The Cat-Walking Dead: Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Offers A Model Liquid Lip

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PZ 08Hey there makeup lovers!  I know it’s been a hot minute since we posted, but have we got some great reviews (and giveaways!) coming up for you!  We’ve been busy getting the World of Champagne offices (i.e., my house!) in working order and we’ve got some great new projects coming up, so look for lots of announcements coming to the site!  But for now, we’re going to dive into a review of some liquid lipsticks from an indie brand called Pretty Zombie Cosmetics.  I first heard about this brand while watching a bunch of the videos from Stephanie Nicole’s liquid lipstick review series; she had rated them pretty high, so I decided that I needed to try them out for myself.  If you’re interested in watching her review, I’ll include it at the bottom of this post.

I was especially excited to try out this brand when I saw the price point – only $12 per lipstick (or $13 for two of their shades, one with glitter and one metallic)!  I love Makeup Monsters – they are probably my favorite formula for liquid lipstick – and they retail at $15.95, so if these turn out to be high quality they beat even that price!  They are even a little bigger than the Makeup Monsters…at least I think they are.  Personally, I think they look like a smaller container and less product, but the ingredients sticker (which is NOT attached – if you want to keep it, make sure you don’t throw it away when you open the shrinkwrap seal!) lists it as 7 grams, which trusty Google tells me (I’m too pretty to math) is .24 grams while the Makeup Monsters are .2 grams!  Fun with math!  My first impression on the site is that they have some beautiful, vibrant shades but that the selection is not very versatile – if you want a nude shade, you’ve got to go elsewhere (except for dark-skinned lovelies who could rock the shit out of Broomstick, a beautiful deep chocolate shade).  The colors are definitely very editorial in nature – even reds and pinks are scarce.  As I was researching, I found that they used to have two gorgeous bright pink shades, Spellbook and Pink Potion, that are no longer on the website and I was mad as hell because they looked really beautiful.  But those reservations didn’t stop me from ordering 10 tubes of their gorgeous lipsticks!  I’ll be reviewing 8 of them below, one shade I’m reserving for the sequel to my black liquid lipstick “Thunderdome” challenge, and one was a duplicate that will be featured in an upcoming giveaway.

The 8 shades I ordered that I’ll be reviewing are the following:

PZ 04

Left to Right: Sea Witch, Blue Moon, 3 Witches, Purple Poison, Jupiter, Thirteen, Wednesday, and Zombettie.

PZ 09I wasn’t really planning this, but what I really loved once they arrived and I unboxed them is that I ordered them in pairs that will actually create pretty fierce ombre lips (though for a black to red, I would use the shade Black Cat instead of Wednesday, as Wednesday has a green glitter in it – more on that below!).  They are all super vibrant and look beautiful in the tubes.  They don’t come in a cardboard carton; rather, the tube has a shrinkwrap seal around it that also contains a small piece of paper showing the ingredients and volume of product.  The ingredients are not attached and I forgot to grab it, luckily I still had the sealed one for the giveaway so I could check the weight.  I don’t mind the lack of box.  I don’t keep makeup boxes so it’s less to throw away, and for a brand that’s this good of a bargain, I’ll happily pay less and get less hoopla that really doesn’t matter for my enjoyment of the product itself.  The packaging is lightweight and feels a little cheap; the logo and the shade name are a sticker that is added on to the plastic cap.  Again, this doesn’t bother me – I’m not putting the container on my lips! – but if you are a packaging snob, you should be prepared to be a little disappointed.

Luckily, you won’t be disappointed in the lipsticks themselves.  They. Are. Amazing.

Except for one shade that I’ll talk about in a moment, all of them applied like an absolute dream!  They are a thinner formula, similar to Lime Crime’s Velvetines (which I also love) but what I like is that even though they are thinner they don’t seem to dry as fast as the Velvetines.  That extra 30 seconds or so of drying time is perfect for bitches like me who have a tendency to smudge and have no logical understanding of where my lips begin or end!  I like that I get a little more time to manipulate and play with it, and that it still dries in a relatively short amount of time.  The colors are gorgeous and they are pretty true to what you see in the tube so there are no big surprises.  Here are a few swatches, both with and without flash, that I did on the back on my hand.

Let me give you my general thoughts on each of the colors, and there are a couple that I want to talk about in more detail.

Sea Witch: This one is a lovely true blue.  It paints on beautifully with the doe foot applicator and it was one of the fastest to dry.  I’m dying to try this shade out and put Lime Crime’s Diamond Crusher in Black Unicorn over it – if you hear that I died, it will probably be because I tried this combo, died, and went to Makeup Heaven.

Blue Moon: This is also really gorgeous and not at all patchy.  Lighter colors can be tough because lighter and brighter shades can tend to be a bit patchy.  Not this one.

3 Witches: What I love most about this color is that it’s a blue-based purple.  You can’t swing a dick without knocking over a hundred lipsticks that are more violet or red-toned, but a gorgeous blue-toned purple that isn’t super deep is really a treasure.  This is easily one of my favorites of all the shades.

Purple Poison: Bright violet purple.  No complaints here as it applies like a dream and dries very quickly.  I don’t do a ton of purple, and I prefer blue-based purples when I do, but this is a solid performer and a really nice shade.

Jupiter: Beautiful green-teal.  I think it photographs more green than it actually appears in person – the swatch photo without flash where the flat part of my hand is turned more toward the camera is probably the best of my swatch photos.  I love green anything, but I’m glad that this stays in that cool emerald teal realm.

Thirteen: Stunning.  Again, not patchy at all and it’s light and bright and beautiful.  Will definitely be dipping into this one pretty often.

PZ 05

Zombettie: Here’s where I have to get a little bit negative, and it pains me because this is probably the shade I was most looking forward to.  On the Pretty Zombie website, this looks like a bright popsicle red – think OCC’s Harlot from before they converted to the “ready to wear” formula.  When I got it, the tube looked like a much deeper, blood red shade.  Not a problem.  I’ve discussed before my love of a good red lipstick – it’s classic and elegant and even if this was darker than I expected, I wasn’t going to be mad about it.  The problem came with the application.  You can see in the swatch images above that the swatch for this is the biggest and the most irregular.  That’s because I really had to work it to get a half-decent swatch.  And to be honest, my camera was being pretty kind and it looks much better in the image than it was.  It applied really patchy; this color felt much thicker than the others and it tended to goop up around the edges of the swatch.  I ended up removing my first swatch attempt, and then I gave it an extra minute of shaking just to make sure there wasn’t any separation in the formula (a common occurrence with ALL liquid lipsticks) and tried again.  I even used my finger to help blend it together and got it as even as I could.

PZ 10To give it another chance, I also swatched it on my lips to see how the application was.  Although it was a little better than the hand test, I still had the same problems and while I was able to manipulate it and work with it to get a fairly decent lip, I still found it to be a little patchy, especially if you blot your lips – I know you’re not supposed to do that with ANY liquid lip, but I swear it’s programmed into my DNA.  I just can’t stop myself!  I had to keep going around the edges of my lips with a makeup wipe to clear off the “ridge” of product and that made it hard to get a symmetrical application.  It’s not awful, and I was able to get an OK lip look out of it, but know that it might take a little bit of time and effort.  If you don’t want to work at it, this might not be the red for you.  Once again, my camera is being extra forgiving, but I included a pic of my lips to give you a sense of the application and color.

PZ 01Wednesday: Now that we got all that negativity out of the way, let’s end on a high note.  This shade was a huge surprise to me, and I’m happy to say I love it!  While all of the other shades are true matte liquid lipsticks, this is a matte black with green/blue microglitter.  I. Love. This. Shade.  It goes on like a black matte lipstick (if Black Cat performs as well as this one, my reigning champion from Makeup Monsters might have a pretty serious contender in the black lipstick battle sequel!) and dries down pretty plain.  Once it’s dry, pat it lightly with your fingers and the glitter will start to show through.  Don’t be too rough or aggressive when you do it, but the more you pat it, the more the glitter will show.  It’s really stunning once it’s all dried down and the glitter is on display.  It’s really amazing.  Jeffree Star has a shade sort of like that – Rich Blood – but that one is a thicker consistency and doesn’t perform very well (there are tons of reviews on YouTube that will explain what I mean).  This one is still lightweight and still dries down beautifully, and getting the glitter to show is almost effortless.  I would love to see them do more shades like this – can you ever have too much glitter?!  The closeup of the swatch is after only a little manipulation, and you can see that the glitter really shines – play with it a little more and you can get even more “bling for your buck!”  If you’ve been looking at this and wondering if it really does perform (shout out to Makeup Forum regular Amy S!), then you should definitely think about adding this to your collection.  It’s beautiful, and I really haven’t seen other liquid lipsticks like this out on the market especially with the black base.

Overall, I am in love with this brand.  It’s probably right below Makeup Monsters as my second favorite, and really it would probably be tied with MM if they had a wider range of shades.  The quality is amazing and the application is mostly flawless.  I’m not sure what happened to Zombettie, but I’m willing to forgive it considering how stunning all of the other shades performed. And Wednesday….gurrrrl, that one had me shook for more than a minute.  And that pricepoint?  Why are you still reading this and NOT heading over to the website to order yourself some new lipstick?!

(Like I said above, here’s the Stephanie Nicole review of the shade Transylvania in case you’re interested.  It’s a deeper purple than 3 Witches and also looks pretty dope!)

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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