Sealed With A Kiss – VDay Beauty For Even The Bitterest Of Hearts

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Who needs flowers and candy when you can spend your next Valentines Day painting gorgeous, blushing colors all over your face?!

As a dedicated Anti-Valentines-er (yes, that’s a real word, bitches!) I was super stoked to see some of my favorite makeup brands put out special Valentines-themed products or collections.  The packaging was so cute and the products looked so good that I just had to jump on them.  Let’s break down the love:

VDay 02These are the three products that arrived in time for the review.  I also ordered two liquid lipsticks from Makeup Monsters, which I’ll talk about below, but they didn’t get here in time for me to take out of the package and play with for this review!  And I know that the Too Faced mini palette isn’t technically Valentines – but it’s so cute, and it’s chocolate, so I decided it was appropriate.  And since I pay the rent here, figuratively speaking, I can do what I want to!

VDay 03

First up is the Feline Fancy set from SugarPill.  I appreciated that they made the effort to think about both eye and lip for this collection, allowing you to use this kit to create a whole V-Day look if you wanted to.  The shadows are generally the high quality that I would expect from SugarPill (they have some of the brightest, most pigmented shades in the game!) except for Text Me, the matte/satin brown shade.  That one needed a lot of fussing to get enough pigmentation for a decent swatch.  It’s definitely lighter than it looks pressed into the pan!  S.W.A.K., the pink shade, was the most surprising – it looks like a deep rose shimmer, but when you swatch it one it’s got this amazing coppery duochrome effect that is gorgeous!  Wink is pretty sheer, but has a nice silvery champagne finish, great for highlighting.  And Kiss Kiss looks like it’s going to be a shimmery brick red but it goes on with a great metallic shine!

VDay Swatch

The liquid lipstick, Strange Love, is a deep merlot color with metallic and glittery shimmer.  I love that the SugarPill liquid lipsticks smell like creamsicle – so yummy!  It went on really smooth, but one thing I’ve noticed with SugarPill’s liquid lipsticks is that they never seem to completely dry and they are definitely not transfer proof!  Don’t expect them to be set in stone, and they may need some touching up throughout the day or night, depending on what you’re doing with your mouth, you naughty little minx!  But the color is really lovely – I approve!  This set is $48.00, but it is limited edition, so go HERE to see if it’s still available!

VDay 04

Lime Crime, one of the masters of the liquid lip (seriously, I think they have the second best formula after Makeup Monsters!) came out with a 3-piece lip collection called Dreamgirl.  Featuring two velvetines (one matte, one metallic) and one of their new Diamond Crushers lip toppers, the collection packing is inspired by old school valentines.  I wore different shades of the Diamond Crushers for three of my four outfits at Days of the Dead Atlanta and I am OBSESSED!  They dry down like a liquid lipstick and are shimmery as fuck.  They do have a tendency to get a little dry and to crack, and sometimes they are hard to reapply and layer, but beyond those problems for long wear, I absolutely adore them – I bought this collection specifically to get the exclusive Diamond Crushers shade!

VDay Swatch 2

The metallic shade, Red Hot, is a gorgeous metallic and the swatch painted on beautifully!  It looks like the liquid lipstick equivalent of the Kiss Kiss eyeshadow from SugarPill – metallic and wonderful!  And the swatch painted on without being patchy or inconsistent – metallic liquid lipsticks are tough to get right!  Cheap Thrill is the Diamond Crusher shade and it’s a lovely pink with a taupe-y/nude sort of undertone – very interesting combination!  This would look great over a medium dusty rose sort of color, or even a nude lip if you’ve got some natural pigmentation.  The matte shade, Dream Girl, is a deep berry red.  You’ll notice I didn’t swatch that one; that’s because it’s going to be part of an upcoming giveaway!  This collection is currently on sale for $44.00, but hurry – it won’t last forever!  Get yours HERE.

VDay 05

As I noted above, this one isn’t technically Valentines-related, but since V-Day is like, the biggest chocolate-giving day ever I figured why not!  And Sephora had this little treat in stock so I decided to snatch it up.  It’s definitely smaller than the usual Too Faced palettes, and the range of colors isn’t that amazing – I think they really want you to pick up both of the Chocolate Chip mini palettes together to really get a wide range of possible styles.  Since each one retails for $26.00, getting both puts you much closer to the usual retail price of a full size palette, even a little bit over.  I didn’t swatch all of the shades for you, since they are small little pans; instead, I decided to link the following video, showing off the palette:

Jen Luvs Reviews is a YouTube channel I recently discovered and I really like her energy.  She is also similar to Stephanie Nicole in that she gives you very detailed price breakdowns of how much products really cost (looking at price per gram as opposed to just the price of the palette itself) and analysis of the ingredients.  Anyway, I agree with her that the shade selection is a little limited, but I never do my whole eye look from just one palette so it’s not a huge issue for me.  I think it’s a great collection of light shimmery shades and I love the chocolate smell.  I have Too Faced Cocoa Contour, but this is the first time I’ve gotten on of the chocolate-smelling eye palettes.  I like it!  If you are interested in ordering this palette, I recommend ordering from Sephora HERE; the last time I ordered from the Too Faced website, during the Sweet Peach fiasco, it was an absolute shitshow.  Buy at your own risk!

MM Swatch 01

I’m super bummed that the Makeup Monsters didn’t arrive in time for this review – I might update the post after they arrive to give you some swatches.  I was very excited when I got the email saying that they had some Valentines-themed shades; I was even more excited when the email included a discount code for 20% off!  If you don’t subscribe to their email newsletter, I really do recommend it – they send out occasional discount codes that will make your purchases even more affordable – though the lipsticks, at only $15.95, are some of the best deals out there.  ONT op of that, I really do think their mattes are the best formula on the market, bar none.  They are definitely at the very top of my list.  Their metallics…well, those are a little bit more hit or miss.  I’ve had some good luck, but some have been patchy and hard to build opaque color.  But I love this brand and I’m definitely willing to keep trying them out!  Practice makes perfect.

MM Bloody Lip

Makeup Monsters launched three shades for Valentines.  I bought two of them: Bloody Valentine (described as “shimmering merlot,” though it looks much more pink to me) and Smitten (a matte deep pink shade).  The third shade, Luna (a nude-lavender purple) just didn’t speak to me – I don’t do a ton of purple lip looks, and when I do it’s almost never a light purple!  But Bloody Valentine looks like my perfect shade of pink: deep rosey pink with some blue tones but not all the way to fuchsia.  It’s got some shimmer and looks really wonderful in the promo shot – I just hope that this metallic really nails the formula!  I’d love to have this for when I want to go with a Barbie Pink, but I don’t want to go to full on sci-fi metallic like Jeffree Star’s Dreamhouse!

MM Smitten Lip

I also knew that I absolutely HAD to have Smitten.  One of my biggest complaints about Makeup Monsters is that their shade selection is a little bit out there – if you love crazy colors like I do, you’ll find almost any shade to tickle your technicolor heart, but they were a little low on the more basic, everyday shades in the red, pinks, and peaches that help people build their staple, go-to looks.  This pink is beautiful and saturated, like all of the Makeup Monsters lip shades, but it’s a much more wearable color than a blue or a green!  I adore this shade – it’s sweet and rich and perfect for so many skintones.

Valentine’s Day is definitely for lovers – makeup lovers!  Hopefully more companies will jump on this holiday bandwagon and give us sweet confections to feed our cosmetic sweet tooth!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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