Favorite Things: Pretty Vulgar Makes Its Sephora Debut

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To tell you the truth, I can’t even remember where I heard it; my makeup obsession has become so well-known that people just tell me anything they hear related to makeup and cosmetics news.  And I was very excited to hear the news that a fun and cheeky new indie brand, Pretty Vulgar, was making its way into Sephora.  I asked at my local Sephora Inside JCP and it doesn’t sound like they will make an appearance at the smaller concept, but the products are already available on Sephora.com, and as far as I know they should be making their way to larger free-standing Sephora Stores as well!

PV 12

First, I loved the name.  Pretty Vulgar.  That’s very similar to how I think of the development of my drag persona: I wanted to be glamorous and feminine and girly; I wanted to be pretty.  But then when I opened my mouth, I let the parade of filth commence!  Pretty, Vulgar.

Second, I loved their packaging.  There is a bird/birdcage theme that runs through their packaging, as well as sweet vintage roses.  That’s the pretty part.  Then the shade names have a tart kick to them like “Glimmers of BS” and “Evil Secret.”  Tame enough to land in everyone’s beauty “go to” destination (well, one of the two!) but sassy enough to keep the antique and femme elements from seeming too innocent or Victorian.  It’s a fun juxtaposition.

Their prices are comparable to other brands offered in Sephora, if a little on the high side.  In truly uncharacteristic fashion, I actually showed a little bit of restraint and limited my initial foray into the brand to 5 products: 2 metallic My Lips Are Sealed Liquid Lipsticks (Particularly Sophisticated – a rose with gold shimmer – and Artful Deception – a gray mauve, $24 each), 1 Poisonous Pout Plumping Lip Gloss (Dirty Secret – chocolate brown, $22), a Make Them Blush cheek color (Mirror Mirror – coral pink with gold, pretty much a dead ringer for Orgasm by Nars, $26), and a Shimmering Swan Highlighter (Glimmers of BS – nude champagne pearl, $32).  The metallic lipsticks especially are a bit higher in price than most of their competitors, but the blush is $4 cheaper than the NARS blush (and spoiler alert: I actually like it better!).  The highlight, at $32, was the biggest disappointment in terms of value for my money; I thought that since it was $6 more than the blush that it might come in a slightly larger pan, but actually the compacts are the same size (just different colors) and you get less product: the blush is a full 6 grams while the highlight weighs in at only 5.7 grams.  If it were a stunning, must have, to die for shade I could maybe forgive this but…meh.  There is nothing super special about the color, nothing unique – there are a million nude champagne shimmers out there that would suffice at less cost.  It works well, so if you absolutely are in love with this brand or the packaging or whatever you will get plenty of use out of it, but I wouldn’t forgo other options for this one.

PV 13

The blush on the other hand…dayum!  So many brands now have their “inspired by Orgasm” blush.  They might not say it, but we see you.  Coral pink with gold shimmer is popping up every-damn-where.  This is the only time so far that I have to say that I actually like this formula better – and the fact that I can save $4 off the retail price of NARS is just icing!  The blush is a powder but it has this rich, velvety texture that is really lovely, a ton of pigmentation, and it blends out super easily if it’s too dark on your first pass.  I absolutely adore this!  This was the only color I was really drawn to (and let’s be real, sometimes it’s hard to get excited about blush!) but now that I know the formula, I’ll be tempted to check out some of the other available shades.  I’m hoping to get to a “grown up” Sephora so I can actually look at the colors in person!

The lip products overall were pretty good.  The lip gloss was ok, but to be honest they were sold out of my first choice shade (Pick Your Poison – a nude pink) and while the brown I got it a nice color with a fair amount of pigmentation I don’t know how much use I’ll get out of it.  It has a nice minty sort of smell to it and the plumping agent tingles but isn’t unpleasant so it’s not a bad buy; if you’re a “lip gloss and go” kinda girl, I think you will actually like these, especially if you like that cooling and plumping feeling.  Just not super stage friendly.

The metallic liquid lipsticks are the winners for me, which is why I got two of them instead of just one to try – I really just could not make myself choose!  Particularly Sophisticated is much more my signature sort of purchase (A bright yellow-toned pink with a gorgeous metallic shine) but Artful Deception is just such a great color!  I love all of the cool taupe-y browns that I’m seeing nowadays and this is one of the best!  These metallics paint on super smoothly and they have a ton of color payoff.  They never really dry down; they are more of a liquid formula for traditional lipstick, but they love amazing and from the little bit I’ve worn them around the house (which included a little eating and drinking, because science – not just because a big bitch was hongry!) they wore really well.  Not transfer proof, but if your significant other doesn’t appreciate these gorgeous colors decorating their lips and…extremities, then maybe you need to think about making a relationship change.  And I mean Facebook official.  Bye Felicia!

PV MascaraI’m really excited about this brand, and while I’m trying to adult better and make smarter choices, I think I’ll be dropping more coins on this brand soon.  I’m already a little obsessed with setting sprays and theirs comes in this vintage perfume atomizer style bottle that is absolute LIVING.  I’m also gagging on the packaging for their Feathers Mascara – the lid looks like a birdcage, with a bird on top!  They also have a Bird’s Nest Blurring Beauty Mousse foundation that I’ve heard rumblings is really good – though it currently only comes in 6 shades so either it’s super sheer (it is described as a lightweight foundation with moisturizer and primer included in the formula) or they just don’t give a shit about brown women, neither of which is a great option.  I mean, tinted moisturizers are great for some people, but I’m thinking about my needs here.

I’m loving this new brand, and I’m so glad that Sephora announced a new brand that isn’t boring as FUCK.  The last two brand announcements I remember hearing coming into Sephora were Lancome and Estee Lauder and while 80-year-old grandma vaginas everywhere moistened, I really didn’t give a shit.  Oh yeah – and that weird “The Estee Edit” line that is trying to make Estee Lauder relevant to younger women and is just sort of boring, when not out and out strange (the black and yellow “lipstick enhancers” for example!).  Pretty Vulgar is exactly the kind of edgy-but-in-a-safe-way kind of brand to once again draw back the hardcore beauty obsessed (including me!) who have been drifting over to Ulta where you can find the same high end “cool” brands like Urban Decay, Too Faced, and Benefit while also stocking up on your faves from the mass market lines like NYX and Makeup Revolution.

If you’re ready to get excited about Sephora’s selection once again, then they’ve got some Pretty treats for you.  And if not…well, then fuck you too.

Pretty. Vulgar.

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

(this video has a good demo of a lot of the products – but who let this bitch try to pick out her own foundation color?! Gurrrrrrrl…… lol)

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