Starstruck: The Jeffree Star Cosmetics Review – Part One

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Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your hip flasks: this is going to be a whopper!

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been on a bit of a beauty bender recently and one of the companies that has gotten more than its share of my money is Jeffree Star Cosmetics.  I’ve been buying a product or two here and there when they were available, but in recent weeks with some of the launches that I have been going on I have definitely been watching his brand much more closely.  There is so much going on with him – and I have so many products! – that I have decided to break this review into a 3 part series.

Part one, which will continue below, will focus on the Velour Lip Scrubs, the Beauty Killer Palette, and the Skin Frosts.  We’ll also take a look at the drama surrounding the broken King Tut Skin Frosts, Rocky Roadkill, and Jeffree’s diss of the Kylie Jenner lip glosses.

Part two will be all about the Velour Liquid Lipsticks.  I have 15 shades and we are going to talk about all of them!  We’ll also be talking about Stephanie Nicole’s review of the lipstick and her calling out Jeffree in her video (which will lead perfectly into part 3!).

Part three will explore some of the allegations of racism that have been circling YouTube and the interwebs (which Stephanie Nicole references in her video review) as well as my thoughts on Jeffree, his products, his brand, and his internet persona.

We’ve got a lot to talk about, so let’s dive right in! XOXO – Miss Jaye

If you watch makeup videos on YouTube and give one single fuck about highlighters, then you have to have seen Jeffree Star’s Skin Frost highlighters – they launched recently in four killer shades (Ice Cold, Peach Goddess, King Tut, and Mint Condition) and most were sold out almost as quickly as they arrived.  Though I was able to get my hands on Mint Condition, the pale green shade, easily enough through the J-Star website, I finally had to break down and order Peach Goddess and Ice Cold on Ebay.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to pick up King Tut or not, but he’s been teasing a new purple/yellow gold shade (Lavendar Snow) that looks absolutely to die.

000_0004Everyone who has reviewed these highlighters has mentioned the pan size – and for good reason!  Each of the highlighters, priced at $29, is a full 15 grams of products!  It’s huge!  The compact is Jeffree’s signature neon pink with the J-Star logo and name in metallic pink embossing.  Ice Cold is a creamy ivory shade, perfect for very pale skin.  Peach Goddess is peach, obvi, but with strong pink tones and maybe some subtle gold undertones.  Mint Condition was the oddball in the launch, and my favorite: a bright minty green with silvery reflect.  The shade I didn’t buy, King Tut, was a rich light gold perfect for any priceless Egyptian relic.

ShawneeI started using the Mint Condition highlight as soon as I got it and fell in love – those highlights are damn near extraterrestrial!  So. Much. Shine.  If you’ve seen any of my photos from the Days of the Dead photo sessions, you’ve seen that deadly highlight on my cheek.  The green is a lot subtler than you might expect looking at it in the pan.  It’s definitely meant to coordinate with cool colors, but you don’t have to worry about it being too intensely green – the pigment sheers out a bit and just has a lovely minty glow.

Peach Goddess and Ice Gold don’t have the same immediate pop that Mint Condition does, but they are very buildable and they look amazing when you layer them together!  Slaying all damn day!

I didn’t buy King Tut because I felt the gold color was the most basic of the 4; if I had been able to get my hands on the discounted 4-pack, I would have used it and loved it I’m sure, but since I was buying individually, I decided that it could wait until another day…maybe.  They’ve apparently figured out the problems with those so if I do get it I shouldn’t have to worry about a jank product like some people got…but more on that little bit of drama below!

The formula is very creamy, and it did remind me somewhat of the ColourPop highlight and eyeshadow formula, though I didn’t have the problems with clumping and breaking that I did with those.  It takes the best of that formula and gets rid of the major problems.  I did notice some minor clumpiness and fallout when i was swatching, but I haven’t had that problem when using a brush and it didn’t impact the application that much.  Worth mentioning, but not enough that it would concern me or prevent me from buying.

Here are a few swatches!



Now let’s move on to the Velour Liquid Lip Scrubs, or as I like to refer to them: exfoliationgasm.  These will seriously Change. Your. Life.  And for only $12 – are you kidding me?!  Because I’m not a totally basic white girl I didn’t buy the Pumpkin Spice latte flavor but I did get the other 4: Strawberry Gum, Mojito, Spearmint, and Root Beer.  I almost didn’t buy Mojito (I already had Spearmint, so I figured I didn’t need another minty one) and I’m so glad that I reconsidered – it is easily my favorite!  All of them are easy to use and taste delicious (yes they are edible!).  If you don’t want to eat them when you’re done exfoliating, you can also wipe them off with a washcloth or tissue, but you’re missing a little flavor treat!


I’ve used the Glam Glow lip scrub ($24.00 separately, or $39 for the scrub/balm kit) and I think this is a better option, and at this price point you absolutely can’t lose!  They are a little messy, as products like this tend to be, but I’ve found nothing to complain about.  They are the best products from his line that I’ve picked up so far!  Don’t forget – every time you exfoliate your lips, you’ll want to follow up with a balm or gloss to moisturize to make your lips happy.

And of course, you can’t talk about Jeffree’s cosmetics line, especially his recent launches, without talking about the Beauty Killer palette!

So much is going right with this palette!  First, the pans are big and have a lot of product, so you’re getting your $45 worth.  There are certainly palettes at the same price point and higher that have a lot less product.  The colors are an interesting mix of bright, vivid shades and neutral blending shades – Star Power is a unique, potent hot pink compared to Courtney, a buttery beige shade perfect for blending in with a nude eye look.  In the launch video, Jeffree Star shows off the palette and shows how each “quad of 4 shadows that are next to each other in the palette act as their own mini eye look (there are a couple I’m a little dubious about, but generally they are nice, complementary pairings).

I have seen videos where people have swatched the shadows and some, especially the mattes, are a bit patchy but I have not had this experience.  I’ve used Star Power for several looks and each time it was pigmented and beautiful and blended gorgeously with whatever I was using with it.  The glitter shadows tend to have a fair amount of fallout, but not noticeably more than I’ve seen with other similar products.  The only one that was a little bit of a disappointment was Rich Bitch, a metallic gold shade, and I was just disappointed that it seemed to have a bit of a dark undertone (almost as though it had a dark base beneath the metallic) and it tends to darken shadows near it when you blend them.  I wouldn’t say that these shadows are as good as Urban Decay shadows, but they are pigmented and gorgeous and play well with others.

A note about Star Power – I’ve noticed this before with other superbright shadows (the Neons palette by Urban Decay, for example) is that they can be hard to remove.  When I used Star Power the first time, I had pink staining in my eye area for a day after, and I’ve seen similar results each time I’ve used it since then.  Just be aware that these types of pigments can hang around longer than you ever expected – even long after you’ve removed your makeup!

Ready for some drama?  Let’s talk about broken King Tut highlighters and Rocky Roadkill.

Before the highlighters actually launched on his site, Jeffree Star attended RuPaul’s Drag Con and sold them (and his eyeshadow palette) to convention attendees.  Sales were limited to 1 per shade per customer.  Rocky Roadkill, a young YouTuber who attended Drag Con, bought a King Tut highlighter and was very excited to go home and review it for his subscribers.  When he got home, he opened up the compact to find that the highlighter was shattered and fell out all over the floor.  Here is his video:

If you watched the video (spoiler alert: Jeffree Star clearly didn’t before responding!), you can see that this is clearly not a bashing video.  Rocky Roadkill constantly gushes about how much he loves Jeffree, his products, his looks, etc.  The title of his video, Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost Disaster, correctly describes the contents of his video: this product that he was so excited about was received defective and broken and so he wasn’t able to do a review or really even use it.  He said that he was about to contact the JStar Customer Service, and he made it clear that if they didn’t send him a replacement he would wait with everyone else for a restock and buy another (the waiting seemed to be the issue, moreso than the money).

Here is how Jeffree responded to the video:

JStar 01

Umm, excuse the fuck out of me?  It couldn’t be more obvious that Jeffree didn’t watch the video before commenting (a fact he confirmed later in his “apology”).  “Slander video”? “Defamation”?  Are you kidding me?  You could have watched the video for less than a minute and gotten what the tone would be.  Jeffree is sort of a master of “tweet and delete” so of course that comment is no longer there, but the internet is forever.  Rocky addressed all the controversy in a follow up video (prompted, I’m sure, by the rabid response of Jeffree’s notoriously troll-happy fans).

Rocky includes Jeffree’s tweet response to him AND the email back from the JStar Customer Service rep, both saying that they would not be able to refund or replace his broken highlighter.

Want to know what makes this drama even juicier?  In his comment to Rocky Roadkill, he says that Rocky is just desperate for likes and attention.  Apparently, calling out a company for putting out a shit product is just a way of getting attention and trying to build up your fan base.

*ring, ring*


“Hey Kettle, this is Pot.  Guess what?  You’re black!”

Just a couple of weeks before these shenanigans blew the eff up, Jeffree made a series of Snaps about the Kylie Jenner lip glosses and their defective wands.  He read her to filth, talking about how he couldn’t believe that she would put something like that out with her name on it, how she’s a multi-million dollar celebrity and she needs to have some integrity, blah blah blah.  So he received a defective product and instead of contacting their customer service privately, he decides to take to social media to call her and her company out, pitch a fit, and throw the product in the trash (the snaps are included in the rather scattered montage below):

“There’s no beef.  I just have a passion for makeup and this industry.”  So when J-Star does it, it’s having passion; when Rocky Roadkill does it (and does it in a much classier and more complementary way) it’s slander and defamation?  Don’t worry, y’all – Twitter allows you enough characters to spell out “hypocrite.”

And it gets worse.  Bless his heart, Jeffree Star just cannot give an honest, legit apology.  He decided to address both the Kylie drama and the Rocky Roadkill drama at the same times; while he sort of apologizes for not watching the video and jumping to conclusions (based on “lies” he was being told by others – because he can’t admit that it might be his fault or take ownership) but constantly refers to Rocky’s original video title as “clickbait.”  So basically if Rocky had used a better title and if people hadn’t given him bad information, he wouldn’t have popped off.  Does any of that sound like a sincere apology to you?

But the icing on the douchecake comes when he talks about Kylie’s wands and basically tries to paint it as though no one would have gotten a replacement or refund if he hadn’t spoken out and tries to act as though he’s a hero of the people for exposing cosmetic injustice.  You need to dial that ego down about 10 notches, kween.

JStar 02What he won’t say in the video is that Rocky Roadkill is also a consumer, and he also received a defective product – and Jeffree won’t even take responsibility for that.  He goes to great lengths to tell this story about how someone at his warehouse dropped a pallet of about 3000 highlighters (all King Tut) and didn’t tell anyone about it.  Whether Jeffree knew about this or not is not the issue; if you hired that person, or if you rented and paid for the warehouse that employed that person, then you are responsible for the work that they do.  Saying over and over again that you didn’t know about it until after the fact is just a way of avoiding taking responsibility for your defective items.  And he talks about how Kylie’s customer service was ignoring the problem until he “opened [his] big mouth” – well, the same thing happened with his customer service (as shown by the responses Rocky Roadkill received from Jeffree and his CS team) and there was no talk about refunds/replacements until Rocky’s video went viral.

So even this little taste of drama sets up something that is going to be key to all 3 parts of my review series: I really, really, really want to like and support this brand because it has some absolutely bomb products, but Jeffree Star is working overtime to make himself appear as unlikable, materialistic, and basically gross as possible.  Which is a shame, because when you separate the persona from the products, you’ve got some amazing products that are available at really fantastic prices.  I honestly hope I never have to find another lip scrub again, and those highlighters have made me a believer!

But we’ve got more products to review and a LOT more trash to burn, y’all!  Stay tuned for part 2 of this series where we talk about the Velour Liquid Lipsticks.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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