What Could Have Been: OFRA’s Liquid Lipstick Fail PLUS Giveaway [CLOSED]

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Recently, a friend gave me some OFRA liquid lipstick in the shade Dubai and my wheels started turning.  Anyone who has watched me talk about makeup on my Facebook Live broadcasts knows that I sort of hate Manny MUA (like, with a fiery passion) and all I really knew of OFRA is that he did a collaboration with them on some of the their liquid lipsticks and I stayed out of it.  Way the hell out.  New Jersey out.  Here is one of Manny MUA’s videos where he shows off swatches of some of the OFRA colors (I figured that it was appropriate, since this video serves up a comparable level of frustration and annoyance as the actual lipsticks themselves):

But here I was with three tubes of Dubai liquid lipstick (two of them still brand new in the package y’all!) and I decided to bite the bullet and give this brand a try.  Maybe they would be my Holy Grail of liquid lipsticks; looking at their shade selection, I definitely had some hope!  They have a ton of great colors from pinks and reds to more vivid violets, sexy nudes, and wild colors with a metallic sheen.  I counted 47 shades in all, and I decided to order four additional shades to give me a fun sampling of what they had to offer.  Here’s what I got:

Times Square (Metallic Silver)
Bondi Beach (Metallic True Blue)
Hawaii Tropical (Bright Yellow Green)
Santa Monica (Bright Barbie Pink)
Dubai (Tan Neutral)

The first three shades are all metallics, and the bottom two are mattes.

Seeing the shades in the bottle, they all looked amazing.  The trouble came when I swatched them:

000_0001 (3)

The metallics went on sheer and extremely patchy.  I was able to get the silver and the green to a fairly decent look by layering on a second time, but I left the Bondi Beach swatch as is to show how irregular the color is.  So in the image above, the Times Square has received a second coat and a fair amount of blending, as has Hawaii Tropical.  Bondi Beach is one coat as is and you can see how uneven the coverage is, how it tends to gunk up at the edges.  It’s super disappointing.

CouldaShouldaWouldaThe non-metallics fared a little bit better – the pink Santa Monica shade dried out very evenly and looked gorgeous, though definitely not a true matte.  Both have more of a satin finish, and neither felt 100% dry even after about 20 minutes.  Dubai is actually a really pretty tan neutral and would look good with a deeper brown liner and some glitter – maybe even a layer of Too Faced Melted Chocolate Diamonds on top!

The good news?  The non-metallic shades are actually pretty decent, and I would recommend if you want to dive into these liquid lipsticks to start with those.  They never seem to completely dry, but they will give you full, streak free coverage that is layerable and consistent.  Stay away from the metallics though – the three that I tried were all patchy and uneven, which was especially disappointing given how gorgeous the swatches from the OFRA site were.


Want to try one of these out for yourself to see if you agree?

I’ve got two tubes of Dubai that are still fresh in the box (thanks Barb!) and I’m going to give them away to two lucky readers!  All you have to do to enter the random drawing is comment below and let me know your favorite brand of liquid lipstick!  Let me know by 10 pm Central on August 21, and you’ll be in the drawing for one of the two tubes!  Simple! (US Residents only)

Unfortunately, the search still continues for the perfect liquid lipstick.  It wasn’t OFRA, but maybe one of you will tip me off to the best of the best in your comments below.  A girl can dream…

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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Readers Comments (12)
  1. Mariah says:

    I’ve not yet tried the Ofra lipsticks, but I know people raved about mannymua’s collab with them (I don’t much watch him either). I’d have to say my favorite liquid lipsticks are either stila stay all day, colourpop (a bit drying, but they are cheap and pigmented), or kat von d’s. I’d like to speak for Anastasia Beverly Hills’ liquid lipsticks, as I hear such good things, but I don’t have a local retailer that supplies them :(

  2. Shelley says:

    Favorite brand of liquid lipstick is colourpop after trying that gorgeous matte. The color is so rich and it stays on forever. All the other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried were pretty lame lip gloss.

  3. Autumn says:

    Stila! It goes on shiny and liquid and dries to matte perfection. Plus it smells like frosting, and goes for about 20.00 a tube, which is great when one tube lasts me a year or more.

  4. Jessica tinkler says:

    I like the brand they have at kitsona the matte colors. I haven’t tried any other brands but those ones go on well and stay for a long time and they are cheaper than others I’ve seen

  5. Kelli Kline says:

    well so far I have not explored the liquid lipsticks too far but of the ones I have I like Revlon ultra HD

  6. Cat Christy Jockens (Chris Kat jj) says:

    Cosmoholic Liquid lipstick- Sinful Shimmer by Alana. When it applies it looks a gloss, but contains lipstick in it.Makes my lips look shiny too.

  7. Amanda G says:

    I’m in love with how velvety Lime Crime Velvetines are! Plus they smell like cupcakes.

    • Mariah says:

      Ooh I agree. they’re weightless too, I’m just concerned after all the scandals and controversy with them.

      • JanessaJaye says:

        There’s a little shadiness, but you might be interested in my previous article about Lime Crime and all of the controversies:


        I definitely understand that people have all different kinds of reasons to support or not support different brands, but I swear hating on Lime Crime is practically an Olympic Sport at this point! :)

        • Mariah says:

          Oh I’m definitely not hating since Ive purchase from them before seamlessly and I like their products. I just think that, though many of the controversies are unimportant/mistakes/click bait, they should still be taken into consideration. I see a lot of that going on with kyliecosmetics too and it’s kind of a shame, because they both received so much hate when they were only beginning to establish themselves.

  8. JanessaJaye says:

    This giveaway is now closed! CHECK out my Jeffree Star giveaway, and look for other great prizes coming soon!

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