Miss Jaye Is Back With JANESSA AFTER DARK With A Creepy Twist – Indie Horror Director Brooklyn Ewing!

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Pretty 04If you’ve been wasting away, waiting for a new episode of the Champagne Dreams Productions podcast, Janessa After Dark, then we have a treat for you – episode 3 is now live on SoundCloud, Stitcher, and iTunes!

This time, Miss Jaye gets things started by talking about how important it is for artists and creative people to believe in their work.  If they aren’t seeing the kinds of art that they think need to be in their communities, then they need to make it!  She gives a little history of her own early days and gives some support and encouragement to emerging performance.

After the commentary, she heads to the dark side: her interview guest is award-winning indie horror director Brooklyn Ewing of Dirt Candy Productions.  Ewing’s first film, She Was So Pretty, has been making the rounds of the Days of the Dead Film Festival for the last year, and was shown at the 2016 Nightmares Film Fesitval where Ewing won their award for Best Director (in her hilarious interview, you’ll get to hear he recreate her acceptance speech in its entirety!).  She talks about the process of making the film with a “$0 budget,” her favorite horror films, and how a chance meeting with someone she was sure was a serial killer lead to an unexpected romance and the creation of a quirky and addictive new horror icon, Alfie.  We also get a little information about the sequel, She Was So Pretty 2: Be Good For Goodness Sake, that releases later this year.  We’ll get more of the fantastically creepy Alfie, played by Jerry Larew (who may just make an appearance in a later episode of #JAD – just sayin’!), and his search for love in all the creepiest places!

After the interview, Miss Jaye gives a shout out to two very special people who helped build and support her love of horror – this episode is dedicated to them!

Janessa After Dark is available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher!  For your convenience, you can find a link to episode 3 on SoundCloud RIGHT HERE!

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