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Love it or leave it, there is no denying that the most sugary sweet, syrupy coated holiday evah is almost upon us.  Rather than wallowing in our bitterness or making snarky remarks, we here at the World of Champagne decided to celebrate a different way – by helping one of our lucky Champagne Dreamers get some kissably beautiful lips!

Tyra Beauty’s newest product launch is a set of three matte liquid lipsticks called Baby Got Matte, and they come in gorgeously wearbale shades – Suede, Cashmere, and Velvet.

Tyra 01

Miss Jaye has tested out all three shades in her Facebook live videos, and they are pretty bomb!  Suede, the lightest shade, is a beige neutral; Cashmere is a bit deeper and adds a dusty rose element to the mix; and the deepest shade, Velvet, is a deep red that borders on Bordeaux – ooh la la!  Right now they are packaged in a beautiful cardboard display box, perfect for those makeup mavens who think of their vanity as a showroom.

Tyra 03

And Miss Jaye has a brand new set of these liquid lipsticks, a $54 value (though they are currently on a limited edition special for $45 – can’t wait for the contest to be over? Pick up yours HERE!), that’s she’s giving away to one lucky World of Champagne reader!

All you have to do to enter is comment below and tell us about a Valentines Day experience.  If you love V-Day, maybe you’ll let us know about the most romantic thing a sweetheart ever did to win your heart.  Or for us bitter old queens, maybe you’ll tell us about your worst Valentine’s experience.  Maybe you ignore the day altogether and just watch My Bloody Valentine on VHS to pass the time.  Whatever your story – tell us!

Tyra 02

All US residents who comment below before the deadline will be entered into the random drawing.  And just in case you’re too lovestruck to get your shit together and comment before “the big day,” we’re keeping the comments section open until February 19!  9 pm central that Sunday is your final cutoff, so don’t be left out in the cold!  Get your lips all cozied up to something matte and gorgeous, and kiss the night away!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!


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Readers Comments (21)
  1. Lisa Shanklin says:

    I have faith that my best Valentines Days are yet to be.

  2. Ada K says:

    Best valentines day ever was me and Minneapolis by myself. I went to the casino, I went to museums…took myself out for was fabulous!

  3. Nelle says:

    I haven’t ever celebrated Valentine’s Day! It has never been particularly significant to me, but I seem to be eternally single so maybe one day, I don’t know, but that watching My Bloody Valentine on the holiday seems very appealing! Maybe I will do a sort of horror movie Valentine’s marathon.

  4. Erika says:

    I’ve been single for every Valentine’s Day except for one and that day I helped my ex clean his nasty kitchen, it was disgusting, expired food in the cupboards, sticky crap on the floor. eww! I’m sure it’s that way again but its not my problem!! haha. other then that I babysit for my best friend so she and her husband can have a night out.

  5. Kim says:

    I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. I’ve had plenty of boyfriends and the closest I came to doing anything one time was we went camping with friends. These are the same type of guys that never have a clue about my birthday, not even after years of dating. I’ve really attracted some winners. Now I enjoy my single life, no relationship stress and on Valentine’s Day my mom, daughter and I go get coffee and shop. I’m not bitter, I love to decorate the front door and especially raid the Target clearance after V Day!

  6. Peggy Mock says:

    I’ve never been big into Valentine’s Day, but I usually stay home and watch movies with a glass of wine.

  7. Mama Champagne says:

    I don’t have any fantastic Valentine’s Day stories–do remember going out for dinner and boxes of candy but that was when I was married. Since I am now not married, I just remember my grandkids on Valentine’s Day and as for me–meh it’s just another day!

  8. Tracey Lyons says:

    I would love to try something new!
    Oh and on Valentines Day I want to have a bubble bath waiting for me when I get home.

  9. K says:

    Before the relationship I am currently in I never did anything for valentines day. Now we just use it as an excuse to spend the extra money to try a new restaurant or see a show! It always fun and there’s no pressure for the perfect gift or night.

  10. Natalina says:

    One Valentine’s day when I lived with my roomie Michelle, I was so jealous that she had a date and I did not. After she got all glammed up and left me alone with my ice cream and tears, there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and there were two strapping young men in white shirts, ties, and backpacks. Yes, they were mormons who wanted to tell me all about the LDS church. As a lonely young lady, I only had one choice… I invited the boys in and proceeded to spend hours listening to them talk. I even had them sign my book of Mormon with “Happy Valentine’s Day.” I served them food and we had a great date. Sadly, it was not meant to be and when they REPEATEDLY tried to come back and further indoctrinate me, I kept refusing them. I’m such a heart breaker!

  11. Tryton Landsiedel says:

    I think since i don’t live in like a big city, it just not big of a deal. Maybe if i was married it would be a bigger deal. But at this point i don’t really care for it.

  12. Meko says:

    Meh. Valentine’s day would be better with tyra on my lips!

  13. Brandy H says:

    I don’t really ever do much for Valentine’s Day, but I do celebrate Valentine’s candy!

  14. Parthenia McClain says:

    Valentine’s Day is like Mother’s day and Fathers day, nice to have a day of remembrance, but we should be celebrating our loved ones each and every day. Will I turn down flowers, chocolate, or any other gift? Hell no! But, I won’t turn it down any day! 😉

  15. Parthenia McClain says:

    I just had a memory of a Valentine’s Day, long ago. My sister was about 463 months pregnant with my nephew, and I just wasn’t feeling well, but my boyfriend wanted to do something when I got off from work. So, I put on my red pencil skirt a cute pink and white sweater and 4″ red heels (not stilletos,in not that crazy).I went to the doctor before work. Got to work, and the doctor called – I had pneumonia in both lungs! I finished work and he picked me up from work. He took me home, ordered in food and sat on the sofa with me – the whole night. I never felt more loved.

  16. Laurene says:

    I liked Valentines Day as a kid–it was fun to make the valentine boxes and bring valentines to school. But as an adult, I pretty much dislike the day.

  17. Lisa Brown says:

    I enjoyed VD as a kid, but as an adult, I have never celebrated the day, I guess I just don’t pick romantic men.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  18. Kelli Kline says:

    I think it is rather sickening not to mention the history of the day

  19. Victoria Barnes says:

    I never really cared for Valentine’s Day lol so much I actually ended a relationship on that day but still kept the gifts!!

  20. Jessica tinkler says:

    I’ve never celebrated valentine’s ever, I usually have to work. Sometimes I buy flowers for a friend that’s down but I don’t consider it a holiday. I hate it

  21. JanessaJaye says:

    This giveaway is now closed! Please check the Makeup Forum for other great giveaways!

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