Urban Decay’s After Glow Highlighter Palette Is Perfect For An After Dark World

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So, you may have heard that Miss Jaye has launched her own fabulous podcast, Janessa After Dark, where she’s exploring all of the delightful, delicious things that happen in the dark!  She’s already interviewed boylesque performer and pornstar Chris Harder and devious drag vixen Kelly Coxsyn with more fabulous people being added to the roster all the time!  To check out all of the available episodes for Season 1, click HERE or search Janessa After Dark on SoundCloud, iTunes, or Stitcher!  In an after dark world, it’s even more important to get that neon glow from a fantastic highlighter – enter Urban Decay.

When I saw the announcement for the Urban Decay After Glow highlight palette on Instagram, I was skeptical – I bought the blue shade of their Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid (Skywalk) and I was less than impressed.  It didn’t have enough glow or sparkle to be a really crazy highlight, but the color wasn’t really blendable enough to set up a base to put other highlight on top.  I’ll play around with it and see if I can find a way to make it really shine, but I just wasn’t impressed.  But I should have known that Urban Decay would kill it when it comes to a pressed powder palette – their shimmer shadows are some of the best on the market (the mattes are a little more inconsistent, but still pretty good overall) and this palette swatches like a dream!

After Glow 06

There are four shades in this palette: Bliss, Peroxide, NSFW, and Side Piece.  Bliss is this beautiful candlelight golden yellow shade.  It reminds me of that lame’ fabric that is gold on a white base that just shimmers so perfectly!  Peroxide is a light pink that’s like Barbie and bubblegum without going full on into hooker pink.  It’s naughty without being garish.  Perfection.  NSFW is a gold-coral combo that is warm and absolutely wonderful – it reminds me so much of a highlight version of MAC’s Paradisco shadow!  Finally, Side Piece is a yellow gold that’s a little deeper with maybe a touch more gold metallic than the first shade in the palette.  All of them swatched beautifully – I’m planning to bring them with to an event next week, so if I have any problems with them I’ll be sure to update the post but if the performance is anything like the shimmer shadows, then this is going to SLAY.

After Glow 05So, how do you know if you need this in your stash?  If you’re like me and you buy every single highlighter palette in the world, then it’s a no-brainer: the shades are gorgeous and swatch well, and the colors are versatile and super user friendly.  If you’re wondering if you’ve already got these shades in your collection, that’s a little bit harder.  I think these are actually pretty unique, even when I think about my pretty extensive collection of highlighters.  Peroxide is a nice true pink, and I actually think pink highlighters are hard to find; they’re either a white highlighter with pink duochrome, or pink with a purple or blue flash to it.  This one is pink all the way through.  Bliss is a very light yellow gold, and those are also pretty hard to find.  Jeffree Star’s Siberian Gold is similar, and Makeup Geek’s Electrify is a similar shade (though MG is more true yellow, and Bliss is has more of the gold to it).  NSFW is really gorgeous and I haven’t found anything like it in my collection so far.  The shade closest to Side Piece that I found in my stash is Jeffree Star’s collab shade Eclipse, so if you missed out on that shade (or love it but hate how chunky it is -seriously it’s the worst of the JStar highlighters in terms of chunkiness!) this will be a welcome addition to your collection.

The packaging on this palette is super cute, and very high quality.  It’s a sturdy cardboard base with a pink foil wrap, a magnetic closure, and a plastic UD logo on the edge where it comes together.  The mirror inside even has text on it: “Get It On. Glow. Repeat.”  it’s absolutely perfect and in line with Urban Decay’s slightly naughty brand image of risque shade names and after dark sensibilities.

I almost passed this by in Ulta, but then I swatched it and realized that it was absolutely a must have item!  Even if you have a ton of highlighters, like I do, I think this will be a good piece to have in your arsenal.  It’s also great for travel because it gives you 4 very different options in one small compact.

Miss Jaye knows that all of the best things happen after dark, and this palette is one of the things that will keep you glowing long after midnight!

After Glow 01

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