Ready For Some Sloppy Seconds? Miss Jaye Serves Up Fantastic Outtakes!

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JAD SS 1If you couldn’t get enough of the fabulous guests from Janessa After Dark episodes 1-3, you aren’t alone: Miss Jaye had so much fun and had so much extra stuff that didn’t make it into the final cut of the episodes, that she decided to serve up some steaming hot outtakes!

First we get a little more time with fabulous indie horror director Brooklyn Ewing, talking about who she thinks Miss Jaye should cosplay as to totally make her life, and her own thoughts on porn stores (we already know Miss Jaye is a fan!).

Next we get a couple of moments with Chris Harder where he and Miss Jaye talk about what they’ve been keeping busy with (spoiler alert: peddling some makeup and sucking a lot of dick!) and Harder makes a rather scandalous confession about his work with director David Drake!

Finally we return to Miss Jaye’s interview with House of Champagne member Kelly Coxsyn, recently named High Plains Reader‘s Best Drag Performer 2017.  These two have been there and done that (and done him…and him…and him…and them…) and they talk about their process for producing and directing drag shows, Miss Jaye reveals her favorite drag king performer of all time, and they talk about why they’ll probably be barred from all lesbian softball teams going forward!

These little nuggets are a perfect place for a new listener to jump in and get a little buffet sample of Miss Jaye’s guests or, if you’ve already listened to the feature episodes, to get more of your favorite guests and personalities!

Janessa After Dark: Sloppy Seconds #1 is available on SoundCloud, Stitcher, and iTunes – you can find the episode on SoundCloud RIGHT HERE!

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