Juvia’s Place Provides A Magical Color Journey To Africa With Saharan And Nubian Palettes

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Juvia’s Place – where have you been all my life?!

I discovered this brand when YouTuber Jackie Aina turned me on to the Black Owned Makeup Brand (BOMB) Challenge; I already reviewed the Masquerade palette and it was gorgeous, but I wasn’t able to provide my own swatches because of my sad lighting situation at the time.  I recently ordered two more of their palettes, the Nubian 2 and the Saharan (their most recent) and I wanted to make sure that I not only showed off these gorgeous palettes but also swatched them myself and showed off how they looked!

Before we go too far into the shadows themselves, let’s talk a minute about price.  These shadows are AHHHHHH-mazing.  Sorry if that’s a spoiler for what’s coming later on in the post, but I can’t help it.  The mattes are generally pretty good, and the ones that are a little patchy are generally really buildable, so you should be able to get a decent look with them.  But those foils though?  They are creamy, metallic PERFECTION.  If Juvia’s Place can offer the these palettes, and many of the palettes have very large pans, and keep the price under $30, then what the hell are all of these other brands doing with their lives?!

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on and look at the shadows.


Juvia 03 Flash

Juvia 03 No Flash(Top photo with flash, bottom photo without)

While I wasn’t that jazzed about the first Nubian palette – the colors look as gorgeous as these but are strictly nudes/neutrals – I did like that this palette had some great pops of color.  Cleopatra and Egypt, the bright blue and green metallic shades respectively, were the immediate eye-catchers, but there are a lot of great colors here.  Leyla is a a reddish purple that is deep and beautiful – and that’s coming from me, someone who usually isn’t a fan of red-based purples.  Zuri is a beautiful champagne shade, and this palette has golds for daaaaaaaays with Nairobi and Nefertiti.  Here are my swatches:

Juvia 05 FlashJuvia 05 No Flash(Top photo with flash, bottom photo without)

As you can see, the metallics have rich pigmentation that applies beautifully with a finger swipe; for brushes, synthetics are going to be your best bet as they are less “grabby” with the product.  I didn’t do brush swatches, but I’ve used brushes with the Masquerade palette shades and have had the same sort of intense results.  I’ll include a couple of YouTube videos below of people using the products as well.  I generally go for cool tones over warm tones, but this palette is still gorgeous.  Kenya is my favorite of the mattes, like a taupe with more brown in it.  Jezebel was the only one that went on a little patchy, but I think with some blending it will behave like the other mattes and give you some decent color payoff.


Juvia 04 FlashJuvia 04 No Flash(Top photo with flash, bottom photo without)

I was super excited for this palette and I have legit been trying to get my hands on it for a few months – it was always sold out when I went to the website!  This one features much smaller pans, which is a bummer because there are some truly stunning shades in this collection.  Kia and Fula are my immediate favorites; Kia is a brown with green duochrome but a much deeper green than you usually see which gives it an unexpected richness, and Fula is a bright pink metallic that is Barbie’s Malibu dream.  Lulu and Zoya are somewhat similar, but they are both gorgeous – lots of pinky champagne goodness!  Zoya has a little bit more of a pinky shift to it while Lulu is more of a straight up champagne.  Jamila was the only one I had trouble swatching, and again I think that if I had a brush and a little bit of time I could get some decent color out of it.  It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t swatching on the same level as the other shadows.  Here are my swatches:

Juvia 06 FlashJuvia 06 No Flash

Ugh, these shadows!  I just want to paint my entire face in ALL OF THEM.  Juvia’s place is such a great brand and their prices are phenomenal. Iw as excited to see that they also recently released two new Saharan blush palettes as well!  I will probably tryto  pick them up at some point, but at least one of them is already sold out as of this righting.  Guess I’ll have to keep checking back – story of my life!

When I placed my order for these two palettes, I used the code FUMI to save an additional 10% off my order; here is Fumi’s video about the Saharan palette:

I think she’s fun and I really like her cheeky personality in her videos.  And that eye look is gorgeous – I can never get winged liner to work out like that!

Here is a YouTube swatch video and tutorial from the Tastemaker:

I also wanted to include a couple of videos of people with different skin tones using this palette – just because a brand is black-owned, it doesn’t mean that people of all colors and shades can’t get sickening looks from these amazing products!

I also really like Jen Luvs Reviews – like Stephanie Nicole, she provides lots of great information about ingredients and price per gram information so you can make smart buying choices!

And because I didn’t want you to think that I don’t have love for the Nubian 2, I’m going to include a couple of videos featuring that palette as well, starting with this lovely lady with a more medium-toned complexion:

And finally, here is the Stephanie Nicole video that I immediately watched when I heard about Juvia’s Place.  I trust Stephanie’s videos, and while I don’t always 100% agree with her, I do find that her recommendations don’t steer me wrong!  I know her videos are always long as fuck (seriously – girl can talk!), but I always find them to be worth watching beginning to end.

Juvia’s place is easily one of the best brands out there is you like vivid colors and foiled metallics that really perform.  The fact that they are also more affordable than most of their competition is just icing on this colorful cake.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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