Half Baked: The Sweet (And Sometimes Sour) Treats From Beauty Bakerie

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Baked 03Oh Beauty Bakerie, how much I really want to love you!  You know a big girl can’t resist a fabulous indie brand that features vibrantly colored liquid lipsticks and a fun and famishing food vibe that gets my mouth watering!  But does this little confection live up to the hype?  Or will this sweet turn out to be sour?  Let’s find out!

When I started researching brands for the Black Owned Makeup Brand (BOMB) challenge, I was super excited to see that Beauty Bakerie was on the list; I was already familiar with their name because I had seen a review by Stephanie Nicole in her liquid lipstick review series where she tried the shade Mon Cheri and ranked it just below three brands (Lime Crime, Makeup Monsters, and Dose of Color) that were tied for her first place spot.

I adore Makeup Monsters and Lime Crime’s Velvetines, so I had been wanting to try the Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips for a long time.  I was also excited to see that in another of Stephanie Nicole’s liquid lipstick reviews (for HUDA Beauty) that Beauty Bakerie was still in that #4 spot (and technically #2 because of the tie!).

I placed two orders over the holiday season (gotta love those holiday shopping specials!) and received a total of 8 products: 3 of the matte Lip Whip liquid lipsticks, 3 metallic Lip Whip liquid lipsticks, a So Icy Illuminator (loose powder highlighter), and another “mystery” Lip Whip that will be part of a giveaway down the road!

For the matte Lip Whips, I went with Hawaiian Cheesecake, Apple Pear Smoothie, and Parisian Streets.  For the metallics, I decided on Waffle Cone, Space Cake, and Rose’ Pose.  For the illuminator, I chose a pinky light gold shade called Iced.

002 Bakerie 01Left to right, we have Waffle Cone, Space Cake, Rose’ Pose, Hawaiian Cheesecake, Apple Pear Smoothie, and Parisian Streets.  Below, we have the swatches:

002 Bakerie 03On the far left, going vertically, is the swatch of the Illuminator shade, Iced.  It appears more straight up golden in the pic, but it does have a slightly pink tone to it as well when ween in person.  In the middle, top to bottom, are Waffle Cone, Space Cake, and Rose’ Pose.  Finally on the right, top to bottom, are Hawaiian Cheesecake, Apple Pear Smoothie, and Parisian Streets.

Here’s what is really sweet about this indie brand:

Baked 04The mattes.  Those matte lipsticks have great coverage and once they dry, they stay put y’all!  Better have some good oil ready to remove these at the end of the day, or think about picking up Beauty Bakerie’s own remover wipes (unfortunately they were out of stock when I placed both orders, otherwise I’d be reviewing those as well!).  Hawaiian Cheesecake is a really lovely bright pink that’s just bordering on coral – very electric and beautiful!  I got great coverage on the first swatch with a couple of inconsistent areas; a second coat easily turned this into a solid swath of color.  Apple Pear Smoothie is a slightly more green dupe of Jeffree Star’s Breakfast at Tiffanys.  This one was a tiny bit streaky with the first coat, but a second coat and minor fussing with the brush and it cleared up nicely.  Parisian Streets is sort of a slightly bluish gray (more on the color below) that applied evenly on the first coat.

As for the Illuminator, I wasn’t sure I would like the loose powder formulation as I’ve gotten really used to pressed highlighters, but it’s a gorgeous shimmery formula with a good deal of pigment.  It is slightly sheer, which is nice because you have the option of doing a subtle wash of shine, or go full on drag queen and laser beam those cheekbones with a thicker application!

002 Bakerie 02The packaging is super cute – if you watched Stephanie Nicole’s review above (and why wouldn’t you watch her review?! She’s amazing!) you can see the original packaging was pretty generic: just a plain clear plastic square tube with a black top.  This new packaging is much more personalized to the brand: the tops are a pretty seafoam green and have “Lip Whips” embossed on them.  There is a copper ring where you unscrew that says “Beauty Bakerie” and holds the plastic piece that the wand inserts through to prevent you from getting overloaded with product (I’m sure that has a name but I’m totally blanking out right now!).  Finally, a super cute touch is that the inside of the tube is textured so that the product looks like it’s sitting in fluffy layers like frosting!  And the packaging for the Illuminator is just as cute; it looks like a little tub of ice cream!

The metallics weren’t as consistent for me; the only one that fully falls into the sweet category for me is Rose’ Pose.  That one applied with a thick, even coat of coverage and it dried down to a gorgeous metallic look.

Now let’s talk about what left me a little bit sour:

First of all, the metallic shades were mostly disappointing.  Rose’ Pose was fabulous, but Waffle Cone and Space Cake (especially Space Cake!) really didn’t perform.  This isn’t unique to this brand of course; I’ve talked a lot on Facebook videos and in a couple of reviews about how challenging the metallic liquid lip formulas seem to be, and this brand is having a lot of the same problems.  Waffle Cone went on really sheer and patchy, and color tended to gunk up around the edge of the swatch.  Even with three coats, the center of the swatch wasn’t nearly as opaque as the edges.  Space Cake, being such a dark shade, suffered from this even more and looked really streaky as I was applying it.  I had to do three coats and use a LOT of finessing with the wand to get a semi-decent swatch, and it looked much better in the photo than it did in person.  This formula just isn’t all the way there yet.

The second thing that was disappointing was the promo photos on the website.  I get that with professional studio lighting and the way products are photographed, there is always going to be a difference in how things look in a promo image versus how they will look in person.  I get that.  And while most of them made sense when I opened them, Parisian Streets looked like an entirely different color!  The promo image on the site looks like a light blue – but this was a barely blue gray!  Now, if I had paid more attention and actually clicked to the product page, there are a couple of swatch images that show the color better and it’s described as a “steely gray,” but I added to cart from the main page, so I never got to those clarifying details.  I appreciate when brands add those “Add to Cart” buttons onto the browse page, and most of the time they work out – but in this case, I ended up totally confused about the color I would be receiving.

Next is a little quibble about the packing of the Illuminator.  I almost don’t want to say it, because it is so freaking adorable and is absolutely pitch perfect with the brand identity that they are trying to create.  But if we’re speaking truth here, that little tub is bulky as fuck.  This is not going to be a product that travels easily, so you’d better have a big bag or leave it at home and do touch ups with another color.  I’m also not sure how I feel about the cardboard sifter in the packaging – we’ll see if it holds up, because I know I’m going to be using this gorgeous highlighter a lot!

Finally, the biggest miss for me is the lack of any fragrance in their liquid lipsticks.  I know that you don’t need to add scent to a lipstick, and that some people actually prefer their cosmetics without scents, and I can respect that.  But if I can be allowed to be petty for just a moment (and it’s my g.d. website, so I’ll take as many moments as I please!), their whole brand is built on food puns and food imagery and snacks and treats and all kinds of goodies – it’s such an obvious misstep to not add some sort of delicious fragrance to these lipsticks!  I don’t even think they need to personalize the fragrances to each shade – that would get really awkward when you got to this like Parisian Streets and Space Cake!  But some sort of cake batter or cupcake, or chocolate chip cookie dough scent, something to tie them all back to the Beauty Bakerie theme.  Something!  How great would it be to open that little ice cream tub of highlighter and get a gentle whiff of vanilla bean or chocolate or caramel?  Or to paint your lips with a lipstick that smells like cherry frosting or sugar cookies?  Clearly they’ve already started to grow and work on their overall branding, and for the most part their packaging choices are a win – let’s hope that they might consider tweaking their formulas just a tad to include a fragrance!

Baked 01So how does this brand perform overall?  Even though I decided to use the obvious pun of “Half Baked” in the title, this brand has some really great products!  I’d say they are more like 85% baked!  Their matte lipsticks are fabulous and they come in a wide range of colors; the price is comparable to competitors ($20 each, with occasional coupon codes available when you subscribe to their email newsletter or follow them on social media) and the performance is some of the best on the market.  The metallic shades still need a little bit of work (or a lot of patience!) to really deliver, but that’s something that seems to be affecting pretty much every brand that’s put out a metallic shade (though Jeffree Star’s metallic shades look promising – check for a review of those coming soon!) and you can get decent results if you’re willing to put in the time.  Space Cake was the only shade that really didn’t give me much of a result even after a lot of fussing.

Overall, this is a great indie brand, and if you’re riding the liquid lipstick train like I am you definitely want to check them out.  They also have a few other products that I haven’t tried, including some eyeshadows and glitters as well as some brow products, so they are slowly expanding their brand to encompass more of your glam favorites!  And in addition to being a black-owned makeup brand, the owner of Beauty Bakerie is also a cancer survivor, so her determination and perseverance to start this brand really is amazing!

If you’re tired of the same old brands staring you down in Sephora and Ulta, get on down to the Beauty Bakerie – you just might find a sweet treat to brighten your day!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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