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Hey there World of Champagne readers!  I hope you’ve been enjoying our newly organized archives.  I really want to make the content on this site more accessible to you when you want to find it – and it’s been great to go back and see some of the blog posts that I remember posting, the laughs (and sometimes tears!) that I had writing them, and the way the site has grown and evolved over the last few years.  I really do hope you enjoy!  XOXO – Miss Jaye

Blog Archive:

The Marrying Kind
Miss Jaye confronts unexpected emotions on a relationship long since laid to rest, and reflects on the true meaning of marriage equality and being brave when it matters most.

Freedom, or How The Hell Did I End Up As A Dominatrix?!
In a 4th of July celebration of the ideas of freedom and power, control and compassion, Miss Jaye reflects on the weird journey that brought her to the point of playing the oddest role in her career: dominatrix!

What It Costs
Miss Jaye walks you through her typical skincare routine, noting the different products she uses and how much she pays for them.  But this is no simple accounting lesson as Miss Jaye discovers that the cost of pursuing beauty might be much deeper than her pocketbook.

A World Full of Nancys
Responding to the movie I, Tonya, Miss Jaye contemplates what it means to live in a world that’s set up to reward and celebrate the Nancys while always looking down on the Tonyas and the Barbs (from the Netflix original series Stranger Things).

During a recent hospital stay, Miss Jaye encountered some rather unsettling fat-shaming being perpetrated by so called healthcare “professionals.”  She emerged from this experience stronger in her resolve to advocate for body positivity, and shares some of the painful backstory that underlies this fiery determination.

In this very personal (and occasionally explicit) examination of different kinds of romantic and sexual attraction, Miss Jaye unpacks some of her history with “chasers,” learns about a new fetish, and comes to terms with a painful truth about her own relationship to polyamory and desire.

Doing IT
In this post, Miss Jaye talks about the new adaptation of the Stephen King classic and why sometimes what you leave out is just as important as what you include.

Beauty Through Rage: The Resurrection of Kesha
Written after Kesha’s first new single in more than 4 years finally dropped, this blog explores the new Queen of Filth, Miss Jaye’s adoration of her (as well as her theory that Kesha is the new John Waters), and why #FreeKesha still matters.

Friends With An Ex
When it comes to sex, romance, and dating, there isn’t a lot Miss Jaye hasn’t tried.  But this is a new one, even for her: staying friends with an ex.

He Sees Ghosts
Miss Jaye’s thoughts on Patty Jenkins’ amazing adaptation of the Wonder Woman mythos, and how this is the kind of superhero narrative we need if we want to talk about gender equality in culture and in fandom.

Sharing Your Vision
This post started as Miss Jaye’s attempt to share what she learned when starting her podcast, Janessa After Dark, with other aspiring content creators.  It turned into more of a think piece about why it’s important to work on creating the realities we wished we lived in, especially creatively.

Building on the issues raised in Good People, Miss Jaye takes on rape culture and all of the social media storm surrounding a local case of a teacher having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student.

Holding Patterns
A look back at Miss Jaye’s foray into polyamorous dating, seen from the end of a relationship.

Good People
Why do we insist that people have to be reduced down to either “good people” or “bad people?”  Aren’t we missing the point – people are just people who make either good or bad choices?

Looking Back At 2016 & Before: 16 Blogs From The World of Champagne
A sort of “greatest hits” post, collecting 16 of Miss Jaye’s favorite blog postings from the past 4 years.

Scream Queen: A Look Towards 2017
One of Miss Jaye’s “letter from the editor” posts, this one explores how her persona has started to change and evolve and the direction her performances will be taking in the future.

Friday I’m In Love
A love letter to one of Miss Jaye’s favorite horror franchises, Friday the 13th, including some of her collectible items, photos from Days of the Dead, and video content.

Gray: A Fugue in Three Parts
A little something different; this stream-of-consciousness engagement with depression is somewhere between personal narrative and poetry.

The Waiter
This is one of the “lost posts” from Seattle; Miss Jaye writes about a simple night out eating that became symbolic of much more.

Finding Felissa Rose
Find out how Miss Jaye stumbled into her first Days of the Dead convention and met a woman whose screen persona has fascinated and intrigued her for several decades.

As she struts the stage as Edna Turnblad in Hairspray, Miss Jaye reflects back on the breakup of her marriage and the unexpected blessings that come from pain.

Imaginary Horrors
After yet another unarmed black man is murdered by police (this time caught on a graphic video), Miss Jaye contemplates her love of horror films and the horrors around us that are all too real.

Freedom, And What We Leave Behind
Ruminations on what has happened to gay culture, and gay spaces like bars and bookstores, now that homophobia isn’t as direct or pervasive as it once was.

Why We Need Pride
A little reminder from Miss Jaye to those younger queers (and rude straight folks!) who say, “Why do we need to have pride?”

An Open Letter to Wayne Stenehjem
Every now and then, Miss Jaye is feeling feisty and throws down some truth; this is her letter to Wayne Stenehjem after he announced plans to join a lawsuit against the federal government against bathroom access for trans people.

Karma: A Bigger Bitch That I Will Ever Be
Miss Jaye’s observations on the rise of Donald Trump from cocktail party joke to viable political candidate, and how Republicans have been grooming this sort of situation with their divisive politics for several decades.

North Dakota Nice
After spending some time in the Philippines, Miss Jaye reflects on the idea of “North Dakota Nice” and the ugliness it usually masks.

Miss Jaye continues to grapple with polyamory, the dreaded Valentine’s Day, and what to call her relationship.

R/Age Against The Machine
Aging among gay men is the topic of this part blog, part rant in which Miss Jaye talks about getting older and seeing how age is represented in her own community.

The Nutcracker
Holidays are a time for families; but what happens to those families we lose when our relationships end?

Why “That Character” On THE WALKING DEAD Should Be Dead – But Probably Isn’t
Definitely not a serious think piece, this article takes on the Glenn-under-a-dumpster moment on TWD and what probably happened vs. what should have happened.  Miss Jaye loves her pop culture!

Backseat Driver: Experiencing Seattle Through Uber
Miss Jaye recounts the strange and interesting personalities she encountered from the backseat while traveling around Seattle in the back seat of an Uber.

Stumbling Into The Web, or The Wedding Invitation
Polyamory?  Not something she ever planned, but somehow Miss Jaye ended up with a boyfriend who has a boyfriend…and the boyfriend has a wife.  Could consensual non-monogamy really be the right thing for our queen?

Now Entering Disturbia! – 10 Random “Behind The Scenes” Facts
One of Miss Jaye’s favorite photo sessions with photographer Miranda Roen involved creating the photo story Disturbia! (available in the Photo Galleries, under Photo Shoots).  This posts presents some random facts and “easter eggs” from the shoot.

Thin Line Between Love And Hate: Summer Edition
Miss Jaye continues her light-hearted series of love/hate posts by exploring the joys and frustrations of summer.

Together? Whatever: In Praise of “Slacktivism”
Slactivism may get a bad rep, but Miss Jaye argues that we actually get more positive things done when we let people be involved at their own level of interest.

At Least Next Time I’ll Get Alimony
As someone who married a same-sex partner – and later divorced him – Miss Jaye reflects on the Supreme Court’s historic ruling on marriage equality.

#NoHashtag: 30 Days to Self-Discovery?
After a failed attempt to create her own viral hashtag, Miss Jaye contemplates whether or not hashtagging your way across social media can really change your life.

The Get Along Gays: Sex, Outing, & The Return of Radical Queerness
After a conservative ND legislator is outed trying to scam some dick on Grindr, Miss Jaye explores outing, making queerness more radical, and attacking the idea that the way to move queer people to advance is by asking them to act just like straight people.

#30Days of Real Beauty
Miss Jaye wants to beat her Sephora addiction, but can she stop shopping and create a viral hashtag in the process?

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor: Self-Esteem
Miss Jaye writes a lot about makeup and beauty products, so every now and then she feels compelled to remind her readers about what’s really important.  Makeup should be fun!

Finding 37
In one of Miss Jaye’s more serious posts, she tackles another birthday and what it means to plan for the future when you never thought you’d have a future to plan for.

Wake Me Up When It’s 2015
Miss Jaye takes you through her New Year’s Eve movie playlist – and why she hates this holiday!

Safety/Hazard: Sex, Fantasy, & Self-Destruction
In a risque post that brings together porn, suicide, and seatbelts, Miss Jaye interrogates the idea that maybe, just maybe, we all have the right to be self-destructive.

50 Shades of Gray Thursday
To shop or not to shop? That is the Thanksgiving Day question, and Miss Jaye has her answer for you!

Skinny People Will Kill You
This mini-post has a mega-rant about the ridiculous diet industry and the tricks they’ll use to snare you – including some very dangerous products!

The Costume Conundrum: What Will YOU Be?
Halloween is Miss Jaye’s favorite holiday, and this post was all about sorting through the best costume options from 2014.

Thin Line Between Love & Hate: Smartphone Edition
Early adopter? Yeah, right.  Now that Miss Jaye has finally joined the digital age, she gives you all of her loves and hates about the ubiquitous smartphone!

Miss Jaye’s Ice Bucket Adventures
Remember that viral video Ice Bucket challenge supporting ALS?  Here are all the behind the scenes details about Miss Jaye’s video including what she wore, where she went, and how a random porn star ended up photographing the event!

40% Happier? A Skeptic’s Update
Can #100HappyDays really change your life?  Miss Jaye only made it through the first 40 days – hear her thoughts!

Miss Representation, Or Even If You Win You Still Lose
Miss Jaye’s controversial post about drag pageants, and what she thinks they’re doing to the art and soul of drag performance.  Scandalous!

Swimming With Sharks: Thoughts On Life As A Queer Person Of Size
Size is a difficult topic for women and gay men, but women have many more representations of larger sizes available to them.  Miss Jaye explores her own experience as a large person, body acceptance, and how queer communities treat their larger members.

Forces of Nature: Remembering Liz Lunde
Miss Jaye pays tribute to her friend, local artist and gleeful rabble-rouser, Liz Lunde.

Thin Line Between Love & Hate: Dr. Who Edition
Miss Jaye has joined the Dr. Who obsession, but that doesn’t mean it’s all love and sunshine.  Find out what she loves and what she hates about everyone’s favorite time-hopping TV phenomenon!

100 Happy Days: A Skeptic’s Approach to Bliss
Miss Jaye decides to road test the #100HappyDays Challenge…but will it lead her to eternal happiness?

Violent Femme: Femininity As Power
Who says being feminine has to mean being weak?

Thin Line Between Love & Hate: Nebraska Edition
See all of Miss Jaye’s most and least favorite things about the Cornhusker state, all conveniently organized in one post!

Where Have All The Good Men Gone: Masculinity As Stupidity
She’s holding out for a hero, but all she’s finding are overgrown children.  What’s going on with men these days?!

Among The Starrs: A Remembrance
Miss Jaye shares her thoughts and memories of friend and drag show fan Brenda Starr

My Little Brony: Gender-Bending Is Magic
Why wouldn’t Miss Jaye be fascinated with grown men who want to play with toy ponies?! She reflects on this new fandom and what it might say about evolving gender roles.

Look Back At It: Janessa’s 2013 Rather Scatterbrained Year In Review
A year end wrap up the way only our Glamazon could do it!

Meet Trixie: The New “Face” Of Champagne Dreams Productions
Who doesn’t love a magical pink unicorn?  Well, you might not after reading this far too personal one on one with Trixie, the new mascot for Miss Jaye’s production company, Champagne Dreams Productions.

Making Do
Another of Miss Jaye’s more serious pieces, this one explores what it takes to really dedicate yourself to your dreams, and how often we settle for something less.

(Almost) Never Before Seen Footage: Miss Jaye’s Drag Race Audition Video
Miss Jaye is still conflicted about the show, but she was in an odd place in her life when season 6 auditions rolled around, and…well, here’s the tape.  Obviously she didn’t make the cut, but she had a lot of fun making the video and rediscovered some of her sparkle in the process.

A holiday ponderance of all the kooky, crazy, and creative people and things Miss Jaye has bouncing around in her life.

Who’s Afraid Of The Crazy Cat Lady?
What if the stereotype of “the crazy cat lady” isn’t that scary after all?  What if it’s just a way for the mainstream to try to keep women in their “place?”

GUEST BLOG: The Sex Toy Misconception
GAWD-dayum we got in so much trouble for this post!  Read the post that got us booted from the Amazon Associates Program, and decide for yourself how scandalous it is (or more likely, isn’t).

The Corndog Conspiracy
Cory Monteith.  Amy Winehouse.  Janis Joplin.  For years, the truth has remained hidden.  Discover it here…if you dare.

Dirty Twat: Why I Finally Gave In And Joined Twitter
Miss Jaye continues her misadventures with social media by joining the network where all you ever need to know can be said in 140 characters or less.

A Proper Ending: Memories of the I-Beam and Our Infamous Finales
Any fans of the I-Beam and the shows directed by Miss Jaye will love this trip down Memory Lane with lots of videos featuring outrageous performances!

About Marilyn
Miss Jaye’s love letter to one of her greatest inspirations.

Mama’s House, Mama’s Rules: Why We Need Strong (Drag) Mothers
This one is for all the drag mothers out there – drag communities are an important part of larger queer communities, and drag mothers help keep those communities together.

Gotta Hide Your Crazy And Start Acting Like A Lady
Miss Jaye started work on a (now defunct) documentary project -these are her thoughts on opening up for the camera.

My Rocky Love Affair With Netflix
The streaming service thinks it knows you…but does it?  Does it really?

A meditation on depression.

Welcome to Wayne America
Miss Jaye hits the road to perform at a charity show in Nebraska and discovers the heart of the midwest.

The Sweetest Candy: An Evening With Jujubee
What’s it like traveling 6 hours to the middle of nowhere to meet one of your favorite drag performers and raise money for charity?  Just ask Miss Jaye.

Does NOT Play Well With Others
Miss Jaye can’t help it if people are stupid…but she can rant about it.

Why is Valentine’s Day even a thing?!

At Least I’m A Williston 10
Miss Jaye explores aging, self-esteem, and the low standards of horny oilfield workers.

Against The Odds, or My Secret Dream of Being a Bond Girl
A trip to the casino (or even a game of bingo) can leave Miss Jaye feeling like a Bond Girl…but will her gambling score her a hookup with Daniel Craig?

How do you make New Years’ resolutions…when you hate resolutions?

Holidaze: Its’ The Most Drunkterful Time Of The Year
Another of Miss Jaye’s infamous rants – this time about the ear-bleeding tragedy that is Christmas music!

Road To Nowhere
Miss Jaye joined a gym.  It went about as well as you would expect.

The Year of Firsts
In one of her most personal posts, Miss Jaye reflects on that awful first year post-divorce.

Baby’s Got A Secret
Living in the too-much-information age, have we made the concept of “mystery” obsolete?

Last of the Red Hot Dates
Doesn’t anyone just date anymore?  Whatever happened to romance?

Dork Shadows: Inside The Obsession
Everyone has their own personal fan obsessions.  Miss Jaye reveals one of hers while reflecting on the nature of fandom.

Why CARRIE Still Captivates
Arguably one of Stephen King’s best works, Miss Jaye gets ready for the remake to hit theaters and explores why we still fear (and secretly cheer for) a social outcast named Carrie White.

Always Kiss Me Goodnight
Relationships involve compromise…but that doesn’t mean they should be compromising!

Movin’ On
Moving is a bitch. When that move is all wrapped up in a divorce and unresolved feelings? Just that much more baggage to pack.

Are We In Hell?
Miss Jaye does not deal well with heat.

Embracing The Slut Within: Being Sex Positive In A Sex Negative World
Get your freak on – who cares what the neighbors say?!

Call Me…Maybe?
The blog post that started it all!  Miss Jaye explores fliration and vulnerability through the most annoyingly infectious song of 2012!

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