Halloween Is For Kids: A Pint Sized “Beauty Guru” Serves Up Serious Cosplay Looks

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Monster High

So lately I’ve been even more prone than ever to fall down the YouTube rabbit hole, and soon my head is spinning with makeup tutorial ideas and great looks that I want to play with.  But I usually ignore the videos done by kids.  I did love Talia Joy’s videos when she was alive and inspiring millions of fans, but for the most part I stick with adults doing adult looks.

But with Halloween, all bets are off.

I’ve talked in some of my Facebook broadcasts about my strange love of Monster High.  Whatever the Monster High version of a Brony is…I’m that.  I’ve always loved horror, and a lot of that love came from my exposure to the classic monsters of Universal Studios and the characters in literature, so it’s fun to see a lot of great interpretations of those monsters showing up in a really great doll line and movie series.  They are great for kids but have enough entertainment value for adults – I can’t explain why, I just like them.  Don’t judge.

I can feel you judging.

Anyway, since Halloween is right around the corner I was looking for some Monster High-themed makeup tutorials, and that’s when I ran across Emma.  She has some pretty legit looking interpretations for a number of the MH characters, and when I watched one of them, she actually does most of it herself (her mom helps out with some intricate painted details from time to time, and with liquid eyeliner, but let’s face it – I can’t master liquid liner and I’m a fucking adult!).  Her dad also creates some pretty phenomenal wigs and costume pieces for her looks (if you’ve got some free time, Mr. Emma’s Dad, I can always use some new wigs.  Just sayin’).

To get you inspired for the Gay High Holy Day, I decided to share with you a sampling of some of her tutorial videos for some of my favorite Monster High characters.  This post is pretty video heavy, so feel free to browse at your leisure – and enjoy this young diva making her makeup dreams (nightmares?!) come true!

Venus McFlyTrap
(This is the first video I ran across, and is one of my favorite characters! I included this in another post as well, but ICYMI…)

Honey Swamp

Viperine Gorgon
(I love, love, love Greek mythology and it tickles me that since Medusa – my absolute fave monster ever! – was already the inspiration for another character they chose another of the Gorgons, Stheno, and included her actual name!  These kids better get learnt with that classic mythology, yes ma’am!)

Sirena Von Boo
(Who doesn’t love a mermaid?!  And a ghost mermaid at that!)

The Werecat Sisters – Purrsephone and Meowlody

Frankie Stein

Catty Noir
(Now you know there were some butthurt millenials trying to get all up in her business about this being blackface.  But it’s a black cat and she’s a child.  For fuck’s sake.  Take a day off from being offended and maybe find a hobby)

Scarah Screams
(Another favorite minor character, and I love makeup looks that have eyes painted on the lids so that it looks like open eyes when the eyes are closed.)

Alright, now I want to sign off with a music video from the Monster High musical Boo York, Boo York (which actually had pretty good music!).  I hope you enjoyed these videos.  Usually I find videos by kids on YouTube a little too precious, but she has some pretty good skills for someone her age and she makes some great looks.  And look at those views – multiple millions?!  You go, girl!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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