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When I went searching for new brands to discover for the Black Owned Makeup Brand (BOMB) Challenge, one of the most intriguing to me was a little spot on the web called IVIVIIV Cosmetics.  I didn’t know exactly what it meant, but when I placed my order, I received a message back that indicated that the name is actually a collection of Roman numerals: 1.6.75 (perhaps a birthdate? I love the sense of mystery!).  They had some bold colors and an interesting selection of products.  When I saw the Crantastic Blush, I knew I needed to place an order.

Now, we all know that life can get a little chaotic and crazy, and so I ordered these lovely little cosmetic gems right before the holidays – in fact, I think I took advantage of a Black Friday sale to save a little coin!  They are all handmade, and so most arrived mid-December and the rest arrived in early January.  And since then, they’ve mostly been hanging around in my “I have to review all of these great black-owned brands I found” drawer in my makeup storage!  I used a couple of things here and there for show, and played with them in my off time, but I just didn’t get around to writing this review, until now.  That’s going to be important a little later on when we talk about longevity.  For now, let’s take a look at the products I ordered:

1675 000

I ordered a large blush compact in the shade Crantastic, the Emoji eyeshadow palette, a pressed glitter palette (I lost the receipt and it’s not on the website anymore, but I feel like it was called the Capricorn?  Maybe I just think that because I’m a Capricorn?!), 3 loose powder shadows in Dollface, Mean Green, and Flashlight, Lip Laque lipgloss in Envy, Passion, and Empress, and two pressed highlighters in Envy and Mermaid Tears.

Let’s start with the positives: the color selection is stunning, especially for a bitch like me who loves some green makeup!  That Envy highlighter?  FIRE!  And the green shade in the Emoji palette is totally bae.  Here are the swatches:

1675 12L to R: The Pressed Glitter shades (no names – red, gold, silver, and rose pink), the Emoji palette (again no names – electric coral, pink with copper undertones, green with yellow-green flash, and bright yellow), Flashlight, Mean Green, and Dollface.  I put down a layer of Yrban Decay Eye Primer Potion in the Anti-Aging formula before application; I’m not worried about my arm skin aging, it’s just what I had on hand!

The pressed glitters are literally just glitters with a very light base to hold them together (barely) – they have a tendency to crack in the pan and will absolutely fall out if you tip the palette!  Travel with this lovely lady at your own risk!  They apply pretty typically like glitters; the base is ok, but frankly I prefer using loose glitter and a liquid or cream base like Lit’s glitter base or Too Faced glitter glue.  They are pretty enough though.  The Emoji palette shadows were really lovely!  That electric color is the eyeshadow version of one of my favorite OCC Lip Tar shades EVER, Harlot, and I always loved that it was described as “electric popsicle red.  That’s so perfect for this shadow.  The rose-gold sort of shade didn’t photograph very well, but it’s pretty lovely as well – the perfect color to spice up all of those nude palettes we have lying around!  The green is stunning, of course – I can’t resist! – and the yellow has some nice pigmentation and doesn’t go tar far over into gold.  As for the loose powders, Flashlight looks really yellow but definitely has a strong metallic gold presence when applied.  Mean Green has more of an emerald metallic than I would have expected – I almost thought it was going to be a matte!  Looks can be deceiving.  Dollface is a lovely candlelight sort of white/yellow base with gold flash.  Really pretty and coordinates with a lot of looks.

1675 09

L to R: Lip Laque in Empress, Passion, and Envy; Crantastic blush; and pressed highlighters in Mermaid’s Tears and Envy.  Apparently I’m an amateur and forgot that glitter is the fucking herpes of the drag/makeup world.  Why the hell did I swatch those first!  So I promise I did clean off my arm, but that glitter was relentless!

The Lip Laque had some beautiful pigmentation, but it almost seemed as if it wasn’t fully combined – there seemed to be a clear slick layer that was somewhat separate from the pigmented layer.  Empress and Passion looked identical in the jars, but when applied Empress has a slightly rustier undertone whereas Passion was more just a burgundy red sort of affair.  Envy is an antique gold, almost brass sort of color, lots of brownish undertones!  The Crantastic blush was what first drew me to the line, and it didn’t disappoint: not only was it beautiful and deep cranberry but has this metallic rust undertone that gives the shade so much depth and definition!  This is unlike any other blush shade I’ve seen anywhere, EVER.  The highlighters are also stunning.  Mermaid’s Tears is a pretty standard white base with pink duochrome (those looking for a dupe for Jeffree Star’s Crystal Ball should check out this shade!), and Envy really comes alive with some minty green shivers!  It looks like it’s going to be just a yellow gold base with maybe a hint of green but those little flecks really pack a punch!  This is stunning, and perfect for bitches like me who are obsessed with green makeup!

These products looked lovely, and while the packaging is definitely indie it was coherent and not aggressively cheap.  I had so much hope for this brand.

And I still do.

But let’s look at the problems.  First of all, it looks like the blush and two highlighters suffered from a similar sort of issue as the Lime Crime Superfoil shadows; although I didn’t see any of the moldy looking discoloration that I did with a couple of the Lime Crime shades, there were definitely some black spots in the blush and a couple of fuzzy but strangely solid “growths” around the edges of the two highlighters:

1675 07

For the Crantastic blush, they are most prevalent along the right side, but there are also a couple (one larger and one pretty small) on the lower left, and one at the top ( a little to the right, partially concealed in the shadow).

1675 05

For the Mermaid’s Tears, the two main growths are white and along the upper left.  As you can see in the closeup, the powder also seems to have dried up a bit and come loose from the pan.  This item has not traveled with me anywhere and has been tucked away in a drawer waiting for its day.  The drawer gets open and closed fairly frequently, but no rough handling to explain this damage.

1675 02

For Envy, the main growth is along the bottom left, but there seem to be a couple of greenish chunks that could be flecks of pigment but also seem to share some of the properties of the black modules found on the blush.

For the Superfoils, Lime Crime claimed that it was pigment “tears” forming in the product and rising to the top, but consensus around the internet suggested that the inclusion of glycerin, an ingredient known to pull in moisture, was the culprit.  Like the Lime Crime shadows, all three of these products had a heavy amount of condensation on the mirrors, another hallmark of “sweating” from having glycerin in the ingredients.  The discoloration that happened with several of the Lime Crime was a result of the glycerin and the extra moisture combining with cheap tin pans; I didn’t depot these items, but since I don’t see any discoloration it’s possible that they have a higher quality base metal for their pans but it’s hard to be sure.  I stopped using the Lime Crime products since those are designed for the eye area. Since these are for the less vulnerable cheek area, I’ll probably still use these with caution and watch for any potential reactions.

In addition to the slight separation, I also noticed with the Lip Laques that they seemed to be bubbling.  I noticed it as I was wiping away the swatches, so I applied more in larger patches to see if I got the same effect, and I sure did.  Envy was the worst culprit, but I also got some bubbles from the two red shades.  These bubble appeared after only 5 minutes or so.  I’m not sure what might cause that sort of reaction, but I’m not going to take that kind of risk that close to my cakehole – these are going straight in the garbage!

This brand has a lot of potential and I’m definitely going to order from them again, but I’m going to be more strategic about it.  When you look at this brand, I think it’s helpful to think of them more like the cosmetics you get at Lush – they are super fresh and handmade, and they have a more limited shelf life.  If you see something you like, and you feel like you’re going to get it and use it pretty regularly until it’s gone (or until you got as much from it as you hoped!) then this is a good match.  If you see something and you love it but you don’t know if/when you’ll wear it, this might not be the purchase for you.  So many of us are used to ordering things and throwing them into out stash because we know they have plenty of preservatives and have a long shelf life (in practice, much longer than those little printed jar labels would suggest!).  This is not one of those brands!  Use it and love it, and then order more when you need more – don’t backstock, or risk some of these imperfections arising.

1675 14When I placed my order, as I did with all of my BOMB-related orders, I told her in the comments that I was ordering because I wanted to take part in the BOMB challenge and that I was very excited to try her products.  She sent back a personal email thanking me for trying out her brand, and she also kept me updated about shipping times as some of the items had a slight delay as she waited for materials.  She offers excellent customer service and a really personal touch that I appreciated.  I’m excited to see what else they come up with, and I’m hoping they work out some of these problems so that their brand can really thrive – they’ve got a great start toward something truly special!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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