Crazy Like A Fox: Go Mad For Lunatick Cosmetics Labs!

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One of my highlights of Days of the Dead Indianapolis, besides becoming insta-besties with Felissa Rose (who played Angela in the cult classic slasher Sleepaway Camp) was meeting Katherine, the brains and beauty behind indie makeup brand Lunatick Cosmetic Labs.  I had already purchased a few goodies from her company that I was planning to review, but when I saw that LCL was on the vendor list for Days of the Dead, I decided to wait until after I had a chance to visit their booth and pick up even more delightful cosmetic creations and do one big, giant, enormous, absolutely unbelievable review of all of the fabulousness!  And I picked up a little extra stuff as well – don’t forget to get entered into the “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes” giveaway, now through July 26!

Here is a live broadcast I did from the Lunatick Labs booth at DOTD:

What I loved the minute I found this brand was their creepy cool packaging!  They do such a great job of combining great makeup products with fun packaging inspired by horror, gothic, and other spooky themes.  They were really the only makeup brand represented at the con (a couple of other booths had random makeup goodies as well, but no other full on brands) so I went a little crazy to show my appreciation.  Let’s take a look at the gore-geousness I picked up!


So many things!  For my personal collection I picked up the contour palette and the finishing powder, 4 shades of Lip Slick, 4 shades of glitter, 3 eyeshadow compacts (including one custom selection), and one bullet lipstick.  Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

This is the contour palette – could you die?!  I love the creepy theme of the packaging with the stitches and the eyeball – contouring is like reconstructing your face with makeup so it seemed perfect!  I’ve played with this a bit and though it’s not so pigmented that I would recommend wearing these alone as blushes or shadows (unless you want a very subtle color payoff) they are great contouring shades to help you sculpt your face.  I played with them alone as well as with my Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette and my Tyra Beauty Light and Sculpt, and it worked out very well with both of them.  Definitely buildable, and those gray shades are so unique and perfect for building in just the right shadows!

The glitters are holographic and gorgeous!  The swatch pics have them adhered to my hand with Lit Cosmetics new Forever Wear Glitter Base.  They are all super gorgeous and sparkly and I love them!  I’m so glad she had them available – when I was packing for the con, I accidentally left behind my bag o’ glitter and I used Glamour Ghoul for my Little Shop look and Sea Spell for my Jaws look!  I’m still a Lit Glitter girl at heart…but one can never have too much glitter!

Here is my custom palette.  I selected at least one shade from each of the three palettes that was out at the time.  The Relic palette wasn’t out yet, so of course that was the first thing I added when I got to their booth at Days of the Dead!  All 5 of these shades are silky and apply beautifully.  I used Lime Lagoon in my lip ombre for the Little Shop look as well as in the eye look.  It blended beautifully with the other shadows from Urban Decay and Jeffree Star.  Invocation is very soft and has started to crack but other than that the shadows are holding up beautifully!

Here are two pre-made eyeshadow palettes I picked up: Relic and Hocus Pocus.  I already had Lime Lagoon from the custom palette, but I LOVE green so I didn’t even bat a false eyelash!  Every one of the shadows in the Relic palette was gorgeous!  Ruins is probably my favorite with the green undertone, and I love the buttery gold of Lovelace.  Every one of those will probably make their way to my face in upcoming shows!  As for the Hocus Pocus palette, I had a little bit less success with those – Phantom Craft and Omen both were powdery and applied very patchy.  I would definitely recommend using sort sort of base for these, like the NYX White Base.  The Urban Decay Neons palette had two shades that were very similar and I had similar problems with those (though not quite as bad as thing) so I’m willing to believe that it might have to do with those particular pigments.  In addition to a primer/base, you can also use a wet brush to apply and that should make them more vivid and apply more evenly.

The finishing powder is a pretty good basic finishing powder – I wasn’t blown away but I had no complaints.  It does the job.  The main plus of this is the adorable Ouija planchette packaging – so creepy cute!

Finally for the lip products.  The Lip Slick liquid lipsticks are fabulous.  Now, don’t go in expecting them to be the sort of liquid lipsticks that dry down to a matte finish, are transfer-proof, etc.  That’s not this.  These are simply a lipstick formula that has been liquified.  And it’s divine.  It paints on so creamy and pigmented, it will be your new favorite thing!  Pout off is my new favorite pink, just blue-toned enough while having all of the babygirl, bubblegum sweetness you can imagine.  Creature is a gorgeous green, Succubus is the perfect amount of fuchsia without turning totally 80s, and Coven Cream is a lovely neutral tan – I can’t wait to try pairing it with some Lit Glitters to make some sparkly neutral lips!  Hello Fully Nude, hello Constant Craving!

Lacrimosa is a bit of an oddball, and I love it!  It has a red violet base and lots of blue-purple shift with a glittery application.  It’s sort of like an aging bruise with glitter in it.  It’s a little sheer on its own, but looks gorgeous over another color – I tried it with ColourPop’s Teeny Tiny and it was to die!

I had so much fun at the Lunatick Cosmetic Labs booth, meeting Katherine and picking out glamorously ghoulish goodies for me, and for you!  I’m definitely going to try to be back next year, and I hope that they will have all kinds of strange new products for me to try!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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