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Some of you may remember my “lost post” all about Lush (fresh handmade cosmetics) and my obsession with their fabulous bath bombs and bubble bars.  Well, when I went out to Seattle a couple of weeks ago, I decided to drop in on one of my Seattle favorites and see what was new and fabulous.  What I found were a few rather random products that were just strange enough I had to try them.


First up was the shower jelly.  My friend Amanda posted a video on my Facebook wall a while back with the tag, “Review these!”  How could I resist!

These are a little strange.  They’re like a jello mold, but somewhat firmer and it behaves (for the most part) like soap.  I decided to try two different scents: Whoosh and Refresher.  Whoose I bought in the larger 8.5 oz size (before I realized there were different sizes available!); it’s a bright blue and smells super fresh – not like those candles that are marked “clean linen” or anything, but just sort of a watery, clean, fresh kind of scent.  The packaging says, “For times when you feel like you’re an alien on your own planet.  Drag yourself out of bed and into the shower with our wobbly citrus wake-up call.”  I get a little bit of citrus from it, but not nearly as intense as the other fragrance I bought in the 3.5 oz size, Refresher.  This glittery gold treat has a very pronounced citrus scent and is so good I almost wanted to eat it.  With two fabulous jellies ready to go, I hit the shower to start doing my “market research.”

Lush 02I went in not really sure what to expect, and while I liked the fragrance a lot, I wasn’t getting a lot of lather and although I felt like my skin was fragranced after using it, I wasn’t entirely sure that I felt…clean.  I definitely doubled up, using both a regular soap and the jelly at the same time (well, one after another…you get the idea).  It also started to develop cracks in it pretty early and I was afraid that I was going to have random bits of jelly all over the floor of my shower!

Not one to throw in the towel, I started looking online and also stopped back into Lush to get recommendations, and the very helpful staff (plus some moderately helpful videos) told me that a “pro tip” is to throw them into the fridge or freezer.  I started with the fridge, and found this to be not very helpful: it was a little bit cold for the first minute or so of the shower, but then it was just back to normal.  I was a little hesitant about putting it in the freezer (I imagined a solid block of frozen soap!) but as Buffy once said, “Fortune favors the brave.”  So I popped it in next to my Blue Bunny Caramel Swirl ice cream (always on hand for “emergency situations”) and waited to see what the next morning’s shower experience would be.

This was the best so far – the jelly definitely felt cold and refreshing to the touch (almost too cold as I was holding it in my hand) and it did seem to stay together a little better than before, but I still wasn’t feeling like I was getting a fully clean situation happening.

I was about to chalk it up to being a product that was gimmicky but not all that useful (if you have to use two kinds of soap to get clean, why not just use the one that actually gets you clean?!) when I saw another video that suggested breaking off little pieces of the jelly and lathering them up with a loofah.  I tried this and found it to be the best option as I finally started getting some lather and the jelly combined with the scrubby loofah finally made me feel like I was getting all the way clean.  In my internet adventures I also found a video from a woman who cuts them into cubes and uses them with a nylon stocking to create her lather.  Interesting!  Perhaps a good use for old worn out dance tights…


I was not sure what to make of these at all, but I thought they might be fun to keep in my travel bag as I’m always forgetting to pack toothpaste when I travel and have to run out and buy more.  This seemed like something I could just keep in my carry on – it’s not a liquid or paste so I don’t have to worry about getting put on the terrorist list for carrying it.

I picked up the flavor Limelight – I love all things lime, so I figured this would be a good place to start.  Basically you crunch the tab between your teeth and then use a wet toothbrush to brush your teeth like normal using the foam from the crunched up tab.  I found the lime flavor to be interesting but it doesn’t leave the same clean feeling as a toothpaste that has mint in it.  There are a few varieties that have a mint in them (or are all mint) so I might pick one of those up to try because I do feel like my teeth were clean (though it didn’t have the same effect as minty toothpaste!) and it is a nice alternative to more chemical tooth products.  Here is a video I found from Dr. Wendy, a dentist who tried out Toothy Tabs:

One thing to note – do NOT swallow the foam.  Yuck.  I don’t know why I decided to try out swallowing the foam (maybe it’s my personal mantra, “Spitters are quitters!” affecting other aspects of my life) to see how I felt about it and it left a really chalky residue in my mouth and felt really terrible sliding down my throat.  It’s all natural, so I wasn’t worried about that, but it was not a positive flavor experience.  Just this once, feel free to spit!

And depending on your preferences, be aware of the flavors.  In addition to the lime flavor I went for, some of the flavors include interesting choices that might not appeal to everyone.  One example is black pepper – there is nothing that suggests to me that brushing with black pepper is a good idea!


This product was my favorite of the three – a massage bar with a light rose-y sort of scent.  It’s solid like a bar of soap, but as you run it over your skin your body heat will cause it to release a light oil (argan oil, apparently) that you can work into the skin.  It leaves a nice smell behind and I think it’s absolutely divine.  It’s apparently the same smell as their “Rose Jam” products.

The one issue I had with the bar is that the pieces of rose absolute (or whatever those chunky pink things in the bar are!) can be a little bit sharp – I ended up scratching my arm with it and while the scratch wasn’t super deep and didn’t bleed or anything, the scratch hung around for more than a week.  I switched to always using the smooth side directly on my skin, which solves that problem for now but I’m wondering what will happen when I use enough of the bar to break through to those pieces from the other side.  I’m hoping they will be a little smoother from having been immersed in the lotion solids – that’s a lot of product to waste if that part isn’t usable!

I did find that it takes a while for the oil to fully absorb into the skin, especially if you use it right after a shower and your skin is damp or wet.  But the oil isn’t super greasy and leave a nice light sheen on the skin.  And that scent -it really is lovely!

I definitely agree with the reviewer above that the scent can be a little intense, but I love heavily scented products, and Lush uses all natural fragrances so for those who like a lot of smell without a lot of chemicals this is a perfect option for you.

So those were my three oddities that I decided to try out, and while they were more gimmicky than “OMG I gotta have this!” I’m always impressed by the range of products Lush has to offer.  I’m going back to Seattle in a couple of weeks for work, so you can expect at least one more Lush Life post coming soon – you know I’m going to have to get some more of their fantastic bath bombs, and I absolutely love their face masks (I bought several of them on my first trip, but they just never made it into that first post!).  Lush is such a great company with a solid lineup of products that are fun, naturally derived, and deliver some great results.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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  1. Jorja Sexypants says:

    The massage bar of the peachy one is my favorite. Om nom nom. Have you ever tried their cut yourself soap? the ones you buy by the pound? or their face masks or solid shampoos or conditioners?

    • JanessaJaye says:

      I haven’t tried the soaps or the shampoo bars (I’m a Wen girl!) but I’m excited to try a peach bar…I love peach smells! I also really like the Shimmy bar, may have to pick up a couple of those!

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