Oh, The Fuckery Of It All!

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Sample Face 05Y’all there is about to be some SERIOUS fuckery up in this business!

Now if you follow Miss Jaye’s live broadcasts on Facebook (and if you aren’t…why though?!) you already got a little sneaky peeky of this little project, but now we’re going to lay it all out for you.

Now it’s easy to see that Miss Jaye has a serious Sephora addiction.  That heifer routinely orders products she wasn’t even sure she wanted just to get herself the free promo product!  It’s all a little bit extra.  And sure she uses some of them off and off and she’ll dab a little here or smear a little there, but after awhile all of those deluxe minis of delicious skincare start piling up.

Enter the fuckery.

Sample Face 02

As this publishes, Miss Jaye is boarding a plane for a work trip, and she’s about to spend two weeks in the arid heat of Phoenix, AZ.  Being the oily beast that she is, her skin is primed and ready to have a full on meltdown (unless the temp hits 120 degrees again and she actually just melts!) so she decided to just go ladyballs to the wall and freak out her skin like never before.  That’s right kittens: for the next two weeks, Miss Jaye is going to be ditching her regular skincare routine and working with nothing except for these deluxe minis that have been built up in her collection!  And she’ll be providing daily updates (at least that’s the plan…we all know this bitch gets sketchy when she travels!) on the LifeStyle By Janessa facebook page!

Sample Face 03Watch for updates to Miss Jaye’s broadcast schedule, but for now she’s planning to go on nightly at 10 pm Arizona time – if you don’t know how that lines up with your own timezone, save a ho some trouble and Google it!  Miss Jaye is far too pretty to be smart!  She also may take a break over the weekend – it will just depend on what sort of shenanigans she gets up to!

Obviously with skincare this is going to the ultimate “first impressions” video – most products take some time to really have an effect and make changes, and it’s going to be pretty hard to get a sense of any of the long term benefits of using these products.  But since she’s traveling and her skin is going to be stressed out anyway, what better time to just throw everything at it but the kitchen sink!  Her broadcasts will include a rundown of all the products she used on a specific day, but the collection shown above shows such brands as The Estee Edit, It Cosmetics, GlamGlow (although she has used some of the mask treatments before so not a total first impression!), Korres, Ren, Sunday Riley, belif, boscia, Nuxe, Jurlique, dr. brandt, and more!

Full disclosure: she only has two toner samples which probably won’t last her the week so she is bringing another toner with in case she needs it.  If she feels ok skipping it, she will but with that heat and her oilslick of a face, there might need to be some toning – for her sake and for yours!  As always, she’ll let you know in the broadcasts what she is using!

Sample Face 06

We hope you enjoy this little adventure as much as she does!  Don’t take this little experiment as even remotely resembling advice – we think Miss Jaye is crazy to do it!  And while she’s found that mixing up your skincare routine from time to time can actually have some positive benefits (no matter how good a routine is, it’s probably missing something that would be beneficial!), your dermatologist is always the best person to have some chitty chat with when you’re considering making any changes to your skincare routine.  Skin is very precious and needs to be taken care of so always check with a professional – if you decide to do something shithouse crazy like this, then please do so at your own risk.  Heck, that’s why she’s doing this – so you don’t have to!  This is our very subtle way of saying that we don’t recommend this, so if you do it and fuck up your skin – then that’s on you.  Smell what I’m steppin’ in?

Let the fuckery begin!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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