So Many Winners, So Little Time!

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Here at the World of Champagne, Miss Jaye been so busy finishing up the 2017 calendar, designing and crafting unique jewelry pieces for Fit For A Queen Designs, and prepping for the holidays that she’s gotten a little slacky with posting – including posting the winners of some of her most fabulous giveaways to date!  Well, it’s time to correct that!

Winner 01First up is actually our most recent giveaway: the 6-piece Tyra Beauty collection that Miss Jaye gave away as part of the pre-order for her 2017 “Grab Life By The Pussy” calendar!  The set included the Oops! Liner with corrector, Smooch As Silk lipstick in Hi Felicia (that was the hot-hot-HOT shade from this summer that Miss Jaye could barely keep in stock!), Light in a Stick highlight in Glow with the Flow, What Lipstick? in Show Some Cleavage, and two shades of the Eyes in a Stick cream eyeshadow: VioLET Me Speak and Bubbly for Breakfast!  Everyone who purchased a calendar got an entry, and if you bought more than one you got an entry for each calendar purchased.  The Winner?


Congrats, diva!  Not only will you be able to grab life by the pussy all year long, you’ll be able to do it with your face all fierced up in Tyra Beauty products!

Next up is the Our Lips Aren’t Sealed Giveaway, featuring an OCC Lip Tar Stained Gloss tester set in the shade collection After Dark (includes Hedonist, New Wave, Jealous, and Little Black Dress) as well as 4 full size lip products: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in the 2016 Limited Edition Summer Shade Queen Bee, Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick in the shade Airborne Unicorn, and both Tyra Beauty Lip Model shades, Hater Blocker and What It Takes (the unofficial official color of Bismarck Pride 2016!).  The theme for this giveaway was what you feel you can do to make the world a better place.  And our winner said…


“I am going to continue to be a productive citizen. Go to work every day, pay my taxes, love my neighbors (the nosy bastards-lol) and look at doing more theatre and finding reasons to laugh. Music and laughter has always brought me through angry periods and I am banking on it bringing me through this year as well.”

We know you can do it – we can ALL get through this! – but you’ll be looking extra foxy in your new wardrobe of lip colors!

Finally, we also had the Mystery Bag Giveaway, featuring 3 themed bags of glamorous beauty products and samples.  Our entrants simply had to give us their funniest and cleverest reply to the question, “What’s in the box?!”  And here’s a list of winners with their responses:

Pink Champagne – Andrea B!

“Clearly the man was abused growing up.
It’s a care package full of hugglies, smoochies and poofikins!
and when you open it… “GLITTERBOMB!”
LOVE is in that box!
So take THAT, Derpnation”

Wine About It – Kelly K!

“What’s in the box!” Chris Martin yelled at Gwyneth Paltrow on their honeymoon. Then she founded GOOP & well …”

The Naughtiest Shades of Gray – Erika F!

“A gift real special, so take off the top
Take a look inside it’s my dick in a box
It’s in a box”
I was gonna put a hilarious meme with a picture of brad pitt saying whats in the box and underneath it has a picture from the music video….but it didn’t work. sad face

We had some great funny options to choose from, but these lucky ladies had the wheel of destiny on their sides!

Congrats to all of our winners!  Don’t forget that the Mega Stocking Stuffer Sampler Giveaway is still going on until December 10, and we have another holiday giveaway launching soon – and then that’s it for giveaways until 2017!  But Miss Jaye is already cooking up her giveaways for next year, and she has some great stuff coming your way!


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