Metal Head: Can ColourPop Do It Again With The Ultra Metallics?

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I give up.  I give in.  I throw in the towel.  I need to resign myself to the fact that the actual, literal meaning of “matte” will nevermore exist in the cosmetics world.

Mac GirlYou know you’re getting old when you start sentences with “Back in the day…” – BUT, back in the day, when MAC only had one or two shades of Viva Glam and the world was a simpler place, you could actually find matte lipsticks that were actually matte.  Like, solid opaque color with no shine to speak of.  MAC’s original Viva Glam was the king (or queen? RuPaul was the spokesmodel after all!) of these mattes.  It was dry, somewhat clay-like, and it sat on your lips like a fucking brick.  It. Was. Gorgeous.  I don’t know what they did to the formula, but it’s definitely not the same now as it was in the late 90s when this budding queen bought her first tube of Viva Glam in the late 90s in Winnipeg’s Hudson Bay Company.

Now matte doesn’t mean anything.  Lime Crime put out their Perlees lipsticks which it described as a “matte pearl.”  I facepalmed.

Makeup Monsters expanded their line recently to include two “metallic matte” shades.  Seriously?!

Now ColourPop, everyone’s favorite bargain makeup brand and social media darling, is jumping on board with their Ulta Metallics (at least they have the decency to not tie metallic and matte together in their advertising, though it’s clearly meant to be an extension of the perennially popular Ultra Mattes liquid lipstick line).  At $6 a pop, you know this diva had to get herself some and see if they lived up to the hype!

I picked up six shades, five for me and one to throw in on a future giveaway (look for that coming soon!).  Here are the 5 shades that I swatched:

Gorgeous, right?

The formula is not as opaque as I would like but it has a nice color payoff.  My main complaint is that that the colors are far too similar.  ColourPop only has 8 shades (two were sold out when I placed my order) so I was hoping to see more variety.  All of these are in the rose/gold/berry area; in fact, I decided to put Man-Eater into a giveaway because it was almost identical to Lights Out and I figured I would share the metallic love.

If ColourPop continues with their metallic shades, I hope that they decide to add additional colors – maybe some more silvery metallic tones?  Aside from the lack of color selection, these are pretty legit.  They don’t have the opaque coverage that one might expect from a liquid lipstick, but the coverage is buildable and I found these to layer very nicely.  And as always with ColourPop, the quality is good and at $6 each, how can you lose?!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

Metallic Lip

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    Three way is to die!

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