Lime Crime Does It Again With Superfoil Eyeshadow!

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Lime CrimeI hope you’re ready for some serious summer sizzle, because Lime Crime is about to elevate your metallic game!

Just launched: the new Superfoils eyeshadow duos featuring two gorgeous shades per compact that are water-activated and metallic as hell!  The collection overdoses a bit on pink (4 of the 6 duos include a pink shade), but there is still a great selection of colors that are all vibrant and gorgeous.  And who doesn’t love pink?!  You know I ain’t mad about it.

First let’s talk about the two I didn’t order.  Cosmic/Firefly is pretty, but it just reminded me too much of the Vikings colors!  The purple is lovely, but it doesn’t look that much different than the purple shade in Tutu/En Pointe (and the difference that is there actually makes me prefer Tutu – I always love a blue-purple over a more reddish tone any day!).  A similar situation with Gilded Carriage/Glass Slipper – the blue of Glass Slipper is pretty, but very similar to the blue in Malibu/Convertible, and Gilded Carriage was a little too orangey for me right now.  Of course, if they are fabulous, you know a bitch will end up with the whole collection!  But for now, I stuck with the other 4 duos.

First, let’s just talk about Lawn/Flamingo – that green though!  It’s so lush and beautiful and I can’t wait to see it in action.  Paired with that neon pink, it’s such an 80s, New Wave glam fest that I am positively gagging!  My first experiment will be to lay down some of Jeffree Star’s Star Power eyeshadow and then put some Flamingo over it…I bet the combo is going to be deadly.  We are not playing games, children!

Next up is Malibu/Convertible – Such a classic combo of bright vibrant blue and girly femme pink.  The pink is a little lighter than the one in Flamingo, but both have a strong bubblegum vibe.  This pairs nicely with the blue – sort of a boys vs. girls thing (if we were training our kids to think in terms of weirdly polarized gender norms, which of course we aren’t…right?!).

The next one, Tutu/En Pointe, had a little problem.  The formula is very soft and while a few of the pans were bulging a little, En Pointe actually broke and was scattered around the inside of the compact.  Which is a shame, because it is another of my favorites – a bright light pink with plenty of yellow/gold undertones.  I’ll talk more about the packaging and concerns with the formula below.  The purple is also blue-toned and very lovely.

Finally, this little gem is Electric/Barbarella.  This is the most neutral of the pinks (as neutral as f@#$%ing metallic eyeshadow gets!) and it looks really great with the yellow-gold shade.  These colors are a little lighter, a little less saturated, which give you the option of wearing a beautiful metallic without going full neon crazy like some of the other shades.  A great option for people who are maybe new to metallics and bolder looks and who want to ease into it.  Also will combine well with the other shades.

Before I talk about application, I want to back up and talk about the broken pan.  If you read my breakdown of the Lime Crime controversies, you probably know that people are going to jump on news like this and immediately start saying that they are selling a junk product, that they don’t do quality control, that they have terrible customer service, that they sacrifice virgins to a demon goddess and drink the blood of children – seriously, hating on Lime Crime is practically becoming a cult.  Here’s what I want to say about it.

The products are very soft.  That’s true of a lot of makeup products.  If eyeshadows were solid, immovable, unbreakable bricks, we wouldn’t be able to apply them.  I’ve gotten broken shadows from many companies, and this is no different.  This one is extra vulnerable because of the extra soft, creamy nature of the product.  It’s sort of like when people go after Lime Crime because their liquid lipsticks separate – but that’s what liquid lipsticks do!  It’s the formulation!  They are a suspension, where the ingredients are mixed up together but never truly combine.  Remember 8th grade science?  It’s like milk – that’s why when milk goes bad you get the solid, chunky stuff and the thinner watery stuff.  It’s a suspension.  Same thing with liquid lipsticks.  And the same thing with these shadows – they are soft and a little delicate, and need to be handled with care.  I’m planning to keep mine out of my regular kit so they don’t get constantly jostled around and just take them with me to shows when I want to use them.  I recommend you plan a similar storage option so they won’t get treated roughly!

LC BubblesTo speak to that care, when I received the package in the mail there was a loose piece of bubble wrap in the box around the shadows.  The shadows themselves were stacked together and wrapped in bubble wrap, then in tissue paper.  When you opened the box, each individual compact is also wrapped in bubble wrap.  Lime Crime did everything they could to protect that shadow during shipping.  But mistakes happen, and I went to the Lime Crime website and hopped on their support chat.  Within minutes their rep was confirming that a replacement would be sent out to me.  I didn’t have to supply a picture (though I had one) and I didn’t have to send back the broken one. Within an hour, I had an order confirmation showing that a replacement was being sent.  If there are any delays, I’ll post an update, but my experiences with Lime Crime’s customer service have always been superb.  Shout out to Jan for taking such good care of me!

With that out of the way, let’s get back to the fun stuff: playing with makeup!  These are described as water-activated, though the website says that they can be used both wet and dry.  What I wanted to do to show them off was swatch each color twice, once dry and then again wet.  I’m just using fingers to swatch, and a light mist of Tyra Beauty setting spray to wet the shadow on my fingers for second application.  I did the dry application first each time to make sure that it didn’t get affected by the moisture, and between shades I wiped my hands thoroughly with a Tyra Beauty Pop It Clean makeup wipe until there was no remaining color residue.

Let’s take a look at the results!


Left, applied dry; Right, applied wet

Left, applied dry; Right, applied wet

This was the first one I tried out, and maybe my application skills needed a little warming up, but I was a little underwhelmed.  The two colors applied gorgeously dry, and the photo doesn’t do them justice!  The green has lots of yellow and opalescent notes that are really beautiful, and the pink is blue-toned and perfect.  But when I added the wetness, the colors really sheered out, especially the green.  I’m definitely going to keep playing with it and finessing it, because you know I love my green makeup, but I was hoping for a richer color payoff.


Left, applied dry; Right, applied wet

Left, applied dry; Right, applied wet

Again, the dry application for these was the star of the show, though the colors didn’t sheer out as much as the previous colors when wet.  The wet foil texture is almost like a paint and I think it has a lot of potential.  I wanted Malibu to have a stronger pigmentation, but it wasn’t bad and Convertible is absolutely bomb!  An even better pink than Flamingo!

Tutu/En Pointe

000_0013 (1)

Left, applied dry; Right, applied wet

I noticed that different colors have slightly different textures and in general the pink shades of these first three tend to be a bit chunkier (and softer – hence the breakage issue!).  But even though it had broken and had to be pressed back into the pan, En Pointe really was the star of this duo!  It’s a gorgeous pink with shimmery yellow undertones, very similar to how I remember Burnout, my favorite Urban Decay lipstick in the history of ever.  The purple is also gorgeous, sort of a darker interpretation of a cornflower blue, and coordinates perfectly with En Pointe.


Left, applied dry; Right, applied wet

Left, applied dry; Right, applied wet

Even though this was the most muted of the duos, I actually probably liked this the best!  It had the smoothest application when wet, and also the most even for both wet and dry.  It had the least chunkiness and fallout as well.  This is such a great entry into these shadows if you want something that will play nicely with other shadows in your collection – definitely check this out!

Overall, I am seriously loving this collection.  I’m not so in love that I need to immediately order the other two duos, but once I have a chance to put them to a “road test” and use them with my other show makeup products, if they behave I will absolutely be back!  Once again, Lime Crime has brought out a fun and funky product that is high quality and delivers a unique range of shades with solid performance.  And my customer service experiences have always been En Pointe, even when my En Pointe was broken!  If you are part of the cult that hates on Lime Crime on the reg, then I’m sorry to say that you are going to miss out on a really fantastic product.  May you find your sparkle elsewhere (everyone should sparkle – even haters!).  Me, I’ll be coating my lids with Lawn ’til it’s time to call the lawnboy for a trim.  Yas queen!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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