:

I wanted to share this video because I love that she used the palette to do a smoky eye – smoky doesn’t always have to be just grays!  I love colored smoky eyes.  For realz yo.  The beginning has some weird staring into the camera and playing with her own hair, but the rest of the video is great:

Finally, here’s another makeup look using the palette.  This features a woman with a more medium, carmel skintone:

Hope you enjoyed all of these videos.  If I do decide to pull the trigger on this palette (and assuming I’ll be able to get one if/when I do!) I will be sure to do another post about it, maybe one comparing the shadows in this to the Naked 3.

Shameless Tyra Beauty plug: love the new Sweet Peach palette?  Tyra has Cheek in a Stick blush that works perfectly with those coral and peach tones: Peaches for Eaches!  As always, you can find it on my very own Tyra Beauty website HERE.


What do you think?  Is Sweet Peach the next big thing, waiting to usher in a flood of ripoffs and imitators with corals and peaches and oranges galore?  Or is it a sweet-scented flash in the pan?  Comment below with your thoughts, and look for lots of new content coming soon to the Makeup Forum.

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