Nice Rack: Makeup Deals & Steals At Nordstrom’s Discount Concept

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How did I not know about this?  How could it be that no one told me?  I feel betrayed, I feel forgotten, I feel as though every relationship in my life has been a lie.  How could people have known about Nordstrom Rack’s cosmetics section…and not told me about it?

I suppose I have to take some of the blame for not being more adventurous.  I wandered into the Nordstrom Rack in downtown Seattle and right at the bottom of the escalator I saw a few racks of handbags and a column with some kind of junky accessories on it.  Stupid me, I assumed that this section was the entirety of the accessories (and I knew they wouldn’t have anything even remotely resembling my size in the clothing section) and headed right back up the escalator to the street.  Silly, silly queen.

On my last trip to Seattle, I don’t know what it was that made me more adventurous, but I decided to walk deeper into the store and that where I found 3 whole racks of assorted scarves (my current fashion obsession, after I successfully brought brooches back for about 4 years) and what would come to be one of my favorite places on Earth: the Nordstrom Rack cosmetics island.

It wasn’t huge, just one front and back display, about 5 feet tall, but it held some amazing goodies from fantastic brands like Urban Decay, TooFaced, Smashbox, Laura Gellar, stila, and more.  Many of the products I recognized but there were a couple of surprises.  Though there were some limited shades, the best part was the price: everything was at least 50% off the retail price in stores.

NR 01Here’s what I picked up on my first trip through in early September:

Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm in Vanilla Glow
Too Faced Love Eyeshadow palette
Too Faced #NoFilter Selfie Powders

Urban Decay Bronzing Beauty Balm
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Catfight, Streak, and F-Bomb
Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush

Smashbox Master Class Palette with eye and cheek (32 eyeshadows, 6 blushes, 2 highlighters, look cards)

I was super stoked!  TooFaced and Urban Decay are two of my absolute favorite brands and I’m always impressed with their quality.  I had never used a BB cream before (it seemed like one of those beauty trends that just wasn’t all that useful for drag makeup) but since I could get one in a color near my skintone and another with a bronzer effect, and get both of them for less than the regular retail price of one, I decided it was the perfect time to dive in.

For whatever reason, I’m usually not super inspired by TooFaced eyeshadow palettes; I love the rest of their line, but the palettes usually leave me feeling sort of meh (except for Sweet Peach, which of course was limited edition and of course I slept on it and missed it – but that’s a rant for another day).  The love palette had some super cute colors, but again it wasn’t something that electrified me.  What did really get me excited about it was the price – $15 for a palette that’s normally just under $50.  You just don’t say no to a deal like that!  I was also interested to try the selfie powders.  They seem to be an odd attempt to latch onto both contouring and highlighting without really committing to either one, but again the price was good enough to warrant a cosmetic adventure.

The biggest win of the trip was the Smashbox palette.  I had tried their Photo Finish Primer (heavenly!) once in a deluxe sample size, but other than that I had never really purchased anything from the brand.  There’s never been anything in their packaging or in specific color collections that has really jumped out at me.  They always seemed like good products, swimming in a sea of great.  But the Master Class palette was the perfect opportunity to try out a wide range of shades from this brand that I’d always heard good things about – or to be more specific, 40 opportunities!  And instead of paying the $65 sticker price, I got to try these goodies for only $30.  I’ll have a separate post coming about the palette (don’t want to spoil it!) but the price is definitely already a winner in my book!

On my latest trip, Nordstrom Rack was pretty much my first stop; if I hadn’t brought an ungodly amount of luggage, I probably would have gone straight there from the airport!  It was about a month since my last visit, so I wanted to get a sense of how fast the products turn over and get restocked with new and different options.  When I checked in, there were a lot of the same products, but several of the options from my last trip (including ones that I had picked up) had disappeared and a few new goodies had taken their place.

I didn’t see a ton of new cosmetics I wanted to add to my stock, so instead I focused on brushes:

Urban Decay Good Karma Blush Brush
Urban Decay Good Karma Finishing Brush
Urban Decay Good Karma Crease Brush
Urban Decay Good Karma Shadow Brush

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Menace

TooFaced Rock’N’Roll Eyeshadow Palette

I was so stoked to find an expanded selection of Urban Decay brushes – whenever I buy an UD palette that has a brush I always think that UD should have a brush line.  And stupid me, this shows that they probably always have – just not available through Sephora or Ulta!  The Optical Blurring brush was gorgeous and such high quality that when I saw the others…MINE, MINE, MINE!

Again, the TooFaced palette wasn’t anything I’d been lusting after, but it was a price that I just couldn’t refuse.  And I can’t explain why but I was craving that hooker pink!  Meow!

The selection is unpredictable – sometimes you will see fifty lipsticks, but they are all the same color – and it’s usually outdated products that may have been sitting on shelves for a hot minute, but if you’re a savvy shopper you can really get some amazing deals through the Rack’s cosmetics section.  I recommend checking to see if the packaging looks like it has ever been opened – if in doubt, open it yourself and check it out to see if it has been previously swatched or swiped.  That’s the one drawback: people are not afraid to just rip into shit and draw all over their damn selves with products they have no intentions of buying.  Always check to see if sets have all pieces intact and look for swipe marks.  If you can’t find one that hasn’t been opened, it’s up to you how comfortable you feel taking home those sloppy seconds.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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