Wonderland Winner!

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It’s been a hot minutes since we’ve done giveaways here at the World of Champagne – but we’re about to go mad!  And we got started with a fabulous Alice in Wonderland themed giveaway!

Jaws look 02 - CopyEntrants simply had to comment on the post and tell us their favorite Alice in Wonderland characters.  If you happened to have the same favorite(s) as Miss Jaye, then you got a little bonus!

We had 23 fabulous entrants, but two ladies (Elaina and Autumn) had the same favorites as Miss Jaye: the Queen of Hearts and the Red Queen!  Those two ladies each got TWO bonus spaces on the wheel!

And to make it even madder as a hatter, we did the “spin the wheel” part of the giveaway much different and more unexpected than any other giveaway in our history:

We made one wheel with the 27 entry spots on it, and one with with 26 spots saying Loser and 1 spot saying WINNER!  Then each round we spun the wheel to get a name, and then spun the wheel to see if they were the winner or not!

In the end, Tara was our lucky winner and got our fabulous Alice in Wonderland prize featuring Too Faced, Lime Crime, and 4 art prints from theJsubset.com!

Congrats Tara!

And be sure to check out all 8 of the Monster Giveaways we’re doing from now through October!  The Vampire Giveaway is live now, featuring Bite Beauty!


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