Highlight Heaven: Takin’ A Trip To Beverly Hills

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Highlight is something that isn’t going away anytime soon, y’all – so you’d better get on board and get yourself some of the best highlighters out there.

I am, of course, talking about the Glow Kits from Anastasia Beverly Hills.  I have three of them, and they are hands down my absolute favorite highlighters on the market today!  Here are the three that I have gracing my collection:

The first one I added to my stash, the Moon Child Glow Kit, is often mentioned as a dupe for Kat Von D’s Alchemist palette, and for good reason: it’s only 8 dollars more, you get pretty much the same 4 shades plus two more, and you get a shit ton more product for your money!  The Moon child palette has some really lovely cool tones with hologram or metallic reflect.  The highlighters go on smooth; there can ge a little chunkiness to the glitter, which I personally don’t mind (big drag queen and all that), but they blend out pretty well if you don’t want to go too ham.

In the pan, Blue Ice looks like it’s going to apply more white but once it goes on you get a ton of blue hologram-y reflect – you know I ain’t mad about it!  If you love blue but Jeffree Star’s Deep Freeze is just too much blue for you, this will be perfection!  Star is a lovely metallic silver, lots of pigmentation and it gives you a nice solid highlight that can be blended down if you want it less intense.  Purple Horseshoe is a great cool blue-toned purple with some silvery white glitter – one of the more daring shades of the palette, but I adore it.  Pink is a white duochrome that flashes a pretty intense pink.  This one does look different from different angles (at least it does to me) so be prepared for that: sometimes it will look more white and sometimes it will have that gorgeous pink hue.  Lucky Clover is a lovely yellow-green hologram on a white base, and it is cool-toned as hell!  I love it!  This one is probably my favorite of the palette (along with Purple Horseshoe) and would complement looks that have either a yellow or a green element to them.  Also pinks and really anything pastel.  This one is great!  Finally, the last shade in the palette is Blue Moon; this one is metallic like Star, but with a definite blue tone to it.  The two shades are pretty similar, so a minor quibble is that ABH could have gotten rid of one of them and given us a unique shade (a white duochrome with an orange/coral flash would have been SICK!) but this is still a gorgeous shade and has a lot of potential uses.  Again, it’s a way to wear blue highlight without going full on blue raspberry sweet tart blue!  These are so creamy and they blend like a dream with any brush I’ve ever used them with.  I am in love!

The next palette I added to my collection was the collab with Nicole Guerriero.  This palette is bigger than the other two and features round pans instead of square, but you get a similar amount of product (4.5 grams versus 4.2 grams) to the other two in the regular size palette.

If you prefer warm-toned highlights, this palette is totally going to be your jam!  Kitty Kat is a gorgeous pinky coral – if you took the best parts of Nars Orgasm blush and turned it into a shimmery highlight, you’d have Kitty Kat!  I think this is also a pretty good dupe for Jeffree Star’s Peach Goddess.  Forever young is a slightly lighter beige-y pink.  The main criticism I’ve heard of this palette is that a lot of the shades are very similar, and I have to agree.  This one is definitely different, but not enough to really excite me.  I would have liked a little bit more variety in the shades.  Daydream is a stunner – bright orange with enough of a coral flash to keep it from being a citrus nightmare!  This one is really gorgeous, and it’s really unique of what I’ve seen out on the market to this point.  Remember that song on Sesame Street about “One of these things is not like the others…”?  Forever Lit is definitely that shade for this palette!  It’s a bright pearl white with a little bit of a blue flash in the undertone.  It’s the one cool moment in this collection, and I think it’s beautiful and really helps diversify the shades offered.  The last two shades are also the ones that get called out for being way too similar.  Glo Getter is metallic peach deliciousness and I like that it has the metallic shine without having any glitter – I don’t need glitter from head to toe every single day.  Just almost every day!  143 is the same finish and a very similar color, just a couple of shades darker.  It’s got a little bit more of a bronze element in the peach.  They are both gorgeous, and people with different skintones will probably prefer one or the other, but I think they could have substituted one of the shades for something completely different to get another fabulous moment like Forever Lit.  Ahh, missed opportunities.  Still a great palette, and it’s nice to see a collab product that is just as good as similar products in the line – sometimes brands really cheap out on the collabs knowing that the fanbase will probably buy the product anyway (I’m looking at YOU tarte – you know what you did to Graveyard Girl!).

My latest acquisition is the Aurora Glow Kit.

These shades seemed to have a little less pigmentation in the swatches than the previous palettes, but they still look gorgeous; I haven’t used them in show makeup yet, but when I’ve played with them next to others with brushes in my “makeup studio” (i.e., my office) they seem to work very much the same.  Eclipse is very similar to Pink Heart from Moon Child, but the pink flash is a warmer tone than the Moon Child shade.  It’s also a little bit lighter.  If you buy enough collections from any brand, you’re bound to start seeing a few similar shades!  Luna is a pearl white metallic and is really lovely.  If you want a good basic highlight that is cool-toned but doesn’t have any crazy, funky color in it, this will quickly become your go to.  Spectra is a gorgeous red-based purple violet that has some pinky flash and is really unique.  It’s quite a bit different than the purple shade in Moon Child, which is much more blue-based.  Spectra is more of a pinky-purple hybrid and I love it.  Melia is a yellow-gold metallic – stunning!  It’s hard to find highlighters that stay pretty firmly in the yellow tone, it always goes over into metallic gold.  This is a lovely option if you want that really yellow sort of moment.  Orion is a blue shade that differs from the two in Moon Child in that this is definitely a blue base with glitter and shimmer.  The two shades in Moon child had other based (white and silver) and then presented a strong blue flash.  This one is definitely a blue shade, and would be a great dupe for Deep Freeze if you do want that intense blue!  Finally, Lyra is a peachy coral that will be a bit of a repeat if you have the Nicole Guerriero palette, but still holds its own and is a good addition if you just consider the shades in this palette alone (not everyone buys every damn palette that a brand puts out!).  It’s darker than Kitty Kat and not quite as orange-y as Daydream – it’s actually sort of like those two shades had nekkid fun time and made a baby.  I personally love it!

Some of you may remember the Moon Child kit from our very first Makeup Forum post of 2017 where I showed off 10 Highlighters You Need To Know; I wanted to double down on that because Anastasia Beverly Hills really does have some of the best highlighters I’ve encountered, and I have a damn drawer full!  I’ve tried so many from pretty much every brand you can imagine, and these are probably my favorites!  They come is great collections of 4-6 shades and the price is right at about $40 for a collection.  You get a nice range of good-sized pans that offer you variety, versatility, and, best of all, amazing performance!  The Nicole Guerriero kit is no longer available on either the Sephora website or the ABH website, so you may have to do some digging if you want that particular treasure (collabs are usually limited edition and rarely make a comeback once their gone…unless you’re Becca x Jaclyn Hill!) but the other two are still available!

So if you want to be California Dreamin’ when you glow to the gawds, then you need to take yourself on a trip to Beverly Hills.  You’ll be glad you did.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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