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Love them or hate them, Disney is one of the biggest and most recognizable brands on the planet and if you’re going to do a beauty collection inspired by one of their earliest and most iconic characters, it goes without saying that the directive will be, “Go big, or go home.”  Well, that’s exactly what Sephora did with their Minnie Mouse collection, and they were not playing around!  Gone are the cheap plastic packaging and the sometimes inconsistent colors that tend to haunt the Sephora store brand.  This collection is highly pigmented realness in packaging designed to impress and delight.  How could expect anything else from the Happiest Place on Earth?!

111 Packaging 01

First of all, let’s talk about this packaging!  The black and gold is done very well – that color combo can go hideous 80s very quickly, but it captures the polka dot image of Minnie Mouse and elevates it.  The lipstick tube is solid and metal – no plastic bullet here!  The lipstick is called Minnie’s Perfect Red Lipstick and it features both an embossed top and laser engraving (see picture below).  The eyeshadow palette is designed to look like a small clutch purse, and in fact both the mirror and the shadow pans are removable so that you can use it as a clutch if you so desire!  The front of the clutch features black vinyl with gold polka dots as well as Minnie’s round mouse ears and her signature bow.  Adorable!

I filmed a video with my cell phone, but as per usual my technological skills (or lack thereof!) have gotten the better of me.

111 Minnie MainThe lipstick is a gorgeous true red – it really is the perfect red lipstick.  Taylor Swift would definitely approve of this red that isn’t exactly blue based and isn’t exactly yellow-toned either.  It’s right in the middle, and it’s the sort of true red that really does look good on almost any skintone.  The packaging, as I said, is top notch.  The metal casing feels really expensive.  It was nice to see that after the generally poor quality of the packaging on Sephora’s Jem and the Holograms collection.  This is no cheap plastic bullet y’all!

The eyeshadows are pretty typical of the Sephora brand (which is to say, inconsistent in pigmentation in quality) but even they seem to be a slight step up from the usual offerings.  The lighters shades tend to be a little patchy, but they blend really well and are totally buildable.  The shimmers have great color but tend to have more fallout than the others.  The deep matte shades, though – perfection!  There is a matte black shade, I’m All Ears, that is easily as good as MAC’s Carbon.  Seriously.  Now if only the matte white shade, Daisy’s My BFF, had been as good and could have given SugarPill’s Tako a run for it’s money.  It’s just a shame that the pans in this palette are generally pretty small.  The four biggest pans in the middle (Put A Bow On It, Some Like It Dot, Red Carpet Arrival, and Pick Me Up At 8) are nudes/browns so they are useful for a variety of looks but feels a little safe given the generally colorful nature of Disney and it’s cartoon heroine.  My favorite shade, the green shimmer Yoo-Hoo!, is lovely, but it’s one of the smallest pans and it definitely has a weaker pigmentation, so I see myself hitting pan on this one pretty quickly.  A couple of neutral standouts are Red Carpet Arrival, a shimmery champagne that has a ton of pigment and a strong shine, and Be My Bow, a silvery gray that looks dark in the palette but actually has some nice nickel-plated brilliance to it.  Me likey.

Regarding the Sephora store brand – I know that they are trying to provide somewhat more affordable alternatives to some of the anchor products in the luxury lines they carry.  Which is great – but only if you have the quality to back it up.  If it’s a cheaper product and the quality is shit…then what’s the point.  You can get some pretty good makeup at the drugstore that performs just as well if not better than most of the products in their core line.  This collection performs pretty well, at least better than usual, but the price was up to compete with some of the luxury brands.  $45 for an eyeshadow palette is right on par with some of the smaller TooFaced palettes, and this one is not as good of quality.  I like that they are doing these limited, pop culture-inspired collections but let’s put as much work into the quality and the formulas as we do the packaging and the marketing materials, shall we?

Here is a video from when the products were released:

This collection was limited, and I actually found it in the sale section at, so if you are interested in trying to pick it up, better run not walk and see if they still have some left.  I probably would never have bought either of these items at full price (they’re cute – but they ain’t Disney prices cute, hunties!) but they were a great deal and if you can snatch them up on sale you will definitely get some good wear out of them.

After this long and painful election season, why not get a little happy in your life with this Disney collection from the Sephora house brand.  And if it’s gone…well, them’s the breaks.  Get ready for four long years of disappointment and lost opportunities.  But no matter how you voted, I think we can all agree that when it comes to Minnie Mouse we can easily say #ImWithHer.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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