Vice Academy: Urban Decay Ups Their Lipstick Game With 100 Shade Launch

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One of my favorite B-movie franchises is Vice Academy and one of my favorite makeup brands is Urban Decay.  How perfect that I get to combine the two to talk about Urban Decay’s newest launch…or should I say, relaunch.  No one can touch UD when it comes to their vibrant, intensely pigmented eyeshadows, but I’ve always found their lipsticks to be a little ho-hum.  Well, everyone’s favorite beauty brand with an edge has decided to change the game and they’re coming out strong with a launch of their newest formulations of Vice lipstick that includes 6 finishes and 100 shades!

The 6 finishes are Mega Matte, Comfort Matte, Cream, Metallized, Sheer, and Sheer Shimmer and they offer you an amazing assortment of options for creating the perfect lip.  And perhaps because they’ve been feeling the pinch from the competition, the price point is totally en pointe: each lipstick is only $17!

As a promo on a recent Sephora order, I was able to get a deluxe sampler featuring 24 shades and I’ve also nabbed 4 shades in the full size (gotta love lipstick for providing high quality retail therapy!) so I’m going to give you swatches of all 26 shades (2 of the full size lipsticks I bought are also featured in the sampler) as well as my thoughts on the 6 finishes.

Let’s start with the pink/purple section of the sampler:


Top Row, L to R: Menace (Comfort Matte), Seismic (Sheer Shimmer), Sheer Anarchy (Sheer), and Jilted (Cream)
Bottom Row, L to R: Big Bang (Metallized), Pandemonium (Mega Matte), Firebird (Cream), and Psycho (Comfort Matte)
Offset Left: Big Bang (Metallized – applied from the full size tube)
Offset Right: Psycho (Comfort Matte – applied from the full size tube)

For the 8 shades from the sampler, I applied those to the back of my hand using a small brush (I actually used the little brush that comes with the Lit Kits from Lit Cosmetics!) and found all of the formulas were soft, creamy, and easy to apply.  Menace went on smoothly and had deep, rich pigmentation.  Seismic, as a sheer shimmer, didn’t have as much pigmentation as the plain sheers like Sheer Anarchy, and there wasn’t as much glitter/shimmer as I might have expected, but it seems like it would layer nicely over a complementary lip paint.  I didn’t love it by itself, but then I’m never a huge fan of super sheer shades – I’m a drag queen!  Jilted is absolutely gorgeous and I love the cream formula – that’s probably my favorite of the finishes if you’re just looking for a typical lipstick experience.  As you can see in the photo, the Comfort Matte and Mega Matte shades still had a fair amount of shine to them, but companies misusing the term matte shouldn’t even be a surprise anymore – EVERYONE does it!  Pandemonium is still a gorgeous color, and along with Jilted it may have to make its way into my collection!  Firebird is a fun fuchsia with intense blue shift but I preferred Psycho – a blue-toned red with blue glitter which didn’t go quite as far into the full on fuchsia territory.  If you look at the offset swatches, applied directly from the lipstick bullets without a brush, the color payoff is much better than with a brush, especially for the Metallized shade, Big Bang.  The swatch I did of that shade from the sampler looked almost like a sheer, but when applied from the bullet it had much more body and pigmentation.  If you are going to use a lip brush with these, prepare to put in a little bit of effort!

The next section of the sampler included 8 shades with warm tones: reds, browns, and corals:


Top Row, L to R: Disturbed (Comfort Matte), Rock Steady (Cream), Blackmail (Comfort Matte), Manic (Cream)
Bottom Row, L to R: EZ (Cream), Gash (Cream), 714 (Mega Matte), Snitch (Sheer)
Offset: Junkie (Metallized – applied directly from the full size tube)

There are some really great colors here!  Disturbed and Blackmail are very similar, though I think I prefer Blackmail.  Disturbed is a little bit lighter red brown, and Blackmail makes a more powerful statement.  Both of them applied with a nice opacity and give a dark statement.  Manic and Rock Steady are both Cream shades and they had the smoothest application of any of the samples I’d tried up to this point.  Rock Steady was a part of the Gwen Stefani collection and I’m glad to see that it made it into the Vice collection – it’s a great deep red that borders on blue-toned while still maintaining that gorgeous brick tone.  For being a sheer, Snitch had a pretty good color payoff and was a nice coral/peach.  I adored 714; if I didn’t already have this shade from the Gwen Stefani collection, I would definitely be adding this to my collection!  Junkie is lovely and deep green and has pretty good coverage and sparkle, though it’s no match for Lime Crime’s Serpentina.  Of course, Lime Crime has discontinued that shade, so UD is doing its best to fill the void!  Gash was the disappointment in this grouping, mainly because there used to be a shade called Gash in the old school UD line (remember when they looked like bullet casings and used to be sold in headshops?!) that was a deep burgundy/maroon and had super intense sparkle.  If this is their new interpretation of the color…I think I’ll pass.  If you’re going to recreate a “legacy” shade, it had better be as good as the original, or better.  Not in this case.

Finally, the last section of the sampler was lighter neutrals and nude pinks:


Top Row, L to R: Naked (Cream), Conspiracy (Metallized), Backtalk (Comfort Matte), Rapture (Cream)
Bottom Row, L to R: Stark Naked (Comfort Matte), Amulet (Metallized), ZZ (Cream), Gubby (Metallized)
Offset: Double Team (Comfort Matte – applied directly from the full size tube)

Amulet was the standout for me in this group, a really lovely taupe brown with some great sparkle.  I’ve been wanting to play around with more nude makeup looks for a while, and this lipstick might just make it into my collection.  Naked and Stark Naked are two great nude shades that will pair nicely with the UD Naked Palettes (especially #3); Naked is more pink-toned, but still pretty neutral.  Conspiracy is a nice metallic coffee brown shade but I prefer Amulet, which just has more interesting dimensions to it.  Gubby is cute, but I would wear it over a lip paint to create sort of an ombre rather than trying it alone.  Double Team I had to have because I wanted a bright pink for Days of the Dead to amp up my lip look with the monochromatic look I did with the skull print dress.  I was going to do black, white, and red, but then I remembered that I had my super cute Betsy Johnson bag with me and it had a pink bow, so I brought the monochromatic around to pink instead of red.  Turned out super cute!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the new launch of the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks combine with little snippets of the Vice Academy movies – if you haven’t seen any of the movies, you should totally check them out!  Below I’ve included scans of my signed photos from Days of the Dead Indianapolis from the stars of the early Vice Academy movies, Linnea Quigley and Ginger Lynn Allen!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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  1. Amy Taylor says:

    Hi! I got a huge kick out of this, as I was the Head Makeup Artist on Vice Academy 2 and 3! lol I’m happy to chat if you’d like!

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