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(I don’t know why they’re called Z Palettes, but I automatically thought of “Liza with a Z” – so this post comes with a special shout out to my drag daughter Sally Bowles!)

Liza 01

If you’re a serious makeup addict like me, I’m sure you know the pains of having little plastic canisters and containers littering every available surface, falling under tables and behind things.  Colors get neglected or forgotten because they are buried in a pile of eyeshadow singles, not at the ready when a dose of color is needed.  Well if you want to get yourself organized and save some serious space, it’s time you got yourself introduced to the Z Palette.

000_0008I ordered mine through Makeup Geek – I stopped by to creep the makeup and ended up getting two of the large palettes and an oilslick metallic depotting tool.  The idea is simple: you use the tool to dislodge the metal pan of eyeshadow (or whatever product you want) and stick it into the magnet-back, shadowbox -style palette.  You can organize them however you want.  Want to show off your obsession with your favorite color?  Stick every shade of it in one place.  Or build yourself custom collections to create specific looks: nudes, smoky, neons, etc.   The process is called depotting and it’s been a secret trick of the makeup savvy for some time.  Z Palette just brings that trick a little closer to the masses with a selection of different palette sizes as well as colors and designs.  If your favorite product turns out not to by in a metal pan (or maybe has a thick sticker you can’t seem to get rid of without risking the shadow) they also come with a few pieces of metal with sticky backs that you can attach to the bottoms of your pans.

000_0010Be warned: some products will depot much easier than others.  I used the tool on an old Sephora + Pantone Universe palette and the shadows came out really easily (the glue was a few years old and was getting weak).  SugarPill come out pretty easily, and if they are in the plastic singles containers you’re good to go; if they are coming out of one of the cardboard palettes, it’s almost impossible to get themout without a thick layer of cardboard accompanying it, so get ready to utilize those added metal pieces.  I depotted a Kat Von D shadow and I swear I was going to bust the damn thing up.  I managed to get it up without heating it, but the pan is still bent somewhat out of shape and it’s only through divine providence that I didn’t end up with metallic emerald green powder over every-DAMN-thing.

I love this!  I am officially hooked, and I imagine that I will end up with at least a couple more of the Z Palettes.  I have so many great shadows that just sit going unused and unappreciated because it’s too damn much work to go digging for them when I want to do my eyes.  Now all I have to do is remember which palette I put the color into and grab it.  The palettes come in a pretty wide range of solid colors and patterns, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to organize your whole collection in a way that matches your décor or gives you different colors for different collections, leading to easily identifiable choices when you hit the makeup drawer!

Why oh why am I always so late to the party?!  I love depotting and I think this is really going to change not only the way I store makeup but how I pack for shows as well.  Since the palettes use magnets, switching shadows in and out couldn’t be easier.  Why not have storage palettes that collect the shades by color grouping, and then a travel palette to throw in the specific selection of shades I want to bring with me on the road!

The possibilities truly are endless!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!


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