A Matter Of Taste: Beauty Bakerie Remains Inconsistent

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We went back to the Bakerie and once again – things were ruuuuhl inconsistent.

In case you’ve forgotten or don’t, like, commit every single one of my makeup reviews to memory, my first experience with Beauty Bakerie was a mixed bag.  The matte lip whips were pretty good, but the metallics were a big disappointment.  The highlighter was adorably packaged and was easily the best product of the group.

Well, Cashmere and her ridiculously cute marketing strategy pulled me in again and I ordered a few of her newer products, and once again it was an inconsistent mess.  Here’s what I got:

Bakerie 01

The Flour setting powders are a pretty basic product; I didn’t go for the translucent or the brown and opted instead for the pink and yellow specialty powder.  Yellow powders can be good for baking under the eyes, especially if you have dark circles (sometimes concealer needs a little help!), and the pink is good for all-over lightening and brightening.  The packaging that you see in the picture has both powders in it; when it arrived from Beauty Bakerie, only one was in the flour sack packaging and the other was in a pink and white box similar to the lip whip remover.  I thought it looked cuter and more like an actual sack of flour to put both of them in there!  Here are the powders out of the bag:

Bakerie 04I’ve played around with both of them, and I’m generally pretty impressed with them.  The powders are finely milled and they spread over the skin nicely and don’t leave any sort of chalky residue.  I’m pretty well stocked on translucent powder right now, but if I run out of my Coty and my Kat Von D (my two current favorites) I’ll probably add in the translucent powder from Beauty Bakerie to see how it works.  The pink powder is especially nice and works for a range of skintones, and most brands that do setting powders don’t have a pink option.  Yellow is a little more common, but still not something offered by every brand and this is a good one.  This yellow is a little lighter than the Sacha Buttercup powder; I would say it’s pretty on par with the Ben Nye Banana Powder, so if you like that one you should think about giving the yellow Flour a try!

I was also excited to see that they had their Lip Whip Remover pads back in stock.

The Lip Whip Removers come with 50 individual whips in a small screw top container, similar to the Flour powder containers without the sifter and with a different color lid.  They are an oil based pad and there doesn’t seem to be any extra oil or product in the jars, so make sure you close them tight after use so they don’t dry out.  They work pretty well – I still had to scrub a little bit to remove my Lip Whip swatches (that I’ll show in a minute) but they did an ok job.  If you have a remover that you like or you just keep some coconut or argan oil on hand for removal you should be good, but these are a nice addition to your kit if you like them.  Stephanie Nicole mentioned in a video one time that she used them to get rid of lipstick that she had been unsuccessful in removing using any of her other removers, so these might be your secret weapon if you use really aggressive liquid lips!

*le sigh*

Now let’s talk about Halo.

Halo was a new shade of metallic Lip Whip that had just come out when I was getting ready to place my order.  Even though I had a terrible experience with the metallics when I wrote my first review, I decided to try it anyway!  I mean, look at this damn swatch image:

Bakerie Halo

I said gawd-DAYUM!  Look at that color!  Plus, it’s named after my favorite Beyonce song (when I’m not Lemonade-ing, that is!).

I really wanted to believe and even the part of me that was skeptical thought, “Even if it’s terrible alone, I can use it as a topcoat!”  Wrong.  And wronger.

Here’s the swatches:

Bakerie 02The first swatch on the left is a single coat.  No pigmentation, no color, no shine…nothing.  The middle swatch is three coats of the same color.  There is some more color and some of that gorgeous shine but you can clearly see that the product settled into a ridge around the edge of the swatch and was patchy and inconsistent in the middle.  And as for the topcoat idea, the third swatch had me laying down a swatch of Apple Pear Smoothie and letting it dry completely (yes, I did let it dry down for more than five minutes while I was working on this post!) and then putting one coat of Halo over top.  The metallic formula reactivated the matte formula and the two mixed together somewhat to become muddy and kind of gross.  Again, I didn’t apply the metallic until the other one was dry.  This was such a huge disappointment – but it really shouldn’t have been a surprise.  Nothing about this is any different that the three metallic shades I reviewed in my last post about this brand.

Cashmere and the team at Beauty Bakerie are obviously incredibly good at marketing these products – they’ve been low key running a social media campaign to get the brand into Sephora, and they also recently launched a partnership with Forever 21 (though whether that’s going to be more of a collab/limited collection or the stores carrying the Beauty Bakerie line wasn’t exactly clear from the announcements I’ve seen).  And when naysayers have something to…naysay, Cashmere herself is not afraid to get in front of the camera on YouTube and tell you exactly what it is you’re doing wrong in how you wear her products!

I appreciate that she’s willing to talk through some of the expressed concerns about her products, but am I the only one who felt like this video was a little aggressive?  Just me?

CupcakeI get it – this brand is her baby, and she’s going to go to bat for it and protect it.  Cashmere’s story is amazing: she’s a single mother and a cancer survivor who went from nothing to running a very successful indie makeup brand with a couple dozen employees, so I don’t fault her for being a little touchy at some of the criticism that’s come her way.  But this video just seemed a little defensive.  I mean, the experience that I’ve had with her metallics is not unique to me; I understand that metallic liquid lips are extremely difficult to get right.  But I wanted a little more acknowledgment of the problems that are there rather than, “You probably put on too much and didn’t let it dry, and then you probably shoved some greasy food in your mouth!”  Obviously she didn’t say it like that, but that’s the tone.  Maybe it’s just me being overly sensitive.

I’m also a little leery of the website reviews: if you look at the Halo page, there are only 9 reviews and nothing below 3 stars.  The five reviews that show on the page are all 5-star reviews, and you have to go to the second page for the 3 and 4-star reviews.  Call me crazy, but for a brand that’s been growing the way Beauty Bakerie has to have a single shade launch (it wasn’t launched with any other products, from what I remember) and to only get 9 reviews and all of them generally positive…something isn’t right.  There’s always someone out there who hates everything.  Sanitized comments sections like that make me even less likely to trust the brand and what they are promoting about their new products.  But maybe I’m just acting like their newest matte Lip Whip shade: Petty Cakes.

I’m still glad that I discovered Beauty Bakerie through the Black Owned Makeup Brand Challenge, and I’m sure I’ll still support them in the future.  I just hope that as they grow and expand, some of their success will lead to a reinvestment in improving those products that aren’t performing the way they should be.

That would be truly sweet, indeed.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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Readers Comments (3)
  1. Letitia says:

    I don’t think she was “aggressive”. I think she was passionate. As you said, it is her baby. There’s a difference between the two, I believe.

    • JanessaJaye says:

      I can see what you’re saying. It just felt a little too much for me. I’m all for giving advice and tips and tricks on how to use products, but there was this vibe of “if it’s not working for you, you’re doing it wrong!” I still love this brand…I just wish it were more consistent. If I could get those metallics to work worth a damn, they would be so gorgeous!

  2. […] to apply of the three, but is still a pretty great option.  This sort of application is what Beauty Bakerie’s Halo should have been!  Velvetines are still some of my favorite liquid lipsticks out there, and they […]

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