Taking A (Lemonade) Stand

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I’m not ashamed to admit it – this whole post is just an excuse to celebrate two things: the fireceness that is Beyonce and her amazing Lemonade album, and the hilarious sendup of that fierceness from season 3 of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt where Titus works through his relationship with Michael by “lemonading.”

This video is just one of the fabulous songs from the Lemonade album, and the images from it are probably the most well known.  If you haven’t already given this album a listen, I suggest you do.  It’s really powerful and has some great music.  (“I don’t wanna lose my pride but I’m gonna fuck me up a bitch.”)

Now because this is the Makeup Forum, you know we had to have some fabulous cosmetics in there somewhere so I decided this was a perfect time to talk about a fantastic black-owned makeup brand and their signature Lemonade highlighter palette.  Meet Lena’s Lashes and their absolutely gorgeous Lemonade highlighter palette:

Lemonade 04

I’m planning to do a whole separate post about their fabulous mink and synthetic lashes (I wore two pairs in my most recent photoshoot with Miranda Roen – you can find pics in the photo galleries!) but for this one I wanted to start with this bit of loveliness.  The pans are similar in size to like a Juvia’s Place single eyeshadow, so smaller than a lot of individual highlighters, but you get four pretty, summery shades and the price is only $25!  Lena’s Lashes also has sales pretty regularly, so you might even be able to find it for less than $25 – I got mine for only $5!

The swatches, left to right, are Bikini, Pool Party, Lemonade, and Sweetie Pie, which corresponds to the palette shades on the top row left to right and then bottom row left to right.  That feels like a really complicated way to say that; I think you can see from the picture which is which.  All 4 shades are buttery and delicious and apply like a dream!  They are pigmented enough that you could add them into an eye look but also look great as highlighters as intended.  Bikini has a subtle pink undertone that I love – since this is a lemonade palette, where’s the pink lemonade?!  I think I sense a “sequel” in the works!   Pool Party is also a little pinky, and it’s my favorite of the bunch.  Lemonade is a yellow gold with a lot of shine.  Sweetie Pie is a copper-bronze sort of shade that is the darkest of the group.  This is the one that will be the most challenging for light skintones to wear as a highlight, but this can easily shine up your blush game.  On darker skintones, Bikini will be a bit of a challenge to work right, but I think it can be done.  Divas in the middle can pick any of these fabulous shades and look fierce af!

Just as much as the original, I also love Titus Andromendon’s adventures in lemonading from season 3 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  If you haven’t watched the season, stop what you’re doing and do it NOW.  If you haven’t watched any Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt…well, then set aside some time because it is required viewing! (“Kimmy!  Use your key!  I’m lemonading!”)

Since we’re talking about Lena’s Lashes, I figured this might also be a great time to show off the liquid lipsticks I’ve gotten from their collection.  Again, Lena’s Lashes loves to have a good sale, and I have gotten great deals on a ton of their products!  Here are the 9 liquid lipsticks I’ve picked up from their brand:

Lemonade 03

And swatches of those shades, shown in the same order:

Lemonade 02

All 9 are from the “More Matte Than Matte” Collection; the three with the black tops were in my most recent order, so it looks like the packaging has been changed up between when I ordered the first batch and now!  In order, the shades are:  Carter, Stephan, Orlando, Aubrey (I think…this one didn’t have a sticker on the bottom), Hugo, Luca (Another guess, no sticker), Idris, Marco, and Sean.  The packaging is pretty low end, but if a liquid lipstick performs, I’m willing to compromise a bit on those less important details.  And with these liquid lipsticks, I think the performance is pretty solid.

All of the swatches in the picture were one coat, and you can see that it’s a slightly thicker, moussier formula.  The three newest shades, in the middle, were the thinnest, dried the fastest, and were the most inconsistent with one coat.  But with a second coat, all of these shades turn out beautifully – just make sure if you have one that’s a little thicker that you give it plenty of time to dry down as that can be an issue.  Carter is a lovely purple, and if you’re looking to avoid Jeffree Star’s brand it looks to be a good dupe for his Summer Collection shade You. Better. Work.  Stephan is a pale peachy nude, pretty close to my skintone.  Orlando is a rich, warm chocolate brown.  Aubrey is a little darker and a little more cool, a good dupe for Jeffree Star’s Celebrity Skin.  Hugo is a stone/taupe sort of color that I really like.  Luca is a sort of cafe au lait brown that’s a bit deeper than Aubrey.  We get a little wild with Idris, a bright maraschino cherry red.  Marco is a nice blue-toned bright pink while Sean is more of a bright coral pink.

Lena’s Lashes is just one of the great brands I discovered while I was working on my research for the Black-Owned Makeup Brand (BOMB) challenge, and I’m glad that they are firmly planted on my radar.  Not only do they have amazing lashes, both mink and synthetic, but they have a line of other great products as well and they are always doing really great sales and promotions.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  And when you’ve got lemonade, make it SLAY.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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