Moonlit Pleasures: Black Moon’s Creamy Dreamy Liquid Lipsticks

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So let me start out by being just a little bit petty.  I’ve been meaning to buy some Black Moon Cosmetics liquid lipsticks and review them for a long time, but whenever I was shopping for new glam it always slipped my mind.  So what finally kicked me into gear and got me to review these lovely liquid lippies?

Drama, y’all.

If you watch any of those tired drama channels on the YT (I used to be a devotee, but I  got bored of the contrived histrionics pretty quickly, though I do occasionally get click-baited in like in this case) you probably heard that Jeffree Star and Manny MUA ran into a smidge of legal trouble over the logo for their recent collab (2 shades of liquid lipstick and a skin frost highlighter, ICYMI) that looked suspiciously a little bit exactly like one of the logos that’s used by Black Moon Cosmetics…and has been for several years.

If you’re surprised that Manny would copy someone else’s intellectual property, I’m’a just leave this right here:

I told you.  Petty.  As.  Fuck.

Anyway, if nothing else good comes out of this (besides a hopefully hefty payment to Black Moon in the secretive legal settlement), Black Moon was once again on my radar and I decided to dive in and place an order for 8 new fabulous shades of liquid lipstick.  In less than a week, look at the lovely treasure trove that arrived just for me:

BM 17

I decided to pick up three shades of their matte lipsticks: Sanguis, a bright blood red; Mourning, a light beige nude that looked a little more pink on the site than I found it to be in person; and Sleepwalker, a matte black that I won’t be reviewing in this post – look for it to go up against other black liquid lipsticks from Makeup Monsters, tarte, Kat Von D, and other great brands in the much-anticipated sequel to my Black Liquid Lipstick Thunderdome!  But I was most excited about a bundle deal they had which included 5 of their “Black Metal” lipsticks – the three original “Black Metal Trinity” lipsticks (Armageddon, blackened red; Immortal, blacked purple/plum; and Sorrow, blackened royal blue) with two standalone shades (Eternal, blackened copper, and Myth, blackened green).  Metallics have been really hard for companies to get right, so I was excited to see if Black Moon would be able to win me over with their dark aesthetic.

Here are the colors in the tubes:

BM 04

No big surprises from Sanguis or Mourning, though as I said I did think Mourning would have a little bit more of a pink tone to it than I saw.  That could totally just be me, and the color is still a lovely light beige-y nude.  Sanguis looks like a pretty bright red – nothing about it reached out and slapped me or anything.  It just looks like a solid option for a true bright red.  ‘Nuff said.

BM 05

Since I’m an idiot who immediately loves anything green no matter what, I instantly feel in love with Myth.  It’s such a unique green – emerald, but with that deep black base.  I was probably most excited to swatch this one.  I had so many plans for Medusa-chic makeup featuring this Serpentina-esque shade.  Eternal I go back and forth on whether it looks like more of a copper or a gold with black base, and I think I’m finally coming to terms with the mystery.  I sort of enjoy it.  It perplexes me.  It confounds me.  And it’s pretty rare for makeup to surprise me these days!  I have drawers full of liquid lipsticks, and this one still made me stop and ponder.  Brava!

BM 06

These shades are a gorgeous little trio, though I’m never that big of a fan of purples/plums (I prefer blue-based purples).  The blue looked really rich in the tube and I was super excited to get to swatching.  The red is also a really nice bright red, but it still has that dark undercurrent.  A lot of really great options here.

But the proof is in the pudding (does anyone even say that shit anymore?  When did I become an 87-year-old Polish grandmother?!) – let’s get to the swatches:

As expected, the Black Metals were the stars of this show – more on them in a minute.  Sanguis performed ok, but was a little streaky.  I wasn’t really in the mood to fuss with it; I think if you spent a little bit of time finessing it you could get a really nice, even application but I just wasn’t having it.  Sometimes a bitch is in a mood.  It dried down to a nice matte finish and didn’t budge when I ran my finger over it.  Mourning dried even a little darker than I felt it looked in the tube.  I sort of feel like I’m telling “A Tale Of Three Lipsticks.”  The sample photo looked lighter and a little pinker than what I saw in the tube, and then the lipstick dried down even darker than that.  It’s not at all uncommon for professional photos on websites to look lighter than the actual product color (a “problem” of good lighting – lucky I don’t have that problem, right?! yuk, yuk…sob) but this change was even more than I was expecting.  Minor quibbles.  They looked really lovely, they just didn’t curl my toes or anything.

Those Black Metals, though…gurrrrl, I don’t even smoke and I thought I was going to need a cigarette and maybe a little private time.  They are stunning.

When you first paint them on, they look really dark.  Like, seriously dark.  The black base is definitely the main thing you see.  But as they dry, the amazing metallic shades start to emerge and they are really beautiful.  Seriously.  I don’t do a lot of darker lip looks but these have me thinking that I need to change up my lip game.  The colors paint on smoothly and dry evenly.  I ran my fingers over them a few times after they were completely dry, and I didn’t get much if any transfer at all.  I adore these lipsticks.

BM 13

The packaging is really nicely designed and high quality.  I prefer the containers themselves to the cardboard cartons, but it’s all well-done and high quality.  They are definitely getting their money’s worth.  When a lipstick is really good, I’m willing to let a few things slide (the packaging doesn’t end up decorating my cakehole, after all) but in this case I don’t have to.  I especially love the holographic logos on the lipstick caps.  Simple, elegant, with a fun holographic pop.  No wonder so many people are…inspired by it. *deliberate side eye*

If nothing else, I hope that this drama puts this fabulous indie brand on more people’s radars – they really do deserve it!  Metallic are effing hard to pull off and these are easily the best I’ve found.  Maybe it has something to do with the black base?  I don’t know, but whatever it is, it’s amazing and they deserve to blow up.  Not only did they give me some great new colors to play with (these colors really are unique from anything else I’ve seen out there), they introduced me to my shadowglam side and gave me an opportunity to throw some shade.

What more could I ask for?!

BM 08

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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  1. April baumer says:

    Omg Janeasa gurrrrrl. Does that man have a single original idea in his head or is he just Jefferies little clone?!?. Omfg.i watched all 5.06 min and now need to watch at least 3 of my creepy pasta YouTube narrators to get that valley girl no talent voice out of my brain

  2. Marta says:

    Great review, I really enjoed reading it! you make me buy Mourning Armageddon and Eternal…:D

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