Our Second MONSTER Giveaway Winner Shambles Away With Zombie Glam!

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001 Carol



The second Monster Giveaway, featuring some amazing zombie glam lip products, was up for grabs and all our lucky entrants had to do was leave a comment and guess who they thought Miss Jaye’s favorite character is on The Walking Dead.  To make it easy on those makeup mavens who might not watch the show, she even gave a list of possibilities!  One person, Elaina, correctly guessed that Miss Jaye has some serious love for Carol Peltier, the oft-troubled ice queen who single-handedly took down Terminus but then lost her edge when facing off with pacifist Morgan.  Elaina got two extra spaces on the wheel for her correct guess!

There were two additional characters in the list who were Miss Jaye’s “close second” favorites: Michonne, the katana-wielding badass who used to lead around two armless walkers as “pets,” and the even-tempered but nihilistic Jackie who chose to stay in the CDC with Dr. Jenner and face death on her terms rather than live in a world overrun with the dead.  All three who guessed one of those two characters received a bonus space on the wheel.

003 Michonne


That bonus proved very lucky for our winner…Jessica D. guessed Jackie, and she was the winner of the Zombie Glam giveaway!

She’ll be shambling away with a Walking Dead branded journal featuring stills from the show and 4 lip products: 1 full size Makeup Monsters liquid lipstick in Raw, 1 full size Pretty Zombie Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Zombettie, a deluxe mini Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick in Zero, and a deluxe mini Lime Crime Velvetines in Sasha.

This is only the second Monster Giveaway out of 8 that we’ll be running between now and October, so be sure to check out the Makeup Forum – the Jaws giveaway is live now!

002 Carol

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  1. Jessica Degraffenreid says:

    Thank you! And thank you Jackie!

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