REVIEW: Seattle’s Can Can Slipped Me The Tongue With FRENCH KISS

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Kiss 10Well, it wouldn’t be a trip to Seattle unless I found myself enjoying some sort of theatrical shenanigans!  I wasn’t there for very long (less than a week, and no weekend days) so my options were slightly limited, and I had actual work to do so I wasn’t up for cavorting every single night, but I wanted to end my week with a bang!  So on my Thursday night before flying out the next day, I decided to take myself down to the Can Can Kitchen to check out the current burlesque/dance show, French Kiss.  I remember seeing a promo email about it near Valentines Day, but I was glad they extended it so I could catch a glimpse.  I had seen the summer show, Flamingo, on my last trip so I knew what kind of sexy shenanigans were in store!

Kiss 04There were 5 fantastic dancers in the version of the show I saw (more on that a little later): Jonnyboy, Le Minx, Sugar Shay, Fair Elise, and Neon Keon.  I didn’t do a great job of keeping track of the performers’ names the last time I attended so I made sure that I got them all this time, which was frankly pretty impressive given the strength of the three signature cocktails I had before and during the show.

While waiting to be seated, I decided to try a Death In The Afternoon.  Apparently the Can Can is notorious for their Absinthe cocktails, and this one was a simple pairing of the licorice flavor of Absinthe with the brightness of Prosecco.  It was an interesting combo, and the Absinthe definitely packs a punch – I was ready to see some dancing!  Along with my delicious dinner (mac’n’cheese with fresh crab, followed by salted caramel cheesecake) I also tried the La Vie En Rose and, of course, the titular French Kiss.  La Vie En Rose was probably my favorite, a complex blend of several things, including strawberry, mint, lavender, and pineapple.  It was sweet, just the way I like it, but with enough contrast to keep it from being a total sugar rush.  I’m not a foodie, so I’m doing a terrible job describing these things, but they were potent and powerful!  The French Kiss was another champagne cocktail with ginger ale and other flavors that sweetened up the dry champagne.  It was definitely party time!

Kiss 03The show opened with a fast number filled with red sequins and all 5 performers, getting the show off to an energetic start.  Right after that, Jonnyboy and Fair Elise brought out a smoldering number that reminded me a lot of the Boris number from Flamingo – Jonnyboy in a white tank top and suspenders, Elise in a red wrap-front gown with matching lingerie underneath.  The show is supposed to play with all forms of love, flirtation, and attraction, and they were definitely bringing some lust to the stage.  Meow!

Jonnyboy’s number was followed up with Neon Keon doing a playfully sexy dance, pulling a rose from his pants in a suggestive way; he flirted with both men and women during the number, but mostly men and it added a cheeky queerness that I thought was pitch perfect.  Jonnyboy and Neon Keon both have their comedic moments in the show, but Keon is definitely the natural in that department.  Jonnyboy’s sex appeal is in his masculinity whereas Keon has a wider range of gender from street butch to low key feminine which he uses to his advantage; Jonnyboy is definitely funny, but Keon is witty.  Those two…dayum, that is one manwich I’d love to get all up in the middle of!

Wait, where was I?

Right, back to the show!  I’m pretty sure all of the performers were also in Flamingo except for Sugar Shay.  She was an extremely adaptable performer, able to switch back and forth between edgier, grittier presentations (she had a high pony that she whipped like a queen and I was LIVING for it, y’all!) and an elegant athleticism.  She led the women in a strip club inspired chair dance number with jeweled panties and trench coats and then did a beautiful curtain danced that was both poised and acrobatic.

Kiss 02Le Minx is like Bettie Page 2.0 with her jet black hair and classically beautiful angular features; she did a number that was darkly sensual with shattered images on the projection screens, the two men acting as a human swing, and ended with projected vines “growing” up her legs and back; when she turned around, the projector beamed the image of a beating heart onto her chest.  It was beautiful and affecting.  All three of the female dancers are lovely and talented, but with this show and Flamingo, it is Le Minx who gives me the performances that stick with me long after the curtain falls.

There were lots of other shenanigans throughout the evening, but the night ended with a number involving audience participation that progressed through the evening, featuring a man (this time his name was Mike, and he was sort of bearishly handsome – I’d have climbed that like a tree!) who is called up on stage several times until finally he becomes a participant in the finale, the Grease Megamix.  At the end, he gets a special treat from the two male leads of the show:

Well, I get the feeling he didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I would have.  But I’m a thirsty bitch; don’t judge.

Kiss 09Now I mentioned earlier that there were different versions of the show.  When I perused the Galleries at the Can Can’s website for images from French Kiss, at first I thought I might have clicked on the wrong show – none of the numbers being depicted looked at all familiar.  The show opened as a Valentine’s show, and the images were much more explicitly holiday-themed: lots of red hearts, teddy bears, etc.  I can see how running a show up until the summer production starts might require some adjustment but I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get to see some of those other, more theatrical performances.  I mean, do giant moving teddy bears really have an expiration date?!

I reached out to Jonnyboy (read: shamelessly Facebook stalked him) to get more info on how the show has grown and evolved.  If he responds, I’ll update the post with all the juicy details below.

Having seen two shows now at the Can Can, I’m thoroughly impressed with the quality of the entertainment.  The dancers have impressive performance credentials and each one brings a unique style and spirit to the show.  If burlesque is your thing, you will see top notch performances guaranteed to inspire and titillate – yes, that pun was beneath me, but what can I say?  The only thing I want to imagine above me right now is a certain pair of male dancers.  French kiss, indeed!

Kiss 05

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