Lush Life: Fabulous Fresh – But Do They Last?

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For this post, I decided to do something a little bit different.  I’ve given you a few Lush Life reviews of my adventures with the Canadian brand known for giving you Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, but what happens when they’re…less than fresh?!

Specifically, I keep buying bath bombs and bring them home with me.  Why, I don’t know – my bathtub is way too small and old for me to take baths!  I keep thinking I’ll rent a jacuzzi room at a hotel or something, but in the bathroom cabinet they sit.  Since I had a week long trip to Seattle for work recently, I decided that instead of buying new Lush bath bombs, I’d bring some of the “vintage” bombs from my collection and see how they’ve aged!  I had 2 from my trip to Seattle at the end of September/beginning of October 2016 (making them about 7 months old) and two from my trip to Detroit in January (making those about 3.5 months old).  I took videos of each of the 4 baths and tell you how it all worked out.  I also paired each bath with a mask from my collection to give it even more of a DIY spa experience.


This blue bomb from the Christmas collection was from my Seattle trip (7 months) and was part of the Xmas collection.

The gold stars were cocoa butter and left a sticky (but not unpleasant) sheen on my skin that felt very moisturizing.  The fragrance was pretty light, so the oils in this one did not last very well in storage.  The color, of course, is beautiful and turns the tub a lovely bright blue.  Not bad, but it’s definitely lost a lot of the fragrance and so it’s pretty to look at but not much else.  Overall, a pretty average experience.

Lush 01

The Mask: For this bath, I stayed traditional and did my all-time favorite, the Queen Helene Mint Julep mask.  This minty mud concoction is thick and really helps calm down my oily skin.  When I travel, my skin gets all stressed out, so I wanted to do this one right away to try to head off any breakouts before they happened.  It was cool and relaxing!


This green bomb is one that I had been dying to try for a while, but the Lush in Seattle was always sold out whenever I was there.  Luckily, the Lush I found on my Detroit trip had plenty and I was able to add this to my collection just over 3 months ago.

This one is different from almost all of the other bombs in that it’s a very earthy smell, no sweetness or floral at all.  It’s mossy and herbal, sort of an aloe vera smell or like very high end skincare.  The smell held up nicely, and it’s extremely green – when it was done, I felt like I was taking a bath in a tub of green jello before it sets up in the fridge!  I wanted it to smell like lemon lime soda, but it was still pretty fabulous.

Lush 02

The Mask: I already hit my face with my number one breakout preventer, but you can never be too careful; for this bath, I used another great oil fighter, the Boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding Intensive Wash Off Treatment.  This swirled mix of white and black charcoal is great for oily, acne-prone skin and it breaks my heart that I’m almost out of it!


This purple number is another one I had really been looking forward to – I love fruity, berry smells so this was right up my alley.

This was the other bomb from Detroit, so only about 3.5 months, and it was the worst of the lot.  The fragrance was almost nothing and the bomb itself was super powdery; there was a ton of powder in the bag I got when I bought it!  The purple dye around the edges of the tub was a big concern – I didn’t want to go out with purple stains all over my skin.  Here are some photos of the tube as the tub was draining.  I ran myself a new bath with the next bomb to get my fabulous soak instead.

It also took a fair amount of scrubbing with a washcloth to get all of those remnants off the walls of the tub.  Not sure what made the dye in that bomb so much more aggressive than the others, but it was definitely a bomb – and not in a good way!

Lush 03


This Christmas bomb from my Seattle trip had held up remarkably well considering how many different pieces were all stuck together and I was really hoping, especially after the Blackberry fiasco, for a good finishing experience.

As with the other bombs, the colors were amazing  and pretty much just as vibrant as a brand new bomb.  The little pieces still fizzed and sent jets of colors streaming out into the water.  The oils had dried out a fair amount, which is why so many chunks separated off right away, but otherwise it behaved very similarly to a fresh bomb.  The fragrance eventually built up a little, but it was never very strong.  Pretty, but more visual than olfactory in its pleasure.

Lush 07

The Mask: For this one I decided to try a new mask that I had picked up at Ulta: the Be Berry Bright Balancing mud mask with Bilberry and Neroli.  I have three of the masks from this company and they are wonderful, and at only $6.99 each they are almost a good a deal as the Queen Helene!  This one had a light fruity scent and the mud felt good on my face, working hard to absorb any extra oil my stressed out skin was producing.

Lush Bombs


This should come as no surprise, but Lush, the leader in fresh cosmetics, is best when used while FRESH!  These bath bombs held up alright (with the exception of the Blackberry) but while the color was just as good as the fresh bombs the fragrance was noticeably lighter (and in some cases, almost nonexistent!).  If you just want a colorful, lightly scented tub to relax in, by all means keep those bombs in your cupboards and break them out when the mood strikes.  But if you want to whole experience, best to get them fresh and use them right away.  Luckily, because they are a dry good and don’t require refrigeration they are available to order on the website (unlike their fabulous face masks, which still breaks my heart!).

Lush 08

If you’re going to live that Lush Life, better do it while it’s fresh.  They wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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