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Jesus take the wheel – it’s another damn collaboration palette!

I don’t know about you, but I’m just about over with the whole YouTube collab collections thing.  I think it’s great that brands are working with these YouTubers and creating collections, but a lot of them have been…underwhelming.  They don’t want to raise the prices, but they have to pay the “influencer” to use their name and brand, so a lot of them end up skimping on the quality.  Now you know I love me some Bunny (grav3yardgirl), but that tarte Swamp Queen palette was pretty much unforgivable – chalky shadows and tons of fallout.  This was just one of the examples of a collab that didn’t live up to consumer expectations.  Well, leave it to a bargain brand to finally deliver a palette with good quality products:

BH Cosmetics x Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition 21 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter palette

BH 09

There are 15 shadows that have the typically creamy and blendable formula that BH offers.  The colors are all pretty neutral with some pops of pink and color – no big trend colors or surprises, but everything works together so while you may not get a big diversity of styles you can get a pretty big combination of colors within this specific area of the spectrum.  There is a fair amount of fallout with these shades, but not more than I would expect from a cheaper formula and I don’t find that it’s as wasteful as some other bargain brands that I’ve sampled.  Here are some swatches:

The shades with the more metallic finish are absolutely stunning.  They don’t have names noted anywhere on the palette or packaging sleeve, but the two pinky corals on right side of the top row, the plum-y taupe in fourth spot in the middle row, and the champagne shade in the second spot on the bottom row are all competing to be my favorite – and the competition is fierce, y’all!  Also, the last shadow on the end of the bottom row is a chameleon!  Sometimes I think it’s a cool brown, and sometimes I’d swear it’s a drab olive.  But it’s always cool-toned and lovely and I can’t wait to wear it!

The highlighters pack a pretty nice punch, but be ready for a metallic payoff, especially if you’re going for any of the trio on the right as those bronzey gold shades are super metallic and reflective!  The lighter shades are a little bit less metallic, but that’s definitely the feel of these highlighters:

These have a LOT of pigmentation, so if you want a subtle glow you’re going to need a very light hand – I would suggest a fan brush over a round brush to give you the most control to keep things from going full ham.  But if you want to glow to the gawds, this will definitely get you there!  The two large pans are probably my favorites, though I love all 6 shades.  The large pan on the left is a really pretty peachy shade that glows while still having a sort of natural quality to it, and the subtle yellow gold on the right is truly lovely.  The two smaller pans on the right, especially the deeper shade, are probably too dark for me to highlight with, but with this level of pigmentation, you could definitely use these as eyeshadows.  Similarly, people with darker skintones will probably struggle with the smaller pink and white pans, but these would look great in cool-toned eye looks.

This is apparently a “deluxe version” of a collab that was released previously (I didn’t catch that release, so I can’t say how the two compare – according to the packaging, this one has all 11 shades from the original plus 10 new shades) but this is a really lovely collection.  And at $22.50, this collab is giving you beauty at a bargain – who doesn’t love that!

Since I’m working with janky hotel lighting, I figured I would share Carli Bybel’s announcement video with swatches below:

A collab palette that performs well, offers a variety of shades, and is affordable?  Praise the lord!

Now if only more companies would put this much effort and quality into their collab collection.  That would truly be a gift from above.  But for now, we’ll have to content ourselves with some quality time conducting Bybel study!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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