Makeup Monsters Is Everything That’s Right With Liquid Lipstick

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Alright, little monsters, get ready to meet your match – Makeup Monsters is (so far) the best liquid lipstick brand out there right now!

I have been searching high and low for the best of the best in liquid lipsticks, and I might just have found it – Makeup Monsters offers some of the best pigmentation, the matte-est of matte applications, and color selection that makes all of my little technicolor fantasies come true!  I already gave away one shade (Flutter) in my Monster Giveaway, and Makeup Monsters was crowned the winner of my Black Liquid Lipstick Battle Royale – now it’s time for me to bring you back to life with my breakdown of all 11 (Yes, queen – ELEVEN) shades I’ve added to my personal collection.

Let’s start with the swatches:


Top row, left to right: Bite Me, Rebound, Darkness Prevails, Tyranny, Purp-etrate, and Cyclone
Bottom row, left to right: Hook Line & Sinker, Sassy, Jealousy, G. I. Jane, and Surge

Bite me is a pretty typical true red, and would be a great introduction to the line for anyone who is a little nervous about the wild color selection.  It dries down matte but retains it’s gorgeous red shade, not going too dark like a cherry or burgundy red.  Rebound is another more wearable color, a bright coral orange that is right on trend – pair it with the Too Faced Peach Palette (if you were able to get your hands on it!).

Darkness Prevails you already saw in my earlier post, and you saw that it easily defeated Jeffree Star and Lime Crime for best matte black liquid lipstick.  If you want to rock your inner goth, look no further.

For the purple/blues, Tyranny is a nice royal purple while Purp-etrate is more of a lavender shade.  Cyclone is my favorite of the three, a blue-purple that is dark and stormy but with a more vibrant color payoff than a navy.  Gorge!

In the second row we’ve got two pink options.  Hook, Line & Sinker is a deep berry pink with some plum tones and would look very sophisticated with the right smoky eye, or could be a great complement to a neon eye.  Sassy is a blue-toned pink, fresh off the Barbie box and just dying for some opalescent glitter gloss on top!

As for the greens, Jealousy is emerald perfection, almost turning teal.  G. I. Jane is a nice bright green with some lime notes and Surge is a lovely light teal with lots of baby blue influence.

To give you a comparison of some of the bright colors, I decided to pair them up with similar Jeffree Star shades.  On the left I have the Makeup Monster shade; on the right (and in one case, below), the Jeffree Star.


Working clockwise from the top left, the first pairing is MM Cyclone with JS Abused.  Cyclone is more vibrant and keeps that deep, deep cornflower shade where abused is more definitely in the navy family.  Next up is MM Surge compared to JS Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  I love both of these shades, but you can see that the JS is definitely more blue whereas the MM has more of a green tone to it.  Below that is perhaps the closest match I found, MM Purp-etrate and JS Blow Pony.  The JS is a little bit deeper purple where the MM is more of a light pastel.  Finally I paired MM Sassy up with two JS shades – Prom Night to the right and Queen Supreme below.  When you look at the shades in the tubes, Sassy looks fairly similar to Prom Night, but once applied you can see how different they are.  Sassy is more blue-toned, where Prom Night is a fuller bodied neon pink.  Queen Supreme is a good deal lighter, but is still a similar match and shares the blue base, though JS definitely is much more pastel in this case.

Makeup MonstersThe Makeup Monsters shades go on much smoother than the Jeffree Star…in fact, they go on smoother than pretty much any other liquid lipstick I’ve found! And I’m salivating because they just added two new shades that are “Gilded Mattes” with a heavy shimmer/glitter payoff, and while I once again have to bite my tongue about the gratuitous abuse of the word “matte,” the shades look so scrumptious that I will need to get them at my earliest opportunity!

The downside: they are often sold out.

Makeup Monsters is a small, indie brand, and as such they sometimes have a hard time keeping things in stock and (because they are so freaking awesome!) they sell out quickly once they do come back in stock.  If you can have a little patience and watch for the restocks to hit, though, you will love the consistent quality and the value – they are some of the biggest liquid lipsticks out there at .20 ounce and the lest expensive at $15.95.  Such an amazing value!  And they have a shade for everyone – I obviously hit their more vibrant, wild shades but there are plenty of neutrals and traditional red/pink shades to make anyone satisfied.

I am absolutely in love with this brand and I hope to see more from them in the future – if everything they do is as good as the liquid lipsticks, they truly will be a monstrous presence on the indie beauty scene.  Unleash that beast!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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  1. Brandy says:

    Lovey! The shades are gorg!

  2. Liz Casavan says:

    They’re so bright! 😀 I love them

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