Lime Crime Hits Summer HARD With New Velvetines!

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Daaaaaaaayum!  I can’t believe how much I’ve been writing about Lime Crime Cosmetics lately!  In addition to raving about their Perlees Lipsticks (plus holding a giveaway for two shades!) and writing an in depth exploration of the many controversies surrounding the brand and its problematic founder Doe Deere, I’m back with yet another post about the brand.  This time, I’m super excited to once again be playing around with their divine liquid lipsticks, the Velvetines.

To my knowledge, this matte liquid lipstick fascination started much earlier than most of the current versions we know and love today; in the late 90s, iconic makeup brand Max Factor Cosmetics launched a product called Lipfinity.  Calling it a “demi-permanent” lipstick, it featured a liquid formula that dried down to a mostly matte finish.  It was super drying, as liquid lipsticks and mattes in general tend to be, and so it came with a special lip balm stick that was meant to be worn over the lipstick to provide some moisture and comfort without removing the paint.  When Max Factor virtually disappeared from the US market, it took Lipfinity with it and it wasn’t until I found MAC’s Pro Longwear lipsticks a few years later that I rediscovered the liquid lipstick world.  Now, these types of products are all the rage, and seem especially popular with indie brands.  I’ve jumped right on that bandwagon, and this post is the first in a series about liquid lipsticks.

So, back to the Velvetines!

I’ve had a couple of the original Velvetines (Red Velvet and Suedeberry) for a while now, but I hadn’t purchased any in a while because I just wasn’t moved by their shade selection.  They had a whole collection of dark, goth-inspired shades that just didn’t do it for me.  I need bright, vibrant, radiant!

Luckily, Lime Crime heard my psychic cry and their new collection is ridic!  I decided to pick up all 4 of the new shades, plus 4 more that I had been eyeing (for various reasons I’ll explore below!):

In addition to that video, I also swatched all 8.  If you have been following me on Facebook (and really, why wouldn’t you?!) you’ve probably seen several of these in my live streams, but here are swatches of all 8 colors:


The top row features (left to right) Alien, Teacup, Flamingo, and Zenon; bottom row is True Love, Squash, Salem, and Black Velvet.  Read on for a more in depth review!

How could I ever be mad about something this gorgeous and this green?!  My obsession with all shades of green makeup is well documented, and this is such a unique addition to my collection.  The color is a fantastically opaque Day-Glo green – kind of like those toys you can buy for children (or childlike drag queens!) that glow in the dark.  Even for a color this unique and striking, it still has a certain amount of versatility.  It’s a lovely neon pastel that you could put a soft pink gloss over and pair with a light pastel eye look, or use the Urban Decay Neons palette and really just go full-on 80s!  It’s probably not going to make an appearance at every show, since it’s not going to match every single gown I have, but for a specialty look this is going to be at the top of my list.  I can’t wait to wear this for photos!

velv 01Teacup:
Such a lovely, soft periwinkle blue!  This pastel is really grown up and complex, and I’m surprised how well it pairs with metallic gold (if you don’t believe me, I’ve included one of Lime Crime’s promo images.  BAM!).  Lime Crime’s formula is one of the thinner, more liquid formulas out there, and for light colors like this and Alien, it might take two coats to get full opaque coverage, but don’t let that deter you.  Just make sure you are working the product with the applicator to avoid streaks, thick spots, etc.  I actually prefer the thinner formulas to the more mousse-y ones but there can be a little bit of a learning curve.

This is a no-brainer for me: neon Barbie pink, and it’s blacklight reactive.  I mean, if I had a blacklight.  Which I don’t, because this isn’t the 90s and I’m not a 20-year-old pothead.  But if you do happen to encounter a blacklight (so retro!) then this lipstick will shine!  Such a gorgeous pink – it’s so nice to get this sort of pink, in a world awash with pale baby pinks and dusty roses.

Ok, so this one moves out of the typical matte liquid lipstick realm, but you know I ain’t mad!  How can you not LIVE for that beautiful metallic gold!?  And unlike your typical metallic lipsticks, this one dried down like any other Velvetine and stays put!  There is definitely some glitter fallout (you can probably see some in the swatch photo as I was checking to see if they were fully dry and got glitter er’where!) but it’s not extreme and the pros of this color definitely outweigh the cons!

HarlotTrue Love:
I ordered this color because it reminds of OCC’s lip tar (before the relaunch) in Harlot, described as “neon popsicle red.”  This one is a touch less vibrant, but it has most of what I loved about Harlot and I imagine that this color will make it into regular rotation in my lip looks!  Like a maraschino cherry painted on your lips in a glorious matte.  To die!

This is such an odd choice for me, but I can’t wait to put it into some photos.  It really does look sort of the color of butternut squash, and I bought it because I found a dress at Lane Bryant in that exact color.  Sometimes when I look at it, there is something a little off-putting about the ensemble and I wonder what the hell I’m thinking…and then I look at the dress with the tan/brown accessories I’ve assembled for it and I remember exactly what I’d doing!  Seriously, this look is going to be fierce!  With the right accent colors, this shade is actually sort of sexy and sophisticated!

This is the chocolate brown I didn’t know I wanted!  I only bought this because I was looking at the Perlee lipstick in Beetle and Lime Crime was having a special where you could get a Perlee and Velvetine pairing for only $30.  I figured what the hell, and now I’m super excited to have this gorgeous brown in my collection.  I might even try out an ombre look with this and Squash…mmmmm, yummy!

Black Velvet:
I had a whim to do a post about black liquid lipsticks…sort of a Thunderdome situation to figure out which matte black was the best of the best (sometimes even emo chicks need personal shopping advice!).  Look for that post coming soon where we put this shade up against competitors from Makeup Monsters and Jeffrey Star Cosmetics.  For now, I’ll say that this is a gorgeously pigmented black that dries down mostly matte…and looks pretty good with a little gold glitter over it (which I discovered by accident when I painted it to close to my swatch of Zenon!).

Think what you will about the brand or Doe Deere, but you at least have to give props to Doe Deere for putting out a quality product: Velveteens are some of the best liquid lipsticks on the market.  The shade selection doesn’t have a lot of neutral, everyday colors, so some may have trouble finding a perfect shade for them (though the line has expanded in some interesting ways recently), but if you aren’t scared of oddball colors and surprising twists, then Lime Crime is a brand you owe it to yourself to pay attention to.  And unlike some of the other brands, every one of the velvetines has a delicious cupcake/frosting sort of scent.  Noms.

Follow Up: I did have a little trouble removing a couple of the shades, even with my trusty Josie Maran Argan Oil.  True Love, Salem, and Black Velvet took a fair amount of scrubbing to remove completely, even with a second application of the oil.  Just something to be aware of, and I’m still in love.  But figured I should report out on that!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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