Miss Jaye’s MEGA STOCKING STUFFER Sampler Giveaway! [CLOSED]

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Hold on to your holiday spirit, hunties – Miss Jaye is about to unleash her biggest product sampler giveaway EVER!  She has assembled three great prizes totaling almost 200 samples and deluxe samples!  It’s so big, we didn’t even try to take photos of everything – it’s HUGE!

Let’s dive right in to all of the goodness, shall we?!

First up is the SKINCARE sampler:


This is the biggest sampler of the three and includes over 80 samples (yeah, you read that right – over 80!) samples from a ton of top brands including deluxe minis/samples from Josie Maran, GlamGlow, Peter Thomas Roth, and Origins!  And all of the goodness comes packaged up in an super cute black drawstring bag with gold block lettering saying “Oh What Fun.”  And what fun it is indeed!  Think about how amazing your skin will look and feel after trying out all of these creams, balms, masks, and other treatments!  Includes a mini facial sampler from Rodan & Fields!

Next, let’s pamper with the FRAGRANCE & HAIRCARE sampler:

SAMPLER 02 Fragrance Hair

We start with over 40 different samples and vials of great fragrances for both men and women, including top brands like Prada and Versace, and throw in a 12 piece haircare sampler with brands like BrioGeo, amika, and Phyto!  Get your hair looking shiny and gorgeous, spritz on a delicious scent, and head out for all of the chicest holiday parties!

Finally, we’ve got a great MAKEUP sampler:

SAMPLER 03 Makeup

Fierce that Face with makeup samples from all of your Sephora favorites including Kat Von D, smashbox, Amazing Cosmetics, tarte, and more with 10 deluxe minis from great brands like Giorgio Armani, Bobbi Brown, and Jouer!

This is almost too much holiday spirit to even stand – so let’s take it down a notch shall we?  To get yourself entered for a chance to win, tell us about the worst gift you ever received!  It can be a horrible cat sweater from your Aunt Martha, a box filled with white ankle length socks, or even a toy that just wasn’t the exact one you wanted.  Relive that horrible gifting experience and you might just win yourself one of these monstrous samplers to help ease the pain of that awful experience!

But hurry – entries need to be placed by 9 pm central on December 10 in order to be a part of the drawing and you must be a US resident to enter!  Stuff your stockings with a great sampler of top brands this holiday season – then sit back and hope that your loved ones finally figure out that gift cards are just as good as a gift, without the awkward fake smiling and returning to the store!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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Readers Comments (18)
  1. Lisa Shanklin says:

    My mom bought a quilt for my bed because she said that she was ashamed that mine was so ratty. I was less than plussed. A gift card and gentle suggestion would have at least allowed me to make my own selection – SIGH.

  2. Cat Christy Jockens (Chris Kat jj) says:

    My mother gave me my little brother’s undies when I was really young. I use to snoop through the Christmas gifts, and she had swapped gifts. My brother opened up my package with a leather coat in it. I was so flipping mad, and then I was happy to know that the coat was mines.

  3. Kayla says:

    My worst gift that ever received was a pair of ugly pajamas

  4. Charles Russell says:

    I’ll tell you about the worst gift I never received… one Christmas I sat awkwardly as everyone opened presents and there was nothing under that tree for me. I was so uncomfortable because I knew I’d be asked what I’d gotten… my parents immediately knew why I didn’t have anything – a really big gift never materialized and they forgot. That did not spare me the shame of having been forgotten.

  5. Heidi says:

    The worst gift I have ever gotten… when my ex forgot my birthday, and tried to cover it up by having me pick out a small item from the store, and then ‘gifted’ it to me. I paid for it.

  6. Raelena says:

    An ex gave me a gift basket from Wal-Mart that had super florally bath products in it.
    #1 It was something his mom bought for someone. Meaning he stole it from her.
    #2 He was very aware that I couldn’t use those types of products.
    #3 He knew I hated floral scents.
    #4 No thought went into the present.

    Needless to say, he’s an ex for a reason

  7. Kati says:

    My ex got me a video game that he had wanted and I never got to play before he got rid of it.

  8. Amy D says:

    The worst gift I ever received was from my very well meaning stepmom. She likes to go through themes, so for awhile I only got socks, then it was pink, then it was cats. Now, I love cats, I am well on my way to crazy cat lady status. However, I opened up my presents and included were: a foot stool with a cat face, a cat statue with a bird on wooden swing hanging from its tail, and a wall plaque with a cat face and coat hook. As a 29 year old adult, I would love these gifts, but as a 14 years old teenager, they were the worst! Bless her heart.

  9. Alix M. says:

    The worst gift I ever got was my mom order me a doll house out of a catalog on line. 1 # different from the BB gun they sent the BB gun by mistake. My mom sent it back but it was too late they were out of the doll house and I didn’t get to keep the BB gun . No BB gun, no doll house, no gift. Let’s just say I wasn’t happy one bit.

  10. Joette Ann Kanter says:

    My worst gift ever was perfume that smelled like lizard breath, lol!

  11. Tanya Anderson says:

    The worse gift I ever received was from my an ex that gave me a box of chocolates that were a year old. Yuck!

  12. Laurene says:

    My ex gave me a fry daddy one year for Christmas. Not because I asked for it, but because he wanted me to fry him up some French fries!

  13. cassondra wilmoth says:

    the worst Christmas gift I got was NOTHING! 2nd worse gift I got was a 6 pack of beer knowing i cant have it!! lol I feel loved

  14. Natalina says:

    My ex-husband’s mother and sister are all over 6 ft tall. I am about 5’3″. I guess they assumed that because I’m short, that I have unusually small feet. (I do not. Have have ridiculously large feet). So every Christmas, they would give me little tiny slippers. And then all the gals would sit around with their slippers on and mine would just be casually dangling from my toes. Why, in 11 years did I never correct them about me feet size? I don’t know! I’m awkward dang it!

  15. Nelle W says:

    The worst gift I have ever gotten was a already used pedicure set from my cousin!

  16. Katie David says:

    My mother in law gave me an ov-glove

  17. Andréa says:

    For not being as pretty and Jewish as my sister, butcher than my brother, and not as married/divorced/light-skinned/ignorant as either. And sadder about losing Daddy in 2010 in Fargo.
    I generally get disowned for being ME about it….while brown.

  18. angela lazo says:

    My worst gift was a fake pearl necklace from the dollar store

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