GIVEAWAY: RuPaul’s Drag Race-Themed Giveaway Is Fierce, Hunty! [CLOSED]

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Hey there squirrel-friends!  We were hoping to have this giveaway ready for the premiere of season 9 but…well, life happens!  Instead, we’ve got this ready to go just as you are preparing to gag on the eleganza that is the season finale!  But just because this season is coming to a close doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some cosmetics items and some fabulous souvenirs inspired by some of the most luminous stars in Drag Race herstory!  Are you ready to sashay away with a HUGE 12-piece collection related to some of the most fabulous queens to ever strut their stuff on the small screen?  Miss Jaye herself has curated a fabulous prize package for you, one of the biggest and most unique she has ever offered, and all 12 of the items are related to one of the queens who has been featured on the show!

Here’s what the giveaway includes:


First, there are 4 full-size cosmetics products:

1 SugarPill Liquid Lipstick – Kim Chi
1 SugarPill Pressed Eyeshadow – Kim Chi
1 OCC Lip Tar – NSFW (Willam was a model for the brand/color)
1 OCC Lip Tar – Strumpet (Detox was a model for the brand/color)

You also get 4 fabulous promo cards:


1 Promo Card for the RPDR Goddesses at Sea Cruise feat. Mystique Summers
1 Promo Card for the RPDR Goddesses at Sea Cruise feat. Penny Traition
2 OCC Lip Tar Promo Cards feat. Willam (slight bends/damage from shipping)

Finally, you get these 4 bits of random fabulousness:

1 INFERNO-A-GO-GO Show Poster (11×17) feat. Ben DeLa Crème
1 CANCER IS A DRAG Show Poster feat. and signed by Jujubee & Miss Jaye!
1 FACE THE ILLUSION Makeup Tutorial DVD feat. Shannel
1 Vintage GIRL TALK Magazine feat. an article by Miss Jaye and Covergirl Raja!

RPDR 05This is one of our biggest and most wide-ranging giveaways ever – not only do you get 4 full size makeup products (with a retail value of $65!), but you also get 4 rare promo cards, a makeup tutorial DVD (originally purchased for $20), 2 collectible posters (one of which is signed!), and a magazine featuring Raja from long before she was a regular face on America’s Next Top Model or took home the crown on RPDR Season 3!

All you have to do to get entered for a chance to win is comment below and tell us about your dragspiration!  You can tell us who your favorite RPDR queen is, or maybe you’re inspired by another great icon of drag: Divine, Lady Bunny, Joey Arias, Frank Marino, Lipsynka, Jackie Beat, Miss Coco Peru, or even RuPaul herself!  Tell us about what drag performer really inspires you and why, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win this amazing prize package!  But start your engines – because this giveaway is only open until 9 pm Central on June 25th!

US residents may chante, you stay.  Unfortunately, we are not accepting international entries at this point, so sashay away – or find a US address for us to ship it to!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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Readers Comments (9)
  1. Lisa Shanklin says:

    Since I know you use true random winner generators, I’m free to express my honest opinion with no worry of others thinking I’m just trying to win. YOU, Ms Janessa are the best Drag Queen in the world. You’re my favorite because both professionally in your vocation, & personally in your work & personal life – you stand for equal rights for all people. You share your hope & love with the world. You’re honest with your opinions, yet you never spew hatred even when others are spewing it in your direction. You’ve remained my friend through the ever changing me that I am, showing support & providing empathy; even when you might not understand from where I’m coming. That’s the dignity of royalty which you exude. YOU ARE THE BEST. I love you Ms. Janessa.

  2. Cody Blotter says:

    Considering you were the first drag queen I had ever seen perform, you’re definitely up there on my list of muses. Choosing just one Ru girl is too hard because they all bring so much to the table. I love Willam because she’s so blunt. I love Jinkx Monsoon and Alexis Michelle because of the theatricality they bring to their performances. But most of all, I love the area kings and queens I’ve had the opportunity to work with. They’ve all been welcoming and kind and I couldn’t ask for more.

  3. I’ve drawn inspiration from so many drag queens in my 22+ years doing drag. Definitely from the boldness and I don’t give a shit attitude and her beauty through the bizarre style of the great Divine! As far as RPDR stars, of course Ru Paul for her innovation, style, and exceptional professionalism. But most especially, and most recently, because we got to work with her in Bismarck last year, Season One Winner, BeBe Zahara Benet. Like me, a great amount of her earlier work was done to raise money for people with HIV/AIDS. While working with her, even though she is a major star in the drag world, she is one of the kindest and most giving performers I’ve ever worked with. From the moment we met Bebe was so kind and spent nearly every minute with me either complementing me, building my self-esteem, or preaching to those around that older queens like me were a treasure to be cherished for our contributions to the cause, the paths we had paved for our community, and our knowledge of our precious history. Her words, not mine! A true star like this did not need to do this, it wasn’t expected, and certainly wasn’t necessary for her to do. I believe her to be just plain talented, kind, and a truly professional and caring person. We can all learn special lessons from BeBe Zahara Benet!

  4. Autumn says:

    Coco Peru has always been a big inspiration for me. I love her quirky sense of humor and she’s just so funny!

  5. Brandy H says:

    Sharon Needles! I met her at one of the Battle of the Seasons shows and she was lovely. She even signed some artwork that I made inspired by her. <3

  6. Laurene says:

    I, too, am going with the obvious answer here: Janessa Jaye Champagne! I have seen a lot of drag queens in my day and have been inspired by many of them. But none more than you. I love your perspective and creativity and it is fun to see you bringing drag to new contexts. You have the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent, Janessa! Love you!

  7. Lauren says:

    Drag is such a beautiful way for expressing ones self. I recently started listening to What’s the tee, which is RuPaul’s podcast and it’s amazing. One episode had former Dragracer Raven on. Raven is one of my most favorite because of the makeup skills that she exudes. Also her I don’t care what you think or no nonsense attitude.

    One cannot forget Mama Ru too! I try to live by the line that she closes out every show with. “If you can’t love yourself how the hell are you suppose to love anyone else!”

  8. Maura Ferguson says:

    I love drag as an art form and am equally excited and uncomfortable with it going more mainstream, as it has been such a safe place for so many to see-express and I hate seeing it open for criticism from people who just don’t get it.

    My favorite local queen of course is Miss Janessa!

    It’s harder to pick a favorite Ru girl – I really love Alaska and her subversive intelligence. I love Katya for her irreverence, openness, and humor. I love Bianca for her biting wit and hard work ethic. I love Sasha Velour for her intelligent commentary on the illusion of gender itself. I love Alyssa for her authenticity.

    I love RuPaul for too many reasons to list, but I will say that reading his books, listening to his podcast, and really hearing his message has honestly changed my life. I am a stronger person because of the wisdom Ru has imparted from his career. What other people think of me is none of my business. Be authentic. Don’t take things too seriously. All so important. CAN I GET AN AMEN UP IN HERE?

  9. JanessaJaye says:

    Thanks everyone for participating! We’ll have the winner announced soon, meaning this giveaway will Sashay Away – it’s closed, y’all! Check out the Alice in Wonderland giveaway that just opened up!

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