JANESSA AFTER DARK – Episode 0 Is Available On SoundCloud!

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MamaThat’s right kittens – Miss Jaye done got herself together and released episode 0 of Janessa After Dark a week early!  Originally aiming for an early June release, the first episode went live over the weekend, and can be found RIGHT HERE!  (The show is currently only available on SoundCloud, but we hope to expand to iTunes and possibly Stitcher very soon!)

Serving as an introduction to season 1, Miss Jaye herself talks you through the genesis of this website, The World of Champagne, and how working on this site over the last 5 years has impacted her life and led to the innovations in content creation you’re seeing now!

And if episode 0 whets your appetite, don’t worry – Episode 1 is already well into production and will feature a commentary on Miss Jaye’s fascination with porn stores as well as an interview with ND-boy turned boylesque impresario and porn star extraordinaire, Chris Harder!

Episode 2 is also in the planning stages and will feature Miss Jaye’s thoughts on embracing non-traditional femininity, and will feature an interview with Emma (MP) Johnson, author of fabulously strange books like Dungeons & Drag Queens and Drag Queen Dino Fighters!

If you want to get the most up to date announcements about Janessa After Dark, don’t forget to follow Miss Jaye on InstaGram (@JanessaJayeOfficial) and get ready for some fabulous aural pleasures coming your way!

Remember: All the BEST things happen…AFTER DARK!

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