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With another extended stay in Seattle plan and rooms available at the Homewood Suites on Pike, I figured it was time to get together another fabulous post celebrating the amazing, wonderful, splendid, amazingness that is the Lush Bath Bomb.  To my horror, apparently the fancy tubs are a special feature of the corner suites and not standard in every room.  I opened up the bathroom to find this:


Oh. My. Gawd.

Not only is this not a a Jacuzzi tub, I’m fairly certain it’s shallower than even a normal bathtub.  It was all I could do to stop the wailing and gnashing of teeth!  But I soldiered on – even if it meant sitting in a warm puddle, I was determined to try out some bath bombs and report back to my faithful readers.  It’s a difficult job, but someone really does have to do it.  And if they can do it while sipping ginger ale and slathering their face in a sumptuous clay face mask…well, so much the better.

So even though we’re hanging out in the shallow end, let’s dive right in!

Lord of Misrule

I love Halloween more than any other holiday and so of course I had to check out the special collection of Halloween goodies that Lush had on offer.  Obvi.  And Lord of Misrule is one that I missed out on last year because they were out of stock – for the whole three and a half weeks I was there!  It’s got a great light scent that really explodes once it lands in your bath.  The popping candy weren’t that impressive, but the color really did end up looking like a tub full of fine merlot!

Monster’s Ball

This adorable little guy, named after the movie with one of the most unexpected and hottest sex scenes EVAH, was just too cute – I had to buy two!  I love his little eyeball, which is actually made of cocoa butter and vegan dark chocolate to add a bunch of extra skin nourishment to your soak.  The blue part was really fizzy and got the ball spinning in shades of pink, violet, and blue until it all settled into a nice blue-purple soak.  The lime is really beautiful in this, and the neroli helps brighten it just a touch.

Butter Ball

This is a simple but sweet bath treat!  It’s a bit smaller than the typical Lush bath bomb, and if you’re looking for bells and whistles this definitely is not the product for you.  But if you just want something that’s going to give you a nice relaxing bath with a simple, beautiful smell that leaves you with really soft skin this is the kind of bomb that’s made just for you!  It gets the name from being made up of a heaping helping of coca butter, and the scent is vanilla with just a touch of ylang ylang.  Not complicated, but oh so nice!

The Experimenter

This one is actually the first video that I did for this new series, and it’s in a different hotel: the Silver Cloud hotel in downtown Seattle.  It really reawakened my love for these bath bombs – so much color and such a lovely smell!  The popping candy was pretty understated, especially compared to something like Fizzbanger, but the color show was really nice.  When it all was said and done, it turned sort of a deep blue with sort of a grayish purple cast.  The scent wasn’t terribly strong but it was nice, a combination of a lot of smaller elements that were used in small enough quantities to make a pleasing mix instead of a collision of elements all competing for attention.


Lush Fun

Every time I went into Lush I was fascinated by their Fun: a solid, dough-like substance that was a soap, shampoo, and bubble bath in one.  It’s designed for kids – they can break it apart and shape it into different shapes and creatures.  I decided that I was a kid at heart and so I picked up the Rainbow Fun: 7 colors in a biodegradable wrapper for the low price of $9.95, and a portion of all sales go to a charitable organization working to create safe place for children to play in Fukushima, Japan.  The smell is heavenly – there are several citrus oils in the mix (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, mandarin) as well as vanilla and tonka bean absolutes and two types of chamomile.  I decided to break apart the pieces and create a rainbow flag soap bar.  After all, October 11 was National Coming Out Day; what better way to celebrate than to wash your junk with a rainbow flag?!

The stuff is harder to work with than they would have you believe.  The colors tended to stick together and little pieces kept breaking off, leading to rolled out colors that had little flashes of other colors in them.  Unphased, I kept rolling and squishing until I had six colors all connected and then used my hotel key to cut off the ends and square up my bar.  Not too bad – but not something I was planning to repeat.  I took the rest of the 7 blobs of fun, including the bright pink that didn’t get used in the flag, and smooshed them all together into three fairly large abstract lumps.

Lush Bath Bombs New

Unfortunately, that is the end of this round of bath time adventures.  As you can see above, I have a couple of other bath bombs “waiting in the wings” for their special day but when I left Seattle and came to Tempe for the next round of my business trip, my bathroom only had a glass-enclosed shower – no tub to speak of, and therefore no way to enjoy those lovely bath bombs!  The orange one at the back of the photo is called Lava Lamp, and I had a couple of others I was hoping to get a chance to use.  On the right is a Sex Bomb bath bomb that I bought last year; I actually did make a video that I posted on my Facebook – it was a disaster! My camera absolutely refused to focus.  I wanted to show whether or not these bath bombs would still perform after a long time in dry storage.  Though the bath bomb worked perfectly, the technology did not!

I’m sure there will be more Lush Life posts coming to the World of Champagne, determined in part by how much traveling I end up doing in 2017!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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