Shoot For The Moon – Urban Decay’s MOONDUST Collection Has Both Hits And Misses

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Moon 02I’m sure everyone has seen those inspirational memes that say, “Shoot for the moon – even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.”  Schmaltzy sentiment aside, I think this works well for starting a discussion of the Urban Decay Moondust collection, specifically the Moondust palette and their liquid eyeshadows.  There have been Moondust pressed shadows for a while, and I have a few of them in my collection, but this year they’ve released both a special palette and a collection of 8 liquid shadows.  They were shooting for the moon, and as I’m sure you can guess from the title they don’t always get there.

Let’s start on a high note: the palette.  This palette is gorgeous!  It’s a heavy plastic in a silver/gunmetal sparkle that is really pretty and the moondust name is a cutout with mirror backing.  Very classy!  There are a total of 8 shades in the palette and each looks really pretty on its own and could be used to add a touch of sparkle to a more subdued eye look.  The palette isn’t necessarily designed to give you complete looks without incorporating other shadows, though if you aren’t afraid to sparkle to the GAWDS, you certainly can!  I’ll show off a few groupings further down that I think could make really great looks.  Let’s explore the palette and some swatches; I’m still suffering from a dead camera and poor lighting, so in addition to my own images I’ve pulled some from the web to compare my actual application with better representations of colors.

The shades are absolutely gorgeous!  I just can’t get over it!  I feel like I’ve been drowning in a sea of nudes and mattes for so long that this is like the most refreshingly outrageous thing that has come out in at least forever.  The colors (left to right, top row then bottom) are Specter, Element, Magnetic, Lightyear, Granite, Lithium, Vega, and Galaxy.  If you want a really lovely pinky/red combo, you can use the 4 shades on the left side of the palette:

777 UD Moondust Quad 01Element and Specter are a nice complement to each other, and you can either continue to warm it up by darkening it with the bronzey Lithium or add some cooler tones with the sunmetal silver of Granite.  Either way this would be a gorgeous little candy confection.

Prefer cool-toned peacock shades?  The 4 shades on the right have you covered:

777 UD Moondust Quad 02 PeacockLightyear is such a beautiful green, and that alone with Galaxy would make a lovely green look with some matte black to darken at the outer corner.  Add in either Magnetic or Vega (or both!) to bring in some additional hues and make a more peacock-themed look.  Mermaid realness?  Yes please!

Finally, you can also play around with the 4 shades in the middle:

777 UD Moondust Quad 03 Red Blue Purple

Element, Magentic and Vega are just screaming for a daring ombre look!  Take out any of those three and add in Lithium to contrast with a more neutral bronze tone.  These are just a few of the daring pairings you could make with this palette and all of the pigmentation is really beautiful and intense.  You have to work with these shadows a little bit to get really full, opaque coverage, but that’s not surprising with intensely glittery shadows like this and I’m surprised you don’t get more glitter fallout – whatever they are doing with this formula, it stays stuck!  Now when you wipe off your makeup, that’s a different story – be ready to sparkle for a while afterwards!  But that’s a small price to pay for this much glam.  Beauty before comfort, ladies and gents!  Here are the swatches:

The main complaint I have with these shadows is the size: if you see the pic of the palette, there is a whole lot of black space between the colors, which is not typical of Urban Decay palettes.  Usually they give you nice big pans, but this one has smaller nickel-sized pans.  They are gorgeous, so of course I want MORE-MORE-MORE, but I also feel like because you need a little bit of work to get the full coverage that you need, you don’t get as many uses out of this as I would like.  But except for this, I’m definitely satisfied with the Moondust palette.  Now on to more disappointing matters – the liquid eyeshadows.  I really, really, really wanted to like these – and in a way, I do.

Here are the 8 shades available:

777 UD Liquid 01 Promo

I had watched Tati’s video about them (which I will include below) and I wasn’t sure I was looking to invest in all 8 colors, so I picked my 4 favorites: Solstice, Recharged Zodiac, and Chemtrail.  I don’t do a lot of bronze/brown looks, so Space Time seemed like a waste as did Zap.  Magnetic and Vega are both colors featured in the palette and seem pretty similar to their pressed counterparts so I decided to pass on those as well (though I swatched Vega in store and it was pretty fantastic…so who knows!).

The first thing to note is that these are very watery and they do have a tendency to separate – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing (a lot of cosmetic products do this) except that shaking them doesn’t seem to fully remix them and it’s hard to stir them with the application brush.  They also tend to be a little chunky, with some being worse offenders than others.  Chemtrail and Recharged were the ones I found to be the most chunky and inconsistent in application.  I really had to work them to get decent swatches; I think they could be good if you used a similar shade pressed shadow underneath and then layered them over to give extra dimension and sparkle, but they will definitely ride the struggle bus on their own.  Zodiac and Solstice were a little better, though Solstice also needed a fair amount of finessing.  I was really pleased with how Zodiac turned out, and I bet this with the two green shades from the palette would be stunning!  Here are my swatches:

Again, I apologize for my tragic camera, but you can see the inconsistency in application even in the swatch image I grabbed off the web.  Here is what Tati had to say about the liquid shadows in her review:

Even if I wasn’t in love with every single piece of this collection, Urban Decay will always be one of my beauty superstars.  And I’m glad to see that they haven’t gotten so invested in their Naked products that they’ve forgotten about us Techni-Color, glitter-drenched sparkle whores!  Because we’re shooting for the moon, too, and we need glittery treats like this in our lives to help us get there.

Moon 01

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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