UPDATED! Pinrose: Fragrance Experiences For The Instagram Generation

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If you’re “chemically sensitive,” turn back now.  Miss Jaye is known for her whore stink, and this post is going to be all awash in fabulous, fragrant perfumes!  What, we can’t take a break from makeup for, like, a hot second?!

In recent orders from Sephora, I’ve gotten a few samples from a brand I hadn’t really heard of before called Pinrose.  Boutique fragrances have definitely been more of a thing, as has crafting a “scent profile.”  The brand Commodity has been approaching this by offering a number of different fragrance notes that can be worn alone or combined to create a signature fragrance to fit your personality.  Pinrose goes a step further and is creating not only creating unique fragrance combinations but also personality profiles that look like Instagram posts or slick Pinterest boards.  I’ve collected three of these fragrances to sample: Treehouse Royal, Wild Child, and Gilded Fox.  Since Sephora is currently running their 3X points on fragrance special, I decided this was a good time to finally rip into these samples, literally, and give you my thoughts and opinions!

Here’s the visuals on the four scents I have for you today:

Pinrose 03

Treehouse Royal.  Notes: Fig, Jasmine, and Moss. 

Pinrose 01

Wild Child.  Notes: Gardenia, Jasmine, and Frangipani.

Pinrose 02

Gilded Fox.  Notes: Cocoa, Rum, Vetiver.

Sun Saint

NEW!  Sun Saint.  Notes: Sea Salt, Coconut, Lime.

Treehouse Royal is the first one I received, followed by Wild Child and Gilded Fox.  I just loved the slick marketing of the sample cards, which is absolutely what seduced me into writing this post.  I haven’t even smelled these damn things yet – they could suck!  Further proof that good marketing will take you far.  These fragrances are available at Sephora and are generally $65, which is on par with most of the high end fragrances they carry.  At 1.7 oz that works out to $38.24 per ounce.  To compare to my favorite perfume, Dior’s Addict also has a 1.7 ounce size which retails for $94 or $55.29.  Sometimes math makes you think long and hard about all of your choices in this life…

Pinrose 04The notes on Treehouse Royal are Fig, Jasmine, and Moss and I expect it to probably be the earthiest of the bunch.  I mean, she’s wearing a crown of greenery, right?  I generally like Jasmine perfumes, but it will be interesting to see how the sweetness mixes with Moss and Fig.  This seems like a hipster brand because they also feel the need to tell you which perfumer created the fragrance; in this case, Treehouse Royal was created by Master Perfumer Ilias Ermendis.  What I’ma do, follow him on Facebook?  Get over yourself.  And because hipsters ruin everything, each perfume also has a “sips like” suggestion, and this one is paired with Pinot Noir.  I feel like you’d find these fragrances at the kind of restaurant where your meal shows up and it’s a bunch of ingredients scattered across a barely sanded chunk of wood.  But I digress.

Wild Child is the one I anticipate liking the most; it’s also got Jasmine and another of my favorites, Gardenia.  I’m not familiar with the smell of Frangipani, but I can’t imagine that it’s going to be anything too off-putting.  Gardenia and Jasmine are both pretty sweet, so I imagine that will be a little bit more neutral to keep this from becoming too much of a granny perfume parade.  It was created by perfumer Richard Herpin, and it pairs nicely with Cosmopolitans.  As do I, so that’s neat.

Gilded Fox is the surprise here.  Coca, Rum, and Vetiver?  I’m really excited to see what happens when I rip this open.  I imagine it will have a chocolate smell with a little bit of an herby edge to it.  I don’t think of rum being all that fragrant, and when I do I just think of drunk frat boys and that’s not a smell I’m looking to rub all over my body.  It will be interesting to see what this combination is all about.  Perfumer David Apel is responsible for this concoction, and hipsters would drink spiked hot cocoa with this perfume.

Want to see a video of my first impressions when I ripped into these bad bitches?  The file was too big for me to put it in directly, but you can find it on my Facebook page HERE.

Treehouse Royal applies with a really green sort of scent, like plants more than herbs if that makes sense, but as it wears it definitely gets a sort of sharpness that I like.  I think of Jasmine as a very soft, cloying scent, but it paired really nicely with these different elements and I really like the overall effect.  This one is the most natural smelling of the three, like a spa treatment.  It’s definitely a perfume though, so it doesn’t smell like a trip outdoors or anything; if you want something really light and uncomplicated, this would be a nice choice.

Pinrose 05As I predicted, I loved everything about Wild Child.  Gardenia and Jasmine are both fragrances that I love and putting them together is just lovely.  It’s very feminine and has a strong presence.  The Frangipani seems to add a woodier note, and calms down those opulent florals just a touch.  It’s aggressively feminine, which I appreciate.  As it wears, however, you get some real softness and sweetness, which is nice.  It becomes sort of a boudoir fragrance – you seriously just want to nuzzle in it.

What surprised me most about Gilded Fox was that when I opened it the chocolate smell hit me right away, but when I actually applied it to my skin it changed completely.  It got a much smokier sort of presence with a little touch of herbs from the Vetiver.  This is the kind of fragrance I love – I’ve never smelled anything quite like this before.  I don’t know what hipster thinks you would drink spiked hot cocoa with this – this is straight up drinking some cognac while wearing a velvet gown (portrait collar, obvi) and then fucking someone’s husband.  Don’t worry – the relationship is basically already over and they’re just staying together for the kids.  They don’t even sleep in the same bedroom.  That’s the kind of fragrance this is – warm and naughty but also welcoming and a little bawdy, trashy in all the right ways.

In a recent Sephora order, I received another great fragrance, Sun Saint, so I decided to add it to the review!  It’s a summery fragrance made by Perfumer Patricia Choux and features notes of Sea Salt, Coconut, and Lime.  I went in to this expecting it to smell…well, like a Pina Colada.  I always expect things with coconut to smell like tanning lotion and I’m rarely pleasantly surprised.  Luckily this was one of those times.  When I opened the packet, the first thing I noticed was the sweetly sour smell of lime, with a salty smell giving it some sharpness.  There was barely any coconut at all!  As it wears, the coconut definitely gets more pronounced but it’s still a very lime-centric fragrance.  I may or may not be a little bit OBSESSED with limes, so you’ll get no complaints from me!  It’s not something I would put on my daily rotation, but for a summery, beachy option this is a nice one to have in your collection.

I love this collection, and I’m definitely interested in exploring more of these fragrances.  And if you decide to try them out, when buying from Sephora don’t forget that your Sephora Beauty Insider card will earn you 3x points through May 14!  If you want to go straight to the source, you can visit their website HERE.

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