Lush Life: Who Was That Masked Man?!

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I love a lot of cosmetic and skincare products, but if there is one that I love above all others it would hands down be a good face mask.  I love, love, love them!  My favorite has always been (and continues to be!) Queen Helen’s Mint Julep mask – it’s an amazing green clay mask, minty smell, fairly cheap; I used to get it at Walmart for $2.47 (seriously!) but now I have to order it online for about $5-7 a pop – still a great bargain.  But every time I end up travelling to Seattle, I barely make it off the plane and into a cab before I’m sniffing out the local Lush store in West Lake Union – I adore it!

Lush has a pretty large selection of face masks made out of high quality fresh ingredients, so I decided to road test about a half dozen of them to give you my impressions and help you find some of your own.  I know, I know – you don’t have to thank me.  It was a lot of work, but I care about my readers!  If I have to pamper myself every single night of the week with a luxurious face mask (at a great deal, too, since they are all under $15 and most are under $10!), then so be it.  I’m willing to do that.  For you.  You’re welcome.

Each mask comes in a small container; I put my masks on pretty thick, so I get two uses per container, but if you’re putting a thinner layer on, you could probably get three or even 4 uses?  If you want to thin it out and make it go further, I recommend wetting your hands and face first to get a smoother application and to stretch the product (especially for a couple of them noted below).  But since they are fresh, they have a limited shelf life and need to be refrigerated – great for being in a hotel, but not great for travelling!

So let’s dive right in and take a look at the fabulous masks I tried!


Picking a favorite mask from Lush is almost impossible (like asking someone who actually likes their own children to pick their favorite!) but if I did it would probably be Love Lettuce.  It goes on smooth and thick like a good clay mask and dried down to a great crust.  It has rough stuff in it for exfoliation (ground almonds, I think) but it’s not so rough that you couldn’t use this a couple of times a week.  It’s not as aggressive as the Don’t Look At Me (more on that below!) but rather just a nice medium exfoliation level mask that smells fresh and delightful with vegetable undertones.  Don’t worry, this doesn’t smell like spreading a salad on your face!  It’s definitely one of the more herbal smelling masks though – not a lot of floral or citrus notes to pick this up.  Still, if you don’t mind not getting those more friendly smells, this is a great mask and it works great on oily skin which I adore!  Highly recommended.


This one is interesting – there are things about it that I would probably really hate in another mask (like the consistency) but that I don’t seem to mind with this total package.  This is a clay mask but is a little bit too thick; I recommend making sure that you wet your face and hands before applying to help loosen it up a bit.  This does seem to lengthen the drying time, but trust me – it’s worth it!  You’ll get much more even coverage and I felt like it did a better job of sucking out oil and impurities when it was thinned out a little bit.  It smells a bit like blueberry pancakes when you spread it on, and this fragrance returns as you are washing it off, which is a nice surprise.  This one will dry down to a flaky crust, so I recommend washing it off maybe a little early – or get comfortable with cleaning clay debris off of every damn surface in your house!  Still, another winner!


The worker at Lush told me that Rosy Cheeks was suggested for people with redness in their complexion so of course I had to try it.  This one is probably the closest of the Lush masks in consistency to my beloved Queen Helene’s Mint Julep mask – it’s got a smooth clay base and no thick particles mixed in.  It has a beautiful rose scent that is clearly not a perfume – you can always tell fake rose smell from real, and this is absolutely the real deal!  It dries down pretty well, though I didn’t find that it made as strong of a crust as some of the other masks (and not as strong as Queen Helene’s, even though the clay consistency is very similar).  This is another one where the scent really “blossoms” when you wash it off(see what I did there?!).  When I used it the first time, I didn’t see much improvement in my redness, but the second time I felt like it was a little bit clearer – perhaps some small improvement?  Don’t expect miracles, but do expect a romantic, floral treat!


This one isn’t an everyday mask for me, but it’s quirky and really fun: it’s bright blue and has a quirky citrus fragrance.  It never really dried down 100% percent but with all the citrus oils, I still felt like I was getting a good “deep clean” when I washed it off.  The exfoliation particles in this one are pretty intense – I don’t know if I would use this more than twice a week, max – and probably once a week is best!  It’s made from ground rice, which is a great exfoliator, but definitely a higher level of intensity.  Please, just don’t overdo it!  I don’t think enough places warn about over-exfoliating and that’s unfortunate – I would hate for someone to use this mask too often and get irritated or cause some damage and blame it on the mask.  Masks don’t damage people – people damage people!


Y’all better save your snarky racist comments for someone else – thanks to some white heifers at UND people think they can say some crazy shit when they see a black or brown face mask and that shit just ain’t right.  Especially when you consider that this mask is absolutely heavenly: a thick brown mud mask that smells like delicious chocolate frosting, with just a hint of spearmint to lighten the overall fragrance and give your face a little tingle!  This one I put on extra thick, just to see if this was really supposed to be a single use product, and I can emphatically tell you that more isn’t always better (note that down – it’s probably the ONLY time I will ever say that, especially about cosmetic products!).  It got a little too thick and I don’t think I got any additional benefit.  This is another one, like the Catastrophe Cosmetic, that is a bit thicker and clumpier, but I wet my face and wet my hands as I was applying it, and it went on like a dream.  I have oily skin and that’s what this is formulated for, so this is definitely in my top Lush mask selections!


This one is tough.  I love the idea of it – a mask that helps with tightening and is better for *ahem* more mature skin (though if you dare call me mature I will definitely throat punch you).  I love the featured ingredients – what could be wrong about asparagus and kiwi?!  Green and delicious!  It should have been amazing.  Should have.  But this mask was just…wrong.  First, the texture is way too wet and slimy.  There is far too much liquid in the formula and it’s hard to smear on and not get it all over yourself.  And that smell…oh, Jesus.  It’s like a barnyard smell, but without the poop.  It’s sort of a strange vegetation smell, and the kiwi doesn’t do anything to sweeten or brighten.  I did like the way my face felt after washing it off, but sitting there with that smell all over my face was just too much – it wasn’t that much different than any of the other masks, and not different enough to suffer through that horrible stench.  Unfortunately, this one is a thumbs down in my book.


The Sacred Truth, unfortunately, was no revelation.  It was a creamy mask, more gel-like than any of the others, and it annoyed me that the mask never fully dried.  Seriously, I left it on for an hour, hoping that maybe it was just taking a while because I had put on a fairly thick layer but nope.  The surface got a little firm, just from being exposed to the air, but it never hardened like a typical mask.  I know I’m old school and not all masks these days harden to either a flaky mess or a plasticy layer to be peeled away, but it just doesn’t feel the same when I have to wash the whole thing off.  The smell was acceptable – there was something a little off about it that I couldn’t pin down, but not unpleasant (or maybe after olfactory torture that was Ayesha I was just being generous?).  It almost had a black pepper sort of element?  Or maybe licorice?  It was a mystery…just not one that I was dying to solve.  This isn’t one I would purchase very regularly.


All of these luscious face masks put me in the mood to go back to basics and do my favorite mask in the whole entire world, and the one that first kicked off my love for this particular type of product: Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Mask.  The mask is a stiff green clay and not only does it dry completely, but you can feel it pulling and stretching the skin as it does so.  The smell is minty and delicious, almost like a really good toothpaste.  I always let it sit on for a really long time and just enjoy the tightness as it pulls all of the impurities out of my skin.

Because of their need to be refrigerated, the masks from Lush aren’t available to order on their website (which is a huge but understandable bummer!), they will always be my number one pampering treat whenever I travel anywhere with a Lush in their zip code.  Love Lettuce is my favorite of the group, though Catastrophe Cosmetic and Rosy Cheeks are in the running as well.  If you’re a mask fan you really do owe it to yourself to check them out – and you’ll definitely want to check out Queen Helene.  Get that face snatched!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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