Getting Caked (By The Ocean?) With Lip Fondant

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Miss Jaye here – I have been literally obsessed with liquid lipsticks lately, always searching for the perfect matte application.  In my searches, I stumbled across a little indie brand called Caked and their dreamy “Lip Fondants.”  It was love at first sight.

Based in Tampa, the brand is still pretty small right now (having just launched in the early part of 2016), comprised of 6 shades of the Lip Fondant.  But those 6 shades pack a serious punch.  Here is a YouTube video by LipGlossandConverse showing off swatches of all 6 shades:

The texture is thicker and mousse-ier than many of the other liquid lipsticks out there (think of Jeffree Star’s Rich Blood, and then even a tish thicker than that!) and it has this delicious sort of coconut/vanilla/frosting smell that is absolutely To. Die.  One of the best fragrances I’ve found in a liquid lipstick yet.  Unlike some of the other thicker liquid lipsticks that I’ve found, this one paints on evenly and dries down very quickly for a gorgeous matte application.  I was able to get my hot little hands on two shades: Sweet Tooth and Legit.  Here are my swatches of those shades:

000_0006 (2)

Sweet Tooth is a really pretty blue-toned deep pink and looks gorgeous by itself but would really explode with the right gloss paired over top – either a light pink or something with blue-toned glitter.  Yummy!

Legit is absolutely legit!  It’s a deep plum tone with lots of body and pulls out some great red tones.  You could pair this with other purple/red/violet shades to create a fabulous evening look, or if you wanted to go a little crazy, pair it with a gold eye and some copper glitter (think Jeffree Star’s Rich Bitch and Lit Cosmetic’s Fully Nude) for sort of an AM gold retro look!

As an experiment, I slapped some basic clear Sephora gloss over the top of each color to see how it paired.  It gave it a nice shine, and the lipstick stayed matte and it didn’t reactivate or liquefy which is fantastic – so many liquid lipsticks melt if you put a gloss over top of them, and your lips turn into glamorous, colorful mudholes.  Here’s the two shades with gloss:

000_0010 (2)

Obviously, you still want to find a gloss that isn’t oily as oils will remove the liquid lipstick.

I’m also including the video review by Stephanie Nicole, one of my favorite beauty YouTubers and where I heard about this brand in the first place.  In her series, she ranks all of the liquid lipsticks she tries and puts them in categories based on if she would definitely buy again, would only buy with caution, or would never buy again and these ended up in the green section and were ranked at #6 for quality overall!

I adore this new brand and I can’t wait to see what they come up with in the future.  There were actually a couple of other shades from their line that I was interested in that were sold out – Hello Low Key and Creme de la Creme!  When those come back in stock, I expect to add them to my collection, and I’ll probably pick up their red shade, Power Trip, as well.  The only one I’m not thrilled with is Jelly, a bright vibrant purple.  I’m sure it has the same great formula as the others, but I don’t do really bright purples that often and I already have dupes in Makeup Monsters and Jeffree Star so I feel like picking up that shade too would just be overkill.

Here is the link to the Caked Website so you can check them out as well!  Definitely check them out – it’s always good to support indie makeup brands (trust me – Estee Lauder doesn’t need any more of your money people!) so that you can see where the brand can grow.  I mean, if these first 6 products are that fabulous, who knows what they’ll come up with next.  I know I want to find out!  That’s what I’d call having your Caked…and eating it to.

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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