SugarPill Gets Lippy…FINALLY!

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BannerFinally, the brand that does high impact color shadows with pigment for DAAAAYS and nothing but vibrant intensity is venturing into the world of lip color!

That’s right, kittens – SugarPill has started to release some really fabulous lipsticks in both traditional stick and liquid form!  The first liquid lipstick, Trinket, was released earlier in 2016, but it sold out quickly and was out of stock forever.  They eventually added a collab shade with RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 finalist Kim Chi to the selection and another shade, Pumpkin Spice, as a limited seasonal color over the Thanksgiving holiday.

In addition to that, they also released 6 shades of Pretty Poison lipsticks.

For this review, I’ve got all 3 of the liquid lipsticks as well as 3 of the 6 Pretty Poison shades to swatch and share with you.

First, let’s start with the bad news.  Well, not exactly bad.  More like mediocre.

The liquid lipsticks are a little bit blah and not at all what I would expect from this daring and bold brand.  Tricket is a pretty enough color – sort of a dusty rose with gold shimmery glitter that comes out more and more as the product dries.  The scent on this one is AHHH-mazing.  Sort of a sherbet-y kind of smell, and I’m absolutely in love with it.  Too many brands opt to keep the “natural” smell, though that smell usually ranges from mildly chemical all the way up to burnt plastic (seriously – smell Jeffree Star’s Drug Lord). This little addition really helps up the game for this brand’s first foray into lips.  It’s a nice color, but not the bold statement I might have expected from SugarPill.

This was followed up with the Kim Chi shade.  And………..greige.  Sigh.  How did “greige” even become a thing?!  And why in the sweet flying fuck would you collaborate with a fabulous drag queen who is known for her outrageous and colorful looks and release…….greige.  All of the promo pics that I’ve seen look much more lavender than the shade I have in my hands – I’m not sure if it’s the lighting or if something was added to it when they made her up, but none of the swatches I did looked very purple at all.  There might be a slight undertone, but that’s some greige shit happening right there.

Banner 02

And of course, for all of the basic white girls out there who just can’t get through life without their yoga pants, Ugg boots, puffy vests, their “I can’t even”s, and their ubiquitous and truly awful pumpkin spice lattes, SugarPill released a seasonal shade called Pumpkin Spice.  And yes, it smells like pumpkin spice.  Which is wretched.  The color itself isn’t bad – sort of a bronzey gold with a shit ton of gold glitter.  But the pandering to that awful flavor melange is just about unforgivable.

It’s not that any of the colors are really that terrible, they’re just…disappointing.  I mean, look at their pressed eyeshadows!  Look at the Elektro Cute collection!  So much vibrant and beautiful, eye-popping color!  I would have expected liquid lipsticks with just as much love for color and pizzazz.

Luckily, they followed up with the Pretty Poison lipstick collection.

Poison Bundle

Look at those gorgeous colors!  I picked up Cubby, Spank, and U4EA, and it was all I could do not to grab the whole set.  If SugarPill had offered a discount for buying the bundle, I probably would have.  The lipsticks retail for $20 each, which is on par with most of the brands that would be considered their competition.

SugarPill manages to do with only 6 shades what Jeffree Star’s Lip Ammunition couldn’t do with 10: give us a wide range of options to please a variety of different styles and desires.

Sugar Swatch 02U4EA and Spank are the “wow” colors, the oddballs that are perfect for the more daring and bold fans of non-conventional colors.  U4EA is a shade that I don’t think I’ve really seen in a stick before (teal is available in liquid formulas from a few brands), and it’s lovely.  Spank is a deep bright purple, but I think it’s lighter and more true pruple than JStar’s Grandaddy Purp, which I think makes it actually more user-friendly.

Detox is the shade for those looking to be on trend with what’s going on now; someone seems to have decided that orange lips are the new red lips and this is a lovely way to do orange with a semi-matte finish and great color payoff.

Nurse and Girl Crush are the classic true red and bright blue-toned pink that everyone shold have int heir lipstick wardrobe.  You can mix and add to customize, but the battle between red lips and pink lips rages on, and these are two great basic colors that you can wear without ever feeling basic.

Finally, Cubby is a great answer for those who like pink but don’t want to do as blue-toned as Girl Crush.  It’s light enough that it will satisfy lovers of pastels, but deep enough that it doesn’t become babyish.  And the coral tone to it is also very trendy.

It just goes to show that you don’t need a ton of shades to achieve a variety of looks – you just have to put some thought into it.

The lipsticks go on super smooth – they have a ton of pigment but don’t feel thick or waxy.  They also don’t suffer from the same gritty/grainy texture as the Lip Ammunitions.  They have a semi-matte appearance and are just a great standard lipstick to have in your collection.

Pumpkin SpiceBONUS: Since it came out with the Pumpkin Spice liquid lipstick (and since I didn’t really have anywhere else to talk about it), I decided to swatch the Pumpkin Spice pressed shadow along with the lip colors.  It’s much more copper-toned than the lipstick, but it has a ton of metallic and glitter payoff – almost like a foiled shadow.  I didn’t try it with a wet brush, but I bet the results would be STUNNING.

I’m so glad that SugarPill is finally expanding their product line down the face to the lips – especially since all indications are that they are putting just as much thought and quality into those products as they have to their to-die-for eyeshadows.  SugarPill is the ideal brand for anyone who loves color – and color payoff.  The pigmentation in their products is EVERYTHING.

Now if only they would expand the selection of liquid lips – and give us some really groovy colors!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!


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