The Next BIG Thing? Part Two – ……….PATION!

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The wait is over, Champagne Dreamers!  The time has come for part two of my review of the Tyra Beauty BIG Lashes launch!

First, a quick video where I show you the product, how it looks, the packaging, etc.

In the video, I did say it backwards – the Tyra website recommends Silk Extensions first, the the extending mascara.  They then say that you can do it in either order, whatever works better for you.  Now, let’s get into my trial run.

First, here are a couple of pics showing off my natural lashes -pathetic, right?!  Although the hair on my head has lost the corn silk tone of my youth, my lashes and brows are super pale and super thin (ignore that little bit of black gunk on my waterline – I’d been playing with another mascara earlier and had some “debris” left over!).

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Now I’m going to show you some pics of my lashes after one, two, and three coats of the Tyra Beauty BIG Lashes system.  A couple of notes on my process:

  1. I didn’t use any tools.  No eyelash curler, no spoolie brush, nothing.  Just the wands on the products themselves, my fingers, and a makeup wipe.
  2. The only thing I have on my face is my usual moisturizer and the Too Faced Hangover RX Primer.  I didn’t put on any sort of eye primer, lash primer, or other product around my eyes.
  3. My eyes are pretty deep set and I have significant skin on my eyelids.  I decided not to do big “surprised” eyes for every photos, since I wanted it to show how my lashes would look if I wore this out in everyday life.

Here are my lashes after the first coat:

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Already you can see that they are very much improved…and you can see that I absolutely should have used an eyelash curler!  I am not great with mascara (generally I lay down a couple quick coats and then put on falsies) and you can see that the lengths are a bit uneven.  In addition to the curler, I would also recommend keeping a spoolie brush handy to help shape and guide as you’re layering.  But a pretty impressive change, nonetheless!

Here’s the second coat:

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Even more dramatic!  I did start seeing some black specks on my eyelid from the mascara, but I never saw any fallout from the extensions themselves.  This was a big improvement from when I tried the YouNique 3D Fibre Mascara; that fuzzy stuff was all over my cheeks!  I tried the original formula, so I’m not sure how the newer formula stacks up…anyway, I digress!

Let’s look at the third coat:

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Those lashes are as dark and thick as some of my smaller pairs of lashes (the sort I would use on my bottom lashes).  Speaking of bottom lashes – I didn’t purposely do anything with them, but you can see that between application and me blinking and looking up, down, and all around for pictures, I did get some on my bottom lashes.  That was not an application per se, and I didn’t put any effort into it.  That’s why it looks so jank – not the product’s fault but mine!

So after all that, here’s a quick slideshow where you can see the transformation from nekkid lashes to 3 full coats!

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Overall, I thought this product was better than the YouNique system, and I ain’t just saying that because I’m an Independent BeautyTainer!  I felt the mascaras between the two were pretty comparable, but the big difference was in the extensions.  For the YouNique lashes, the fibers were more like a fuzz and I saw a lot more fallout.  With the Tyra lashes, you can see the individual silk pieces in a clear gel.  Fair warning – the instructions say to start at the middle of the lash and apply outward and they mean it!  On my first coat, I wasn’t paying attention and I started applying too close to the lash line and immediately had a fiber in my eye.  It felt like having an eyelash in my eye, and my eye watered a little, but it wasn’t terrible.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this the way I did, unless your lashes have a gorgeous natural curve to them – a brush and curler are a must!  With a little patience, you can master this two step system and have big, gorgeous lashes whenever you want!  I wore this for about 3 hours and didn’t notice any fallout during that time.  It also cleaned up very easily using the Tyra Pop It Clean wipes.

SilkI loved this product – and I’m not the only one!  This duo sold out in it’s first run in only 10 days!  Dayum!  But don’t fret, pets – it will be back in stock on April 24!  If you can’t wait that long, I do happen to have a couple of sets stashed away for just this kind of emergency.  For now, the set is currently on sale together for $35.  The individual pieces are also available for $24 (Extending Mascara) and $26 (Silk Extensions), and I’m not sure how long the sale will last or if these will always be available together so there isn’t a better time to fierce your face!  If you want to keep an eye on when they come back in stock on my Tyra Beauty site, you can do that HERE.

And as always, if you want to know more about Tyra Beauty, how you can TyOver your face in as little as 5 minutes, or want more information about joining my Glam Squad and becoming an independent BeautyTainer, hit me up here or on Facebook or check out the BT Starter Kit HERE.

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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