Janessa’s 2017 Calendar Pre-Order is CLOSED!

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UPDATE:  Hey there Champagne Dreamers!  We’re so excited to announce that Miss Jaye’s 2017 calendars have been received!  There is a limited number available so if you are interested in purchasing one, please message Miss Jaye directly on Facebook.  That’s the easiest way to get ahold of one of these beauties.  But supplies are limited, so get messaging now!

Hey there Champagne Dreamers!

Have you always wanted to have our very own Miss Jaye as a guest in your home, preferably silent and pinned to the wall?  Well now you can!  We’ve just opened pre-orders on our brand new 2017 Calendar and, inspired by this long and torturous election season, Miss Jaye is inviting you to “Grab Life By The Pussy!”

What?!  We mean cats!

Calendar 01

After all the bitterness and anger and political ranting, what could be more relaxing than to come home to a visual celebration of your favorite drag queen and cuddly little kittens?!  Nothing, that’s what!  Using gorgeous images from phenomenal photographer Miranda Roen, professional and candid photos from Days of the Dead, selfies from her personal collection, and more, Miss Jaye is curating a special years worth of fabulous images to help you smile and laugh your way through the next year.  And that’s not all – you’ll also get important dates like birthdays for Miss Jaye and Mama Champagne (perfect for your gift planning!), dates for upcoming Days of the Dead conventions that Miss Jaye will be drinking and whoring her way through, and inspirational quotes!  All of this wrapped up in a fuzzy, fluffy kitten wrapper.  You need this in your life, right MEOW!

And here’s how to get it!

You can use the following links to pre-order through late November (final Pre-Order date will be announced via Facebook).  All pre-orders come with shipping included (or a personal drop off if you happen to live in the Grand Cities!) and will arrive before Christmas (barring any unexpected production delays – orders should reach Miss Jaye and be shipped out to YOU by early December!) and will also be signed by Miss Jaye herself!  Just look for the right pre-order link below, and get your copy reserved MEOW!  That is one pun we will never get tired of…





Calendar 2

When you fill out the payment information, there should be an area for comments – please include your email and the Name/Address you want the calendar(s) sent to.  It’s that simple!  Remember this is a pre-order; calendars will ship out early December, and the content of the calendar is still being finalized for the images shown here may change.  But we promise there will be lots of gorgeous kitties and lots of sassy Miss Jaye, so pre-order with confidence!  Miss Jaye is going to grab 2017 by the pussy – are you?

The giveaway is over, but you can still order a calendar until supply runs out!

Calendar 03

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