Lime Crime Serves Serious Fish With Their Moonlight Mermaid Collection, Plus Hi-Lite Reviews

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You know I love to shop around and discover new brands, but there are times where I feel like I’m working PR for just a few!  If you look at my brand index, you’ll see specific brands pop up over and over.  One of the brands is Lime Crime, and for good reason: despite all the controversy and the cult of millennials who seem to have dedicated their lives to hatred of the brand, they keep putting out fabulous new products in unique colors that absolutely rock my face off.  And when I first heard that Lime Crime was jumping into the highlighter game, I knew they were going to bring it, hard.

So far they’ve launched three 3-shade highlighter palettes: Opals, Blossoms, and Mermaid.  Let’s start with the newest and work backwards, since this newest palette is actually part of a collection.

Lime 03

For their summer beauty launch, Lime Crime released Moonlight Mermaid, a collection of 3 metallic Velvetines liquid lipsticks and a coordinating palette of 3 highlighter shades.  They also did a set of brushes with liquid and glitter in the handles, but I’ve been sort of overdosing on brushes lately so I decided not to take part.  But that Mermaid collection – I’ve been obsessed with mermaids ever since I was a kid! I loved Splash with Daryl Hannah and Ariel was my favorite Disney princess (even though I definitely grew up to be an Ursula!), and when I would swim at the Bowbells pool sometimes I would hold my legs together to pretend I had a glorious tail!  This collection does a pretty good job of capturing the glittery fabulousness of mermaids, though I would have loved to have seen a green shade somewhere – anywhere!

Lime 07

The highlight palette contains the shades Seashell (light, bright lavendar), Pearl (a super pale yellow with gold reflect), and Mermaid (a bright blue with lots of glitter but not a lot of base pigmentation).  The first two shades apply like a regular highlighter; Pearl is perhaps a bit more powdery, but they both have a good deal of pigmentation.  Mermaid is very different: there isn’t a lot of color in the base at all, and it feels a lot slicker and a lot more like loose glitter when swiping your finger across it.  It is the most glittery, and I would recommend trying to apply with your fingers – this formula seems like it’s going to have a lot of fallout!  The color is lovely, but for those of us who love color and don’t mind going full ham with our highlighters, I wanted a bit more of a blue finish to this.  Still pretty, but feels like a miss opportunity.

Lime 01

The three shades of metallic Velvetines all seem to coordinate with one of the shades of highlighter.  Seashell Bra is deeper than the purple highlight but they have a similar lavendar vibe to them.  The lipstick has a great silvery sparkle to it and applies beautifully.  Siren is a coral orange with a ton of yellow-gold reflect that plays nicely with the yellow shade of Pearl.  Mermaid’s Cove is a light pastel blue with a ton of gold sparkle.  It’s the most inconsistent to apply of the three, but is still a pretty great option.  This sort of application is what Beauty Bakerie’s Halo should have been!  Velvetines are still some of my favorite liquid lipsticks out there, and they do pretty great with their metallic shades which has been a problem for some brands.  The blue is a little offbeat, but the lavendar and the coral are in the range of “everyday” shades…maybe at the margins of that range, but there nonetheless!  And all of the products can be bought individually, so if you only want the highlighters or one or two shades of the lipstick, you can get exactly what you’re looking for!

Mermaid was a bit of a disappointment, but otherwise I’ve really been loving these new Lime Crime highlighters.  I ordered each of the other two trios when they came out and I kept planning to write a post, but it just never happened.  Clearly I was waiting until I could tie it all in with the Mermaid collection!

HL 10

Opals was the first collection out, and I was immediately in love.  These were the light, bright shades for people who really want to glow with their highlighters!  And how could I help but love the gorgeous holographic packaging?

HL 08

The three shades in this collection are Pink, Gold, and Peach.  Pink has a whiteish base and a strong pink duochrome – very reflective but not high on glitter content.  Gold is a yellow shade that has some metallic reflects and a little bit of glitter to it.  Peach is a lovely duochrome shade that has some pink, some orange, some coral – it really moves and changes with the light!  This is one of my favorites, and this one feels like the most unique of the available shades.  This is a lovely collection for lighter skintones; darker skintones can rock this but have to be careful with blending so it doesn’t turn ashy or chalky (especially Pink – that white base is not a darker-skinned diva’s friend!).

Next up was Blossoms:

HL 07

On the surface, this seems to be the option for darker skintones, but the colors are a little deceiving – they don’t turn out nearly as dark as they look in the pan.  Don’t get me wrong, this is a great option for darker skintones!  I’m just saying that pasty girls like myself shouldn’t shy away.  Don’t be skerrrred!  These shades are really lovely and I think some of the most universal.  Left to right they are Warm Gold, Lavender, and Sunset.  Warm Gold is a gold shade that has some really pretty coral pink tones to it.  This is easily my favorite out of all three palettes.  Pair this with NARS Orgasm blush for a fabulous and coordinated look!  Lavender is a light pinky purple (very different from Seashell, which is a more blue-toned lavender).  Sunset is a bronzey copper shade that will be heaven on darker skintones.  This one is probably going to be the toughest for lighter skintones, but if you blend it out you can get some good looks with this, or add it into your bronzing routine if you want some sparkle.  If you like Jeffree Star’s Dark Horse but it’s just a shade too dark for you, this might be a good option – it’s a similar color but about a shade or two lighter (and with a little more of a red touch to it).

Lime Crime keeps killing it and bringing me products that perform well and feed my need for bright, vibrant colors.  I hope they stick with this highlighter line and give us even more crazy options (I would love something like Roses, with a bright pink, a reddish berry tone, and a green!) and their Mermaid collection is a cute departure from their usual Unicorn obsession!  Trend what?  Trend who?!  That’s right – everyone may be going gaga over unicorn stuff right now (like this recent release from tarte that I reviewed HERE) but Lime Crime has been repping for the one-horned crowd since they launched.  Represent!

Lime 04

The Hi-Lite palettes, at least Opals and Blossoms, seem to be a part of the regular “permanent” line (if you’ve shopped them for a while, you know that nothing on Lime Crime’s site is ever really guaranteed to be permanent!), but the Mermaid products are being promoted as a limited release.  If you want these shades and want to avoid some “Under The Sea” FOMO, you’d better grab these now before they swim off into the sunset!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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