Thanks For The Glam-ories: Miss Jaye’s Top 16 Of ’16

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If you’ve looked at the Makeup Forum for more than a half-second, you know that Miss Jaye spends a lot on makeup.  Like, a LOT.  As in shopping for groceries at the Dollar Tree because 3 new palettes launch next week, a lot.  She likes to pretend that it’s market research or that it’s somehow justified by her running her own beauty-obsessed website, but the truth is that she is just an addict who can’t stop buying all of the glittery, glamorous goods that Sephora and a bunch of indie brands pump out, month after month.  And we’re glad that you’ve come along on this wild ride with us, and as a little thank you Miss Jaye herself is going to run down her Top 16 Cosmetic Finds of 2016.  For each type of product on the list, there is one option – the best of the best, the one that really opened her eyes (and her Betsey Johnson purse).  We hope you enjoy, and look for more great content to come to the Makeup Forum in 2017!

Hey Champagne Dreamers!  Miss Jaye here!  As 2016 draws to a close, I wanted to spend a little time looking back at some of the great cosmetic products I discovered over the last year.  You know your girl has always been a big beauty shopper but this year has been off the chain with big releases, discovering a ton of new and fun indie brands, and huge launches of limited edition products.  I’m so glad that the “naked” trend is continuing to fade (ugh, get lost Naked 3!) and we’re starting to see some crazy colors again!  Neons, holographics, and bright bold mattes – so many great colors to choose from.

For this list, I went back through my beauty purchases for the year and tried to come up with 16 different products that I thought were the best of the best.  Rather than doing a ton of the same kind of product, I wanted to show a “full face” of great products and really highlight those products that I thought were absolutely outstanding.  There are a few types of products that didn’t make the list: despite my best efforts, I just couldn’t find a mascara that was even close to my TooFaced Better Than Sex and nothing can hold a candle to Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion.  But for most products, there was one product that I found to be really fantastic.  If you don’t see your favorite on the list, then tell me all about it in the comments!  Here we go!

Top 16 011 – BB Cream – TooFaced Tinted Beauty Balm in Vanilla Glow and Cream Glow

You can thank the Nordstrom Rack for this one – that place was such a revelation!  I should write a separate post about how great that place is…oh wait, I already did!  I’ve never really tried BB or CC creams before because they seemed a lot like tinted moisturizers – great for real everyday makeup wearers, but not much to offer for use sturdy stage gals.  But when you mix an unexplored cosmetic area with extremely discounted prices, how could I resist?!

The Vanilla Glow is the lighter shade and closer to my actual skintone, but I like the Cream Glow for the summer months when I get a little bit of color or if I want to mix it with a foundation that’s a little too light.  I wore this a couple of times just by itself and I liked the way it evened out my skintone; for stage wear, I would probably put a base layer of this down before doing my full foundation.  This would be especially useful if I forgot my color correcting products.  I love the silky texture, and it’s always fun discovering a new and untried type of product!  And for under $10?!

Top 16 022 – Primer – NYX Honey Dew Me Up Primer

My favorite affordable cosmetics brand does it again!  I find some of their products, especially eyeshadows, to be hit or miss but NYX has NEVER done a primer I didn’t absolutely love.  And always at a great price.  This is one of the most expensive primers in their line, and it’s still under $20!  Considering most of my go-to primers, like Too Faced and Kat Von D, are well over $30, this is a huge deal!

This primer has honey, but you’d never know it from the texture – it isn’t thick or sticky at all!  It goes on smoothly and soaks in quickly for a perfected finish.  I’m not sure if the little gold flecks really do create a lustrous glow, but I always love how my face looks when I put this on, so that’s good enough for me!

Top 16 033 – Concealer/Color Corrector – Urban Decay Naked Skin

So this is two products wrapped up in one, but they go together really well!  The Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer in Light Warm is absolute perfection.  It melts into my skin and blends gorgeously with whatever foundation I pair it with.  I always use it under my foundation and it helps create the highlighted sections of my contouring.  So perfect.

The Color Correcting Fluid in Green is exactly what this big red blotchy beast needs!  It blends just as easily as the concealer and is strong enough to help hide my redness without mixing in and messing up the shade of foundation that I put over this.  I use it pretty regularly with both liquid foundations and cream theatrical foundations, and the results are always flawless.  If you have any sort of problem with redness in your face, run – DON’T WALK – to your nearest Sephora and pick this up.  You can thank me later.

Top 16 044 – Contour – Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Contour Palette

Even if I hadn’t met the owner of Lunatick Cosmetics Labs at Days of the Dead in Indianapolis and found her to be such a fun and fabulous lady, I would still be in love with this quirky and spot on contouring palette.  The fact that I did meet her, and she is one of the most fabulous people I know, is just cake.  I have seem some reviews that have accused this palette of being somewhat chalky, and it is definitely a drier formula than a lot of the other contour palettes out there right now.  But the reason why I love it is that it gives you a much wider array of color options including some cool options in shades of gray!  If you’re thinking, “WTF?!” to gray contour, I was right there with you.  When I first saw it I was confused AF.  But it just sort of makes sense – contouring is all about suggesting natural shadows to the face.  Shadows are all about an absence of light, and most shadows that I’ve seen aren’t brown.  If you have warmer or rosier tones, then a brown contour can work in very well with your overall look, but having gray shades available can work to create shadows without the brown tones, and you can use them with other shades to cool and darken.  It really is a revolutionary approach to contouring, and I hope that when this catches on HUGE that Katherine gets the credit she deserves!

Top 16 055 – Foundation – Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

This year I finally let myself go back to wearing some liquid foundations.  When Miss Jaye was a baby queen, she used to buy liquid foundations at Walmart, and looked a ratchet mess!  But a lot of designer brands are really going all in when it comes to full coverage!  I bought some Too Faced Born This Way foundations when I started Hairspray this summer at the ETC, but I found the shades, although lovely and definitely full coverage, to run a bit to yellow for me.  Urban Decay launched their All Nighter Foundation and shade 3.5 was perfection.  It goes on smooth and gives really full coverage without feeling like I’m slathering on some super heavy foundation.  This baby is giving my theatrical foundations a run for their money!  I just picked up the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation in Light 48, but since I haven’t had a chance to actually wear it yet, Urban Decay gets to retain the top spot.  We’ll have to see if Kat is able to dethrone them in 2017!

Top 16 096 – Blush – Nars/Sarah Moon Blush in Impudique

I didn’t look up who Sarah Moon is, but I absolutely love this collab – the Impudique blush is so gorgeous!  It’s like Orgasm, but deeper and more grown up.  The base is a deep reddish pink – you know what I’m talking about right?  Where a color is toeing the line between being a red and a pink and you’re not really sure which way you think it actually goes?  That’s what this blush does.  Added to that is some gorgeous gold shimmer and you’ve got a fabulous blush that will help carve out your face like nobody’s business.

I do have to say that this was a tough one as I also discovered a couple of other really fabulous blushes this year – which is weird because I almost NEVER get excited about blush!  I mean, if you’re doing it right it should just blend in to your overall face!  But NARS also released the Unfiltered 1 palette for the holidays which is lovely and delicious, and I finally bought something from the Marc Jacobs Beauty line: a blush called “Lines & Last Night.”  But even though these two were great, they just don’t make me tingly in my nether regions the same way that Impudique does.  Meow!

Top 16 067 – Liquid Lipstick, Matte – Makeup Monsters Matte Liquid Lipstick

This was definitely the year in which my obsession with liquid lipsticks hit a new level.  I’ve been wearing them for a few years now; they are perfect for shows where I’m always talking and hosting and lip-syncing….and doing other things with my mouth!  I can throw a gloss or a lipstick over top to give them dimension, but even if those wear off I always maintain that base coat of color.  And of all the liquidl ipsticks I’ve tried this year, nothing quite holds a candle to Makeup Monsters.  I’ve loved all of the shades I’ve tried, and their black shade Darkness Prevails won my black liquid lipstick Thunderdome challenge, but if I had to pick favorites it would probably be Bite Me and Sassy.  Because I change so often in the show, I don’t often do really out there lip colors, so red and pink are great basics and Bite Me is a gorgeous blood red whereas Sassy is an electric pink that works well with a variety of blue-toned pink glosses and lipsticks on top.

Top 16 078 – Liquid Lipstick, Metallic – Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Dreamhouse

A lot of people tried to bring out metallic liquid lipsticks this year, and a lot of people rode the struggle bus.  Hard.  Lime Crime’s were ho-hum at best.  Colour Pop’s were ok for the price but never really dried down and didn’t have much staying power.  Even Makeup Monsters, who won my heart with their matte shades, were pretty disappointing.  But Jeffree Star got things pitch perfect with his first metallic shade, Dreamhouse, which was released on Cyber Monday.  It was a bright spot in an otherwise boring AF holiday collection.  This metallic is gorgeous and dries down to a pretty solid wear.  It needs a little manipulation when applying, but wasn’t nearly as streaky as any of the other brands.  And even if it never dried all the way down, I found it to have much less transfer than the Colour Pop or Makeup Monsters.  This was definitely a dream, and I can’t wait to see what additional shades he launches in this formula.  If they are all this good, they will all be coming home with me!

Of course, since we’re reviewing the year 2016, you can’t mention Jeffree Star without at least nodding to the huge shitstorm that surrounded him for the better part of this year.  Old MySpace rants, accusations of all kinds, dissing his fans and customers – bitch needs to spend less money on Louis bags and more on some PR assistance!  If you want to relive ALL the salacious details, you can find my review of the brand AND the scandal (maybe he’s a brandal now?!) in PART ONE, PART TWO, and PART THREE of my coverage!

Top 16 089 – Lipstick – Tyra Beauty Lip Model in What It Takes and Hater Blocker

So this year saw my return to direct selling when I become a Tyra Beauty “BeautyTainer.”  I discovered the products at a vendor show in Moorhead and I was really impressed with the quality.  I decided that this was something I felt comfortable putting my name on and signed up!  I wasn’t looking to change careers or anything, but you know a bitch loves to talk about makeup…and loves a discount!  I’ve incorporated many of the products into my show routine, especially the cream contour sticks, but their Lip Model lipsticks really were my favorites of the whole line.  What It Takes is a gorgeous neon pink, and I named it my Unofficial Official color of Bismarck Pride 2016!  Hater Blocker is the warmer option a bright yellow-toned red with gold sparkle.  Both of these are high impact but can also be applied with a lighter hand for more everday looks with just a little punch.  With Tyra’s move into skincare and foundations taking over the latter half of 2016, I would love to see more emphasis on expanding the cosmetics options – maybe even a couple more shades of Lip Model?  Everyone needs some sparkle in their life!

Top 16 1010 – Lip Gloss – Dior Addict Lip Gloss in 013 Etoilee

It’s Dior, for fuck’s sake – how could it not be perfection?!  This gloss is perfect to go over a liquid lip: it’s not too sticky and has a high shine glitter that pairs well with lighter, nude shades or deeper shades equally.  It’s got a lot of pink in the glitter, but there is some champagne in there too.  This was definitely a splurge for me – over $30 for a gloss is not something I do every day – but it was a great addition to my collection.  Makeup is supposed to be fun, and while it’s all a little big frivolous and extravagant, sometimes you just want something extra fancy.  It’s what keeps me going.

Plus, I love that they have beauty products that are inspired by my favorite fragrance of all time: Addict!  It’s such a unique scent (there is really NOTHING else like it in the world!) and these products are a nice complement to that legacy of luxury and beauty.

Top 16 1111 – Lashes – Lena Lashes in Dolapo

I’d always heard that mink lashes were a thing, but I had never experienced them.  When I started researching companies for the Black Owned Makeup Brand Challenge, I discovered Lena’s Lashes and decided it was time for me to discover them for myself!  I ordered 4 pairs of lovely, lusty mink lashes (2 pairs for upper lashes and 2 slightly smaller sets for lower lashes) and they are all great, but this style is the biggest and fullest and really exemplify the outrageousness of my drag persona.  Lena’s Lashes has more than great lashes though, and they are one of only a couple companies who made this list more than once (as you’ll discover below!).

I’m super excited to see how these last since I’m know for drinking too much at shows, peeling off my lashes and leaving them stuck to random pieces of furniture or straight men’s body parts.  At more than $10 a pair, I’m going to have to be much more careful with these lovelies!

Top 16 1212 – Eyeshadow – Coloured Raine Eyeshadow Singles

Another great BOMB brand that I found during my research, Coloured Raine is perhaps best known (at least according to the articles I was finding in my research) for their amazing selection of matte liquid lipsticks.  And while those are great, it seems a shame that so many people are passing over their amazing eyeshadow singles!  Green is my constant obsession and Jackie Aina showed off two amazing green shades (Side of Olives and Forbidden) in her BOMB Challenge video that I absolutely fell in love with…that is, until I went to the site and saw the luscious green that is Bay Breeze!  Shortcake is also another favorite, though all of the singles I’ve tried from CR have been absolutely stunning!  Plus, they had an extra large Z-palette that I can use to hold all of my loose BOMB pans!

Top 16 1313 – Setting Powder – Besame Translucent Powder in Brightening Violet

First, let me just say that nothing – and I mean NOTHING – will ever replace my Coty Airspun Powder in Translucent Extra Coverage.  No way, no how.  Second, let me just say that when you calculate out the per gram cost, this powder is expensive AF.  But having said that, I do like mixing a little of this in with my Coty from time to time, especially for cooler-toned looks.  The powder has a soft and feminine violet scent that is pleasant and not overpowering, and the light lavender shade helps brighten the complexion.  It’s a fun little indulgence from a brand that’s really hearkening back to a simpler time with some classic products from the 40s and 50s; it’s not going to become a can’t live without in my kit, but it’s the best new powder that I’ve discovered in a long while.

(NOTE: This product was actually “discovered” before this year – we published a review a in 2015 of some Besame products – but I didn’t really start using it with my drag looks until this year.  It’s sort of a cheat, but hey, I don’t discover that many new fabulous setting powders on a regular basis!)

Top 16 1414 – Glitter – Lena Lashes Dazzle Daze Glitter

Now before y’all snitchin’ bitches run to Lit Cosmetics and tell them that I’m cheating on them, I’m not saying that Lena’s Lashes glitter is going to replace my Lit glitter any time soon.  LL has about 15 shades where Lit has over 200.  It’s not a contest!  But I was very excited when I found a company that made me excited to try some new glitter again!  LAX is a gorgeous lemon-y yellow with green and blue flash, and Shanghai is a red with a similar flash.  Green is always my favorite, and shade Breezy is so lovely – a light green with lime opalescent sparkle.  I wanted to make sure that any looks I did for the BOMB challenge had plenty of sparkle, and they definitely will thanks to Lena’s Lashes!

Top 16 1515 – Highlight – Makeup Geek Duochrome Highlighters in Electrify and Moon Phase

If you’re surprised that Jeffree Star didn’t take top honors for highlighter, don’t be.  I love his formula, but I also agree with a lot of his detractors that the formulas tend to be chunky, they come in an odd (and not very versatile) selections of colors where most work better as eyeshadow or blush, and the two pink releases, Regina George and Princess Cut, just didn’t have the same pigmentation as the other shades in the line.  One of the great thing about JStar pushing those highlighters every chance he gets is that he and a lot of other YouTubers are contributing to a beauty culture that just can’t get enough of highlight, and it’s leading to other companies putting out some really great products!

Makeup Geek’s Duochrome highlighters give a great flash of color and the duochrome colors keep it versatile and fun.  I was so close to selecting the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child palette for this spot, and that is definitely a good one, but I like that these can be purchased individually in case you only like one or two of the shades.  Electify is a white base with yellow flash and is almost gold but retains enough of the yellow tone to be unique in a highlighter market that is saturated with every possible permutation of gold pigment.  Moon Phase is another white base, but the flash on this one is blue and creates a gorgeous icy highlight.  I approve!

Top 16 1616 – Setting Spray – Pink Stiletto Cosmetics Setting Spray

Another great find from my BOMB Challnege research, Pink Stiletto Cosmetics is an indie brand that is still fresh and could use a little help with their packaging – the setting spray I got came in a plain black metal spray bottle that was dented on the side and had a super aggressive spray nozzle on the top with just a vinyl sticker added down the side saying Pink Stiletto.  But what they lack in panache and slick packaging, they make up for in great product.  Like I said, the spray from the bottle is a little intense, but you could always transfer it over to your own bottle or do what I do and just hold it a little further back from your face.  Either way, the spray itself is very good; the smell is very similar to MAC Fix Plus, but it’s nice and light and dried on the face to a great set.  There were other brands I found researching the BOMB challenge that had super slick and beautiful packaging, but the products were mediocre, so I’ll take some missteps in the presentation if the quality is good.  And this spray is definitely up there with my favorites like Urban Decay, MAC, and my beloved (but discontinued) Tyra Beauty Setting Spray.

I hope you enjoyed this look back at the best of the best for beauty in 2016!  These are just my favorites – I’d love to hear about what you loved, what you hated, and what you found the most memorable about cosmetics in 2016!  Tell me in the comments below!

And since we’re looking ahead to 2017, here’s a bonus 17th “best of” product:

Top 16 1717 – Tools – Urban Decay Good Karma Brushes

Another fabulous find on my adventures to the Nordstrom Rack, this collection of brushes has some synthetic fibers that really pick up and distribute product beautifully and come in a range of shapes and sizes from the usual eye shadow and crease brushes to an angled contour/blush brush to a flat-headed “finishing” brush that I’m excited to try out with some great finishing powders.  The handles are metal, heavy duty, and an attractive brushed satin appearance that I really enjoy.  And since the fibers are synthetic, they are totally cruelty free!  I’m not sure if these are still available, either through Urban Decay or at the Rack, but if you can get your hands on any of them, I would highly recommend it!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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